Blanco, Maria Angelica Dela Calzada

Maria Angelica is a school based journalist (Ihmanian Glimpses, Vitonian breeze) assigned to feature writing and a former editor-in-chief. She is an aspiring English educator and has been engaging in some careers (e.g. content writing, news writing) which could potentially pave her way in attaining her aspired profession.

Maria Angelica is best known for her code name “Angel” and is responsible for leading great efforts on creating different contents which contain massive good information on a certain topic to educate the mass readers in this platform. Angel has never stopped her journey towards enhancing and honing her content creating skills. More often than not, she would browse and look for some outlets which could assist her in gaining ideas in-order to produce and provide great copies for the readers.

Angel’s idol figure in her writing endeavour is William Shakespeare. She has read a lot of his works and it has never failed to make her fall in love with it a number of times. Her favourite line from his famous work was “The world’s a stage and we are the actors portraying our different roles”.

She also loves the work of Paolo Coelho and Mitch Albom. Some of her favourite hobbies is stucking her face with lots and lots of books, collecting some great lines from the books she gets to read and not to mention her great obsession with her pets “Cats”

Angel also aspires to become a philanthropist in the future. She aspires to live a sustainable life, and so her pursuit in sustainability has begun a long time ago by refusing to use single-use plastics and prefers using eco bags.

If you wish to get to know Angel and her sustainability advocacies, you can find her on some platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.