Happy Father's Day
On: May 29, 2020

10 Great and Less Expensive Gift Ideas For Dad 2020

Every Father is said to be their Daughter’s first love and Sons’ first favorite hero. Everyone would attest that they sacrifice a lot to become the pillar and foundation to provide for a happy and comfortable living for the family.

To them, family must always come first!

So, it’s just about time to put them first too! You may be looking for the best yet cheap and easy to make DIY gifts for them. Congratulations, you are just on the right page!

Because we made it easier for you with these 10 BEST, CHEAP, UNIQUE AND EASY TO MAKE 2020 Gifts ideas that would surely brighten up his day!


Like, who doesn’t want to receive Perfume?

This is one of the greatest and easy to buy yet amazing gift especially for busy working Dad who prioritize to meet ends more than themselves! You may be hesitating right now with this idea because of your tight budget.

Not to worry though because there are a lot of amazing and cheap varieties of perfumes you can choose from!


It’s already given that Daddys are indeed very busy in terms of his work, so if you’re looking for something very useful, you might want to consider buying this one for him!

Not to worry though, there’s no need for you to buy a very expensive Rolex watch or pricey Baltic watches!

Just keep it real! Cheap one will do as long as it comes from you and of course, don’t forget to exert a little effort in the packaging and all, surely he’ll appreciate you!


If you are looking for something that can convince your father for an off or break from his stressful days at work, then consider gifting this tool to him!

Fishing Rod is the number one most in demand in every country abroad. This will allow him to relax and enjoy his own company and a great opportunity for you to spend time with him too and enjoy the inner peace brought by the sea while you go fishing!

Not to mention that it is so affordable as well! Wholesome!


If you are just in the starting and looking for a present that will not cost you much just like everyone else.

This one is perfect for you! You can even make a customized or DIY (Do it yourself) Key-chains!

This one is on the trend earlier this year because it is very easy to make, plus all the materials needed to make this one can be found at the comfort of your home! It is very cute and will serve a great sentimental present for your dad as well!


As cliché as it may be, but this one will never go out of style! Every dad is known to be the “know-so-well” in terms of fixing things at homes and handling little details.

This one would surely put a smile on his face because of the thoughtfulness it will bring!

This one is on the pricier side, but not to worry though cause this one will be all worth it!


After the whole tiring time of always caring for you, Dad deserves a great massage for his back too! This wonderful gift idea would surely deliver a one way message that you are thinking about his well-being all this time!

There’s a lot of massaging tools that can be found and purchased in Amazon at a very affordable prices!


If you are looking for a gift on a cheaper note, this one would surely fit your budget!

Personalized socks are now the new fad of 2020! It gives a different feeling when a present is actually made for you!

You can have it more personalized by placing his name on it or his favorite character or any of his favorite stuffs. Amazing idea isn’t it?


If you are looking for a unique and practical present for him, then we couldn’t think of any better gift more than this one!

Since 2020 is more on spending time together at home, Picnics at the backyards is the new fad!

So, why not consider this one? This would surely make him so happy!


Of course, this one will never be out of the list. Wallet is one of the most amazing and best go-to-present for every Daddys’ out there.

Wallet serves as a very sentimental gift to be given by someone. And it’s not just that, it’s very useful too!

If you want extra, you can have it personalized so he would know that it was actually made just for him!


If your Daddy has a green thumb then you might want to consider buying this one for him!

This would greatly help him a lot by making his gardening work easier and less hassle!

This may be on the pricier side but there are a lot of cheap offers you can find in Amazon or any online shop of your choice!

A father’s love is the kind of love no one can ever fathom. They are the first ones along with our mothers who delivered and carried us into this world.

His utmost love and care is something we can never repay throughout our lifetime, but you can make him feel very special with these 10 unique gifts ideas as a sign of you thinking about him!

Now is the perfect time to surprise him, go and brighten up his day!

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