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On: September 14, 2020
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7 Useful And Practical Educational Gifts For Students This New Normal

Along with this difficult and trying time comes great odds in the educational system. A lot of students are struggling to cope up just to not become an outcast or get behind with their co-learners.

2020’s educational system can only be possible with two choices, may it be Online or Modular. Most students are divided in this matter of option due to their capabilities and resources. But, whatever their choice may be, one thing is certain…. face to face learning is impossible and they can only get in touch with their teachers and fellow learners via the internet.

So, are you one of those who are thinking for the good sake of a special person who happens to be a student in this new normal of educational system? Consider yourself lucky because you are just on the right track! Here’s the top 7 most practical and useful gifts you can ever give to a student this 2020!


Laptops may be on the more expensive note but are one of the most useful mediums during online classes. This gadget will allow the student to make and finish school work in one sitting and no hassle of going out looking for internet cafes. Affordable laptops are already made possible by numerous shops which offer quality second hand laptops. So, why not invest in this one since the student would surely benefit in this in the long run and the gratefulness would surely come the second after you hand this one.


Wifi is regarded as one of the most essential tools to have during online/modular classes. However, since we consider the much more unfortunate economic status, we suggest and list this one instead. Prepaid Home Wifi are much more affordable than the fiber ones. So, consider this one in gifting a student because aside from it being very affordable, this one is surely a very useful medium for them too.


Since classes are held online, webcams are surely a very in demand medium for every student. Webcams are a very ideal tool in online learning since it’s a techy tool which could provide up to 720p resolution and higher. And since, some laptops and PC sets don’t come with cams and if it does, blurry visions/visuals are inevitable. Hence, that gives you a great red flag and omen to buy this one as a special present for that special student you have in mind.


If the student you have in mind already has the most essential mediums for online classes like laptops, mobile phones etc. This one would be the most perfect and suitable gift since it will provide them great comforts along with the gadgets they already own. Keyboards are a panel of keys that operate a computer or typewriter. This also comes with different designs, so try to make it more creative by picking their favourite colors or even favourite characters imbued in the keyboard.


One of the most important things a student must own and secure is a headset or could be an earphone since everything is said and assigned online, a good hearing aid is very essential. Headsets/earphones come in varying prices depending on brands, quality and even sizes. So, try to pick the most suitable one and we guarantee you: Your present would be a very amazing and delightful one!


Aside from those listed above, mobile phones provide great comfort especially for students doing modular/online classes. This will allow them to become up to date to everything their class professor assigns or ups to for their classes. If you are bothered by the price, don’t worry since lots of shops now are providing affordable second hand mobile phones which are far half or quarter of the original prices.


A multi-use table is very useful in conducting or launching a meeting with teachers and fellow learners online. It can serve as a laptop table and can hold necessary tools needed for the online class. It has several uses and great purposes. A very practical and useful tool every student must have and secure!

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