Cadungog, Rochenie Lou

Rochenie is a stay-at-home mom of 3. Known as Lochee to everyone close to her. She is currently a freelance writer working remotely. She is starting to engage in another career in the digital marketing industry now that she has new priorities. Her numerous experiences in media broadcasting (former Radio Broadcaster, News Reporter, Journalist and Marketing Officer) has paved the way for her career back in the day and made that experience her edge to engage in the digital marketing world.

Although she decided to leave her dream career, she is proud to have been an experienced media practitioner. She has been exposed to a lot of different news beats both in radio and tv news and current affairs. In journalism, she loves feature writing because this assignment will make her travel and experience adventure in different places for free.

Even before graduating from college, she is already into creative writing, in fact she is part of their colleges’ theater guild club as script writer, she is also a writer in their college yearbook and college paper ‘The Catalyst’. Danielle Steel, Sydney Sheldon, John Grisham and Nicolas Sparks as her finest fictional authors while Stephen Covey, Paulo Coelho and Dale Carnegie on the other hand, are her favorite motivational authors. She is also into news and current events.

Rochenie never stopped learning and having adventures on her own. She uses her experiences to be able to see the world in another perspective.She is not afraid to constantly change and take risks even if it means to leave her comfort zone. Her inspiration in this new endeavor is her kids, Yzahbelle, Calyx and Zaquia. She has been through hell in giving birth to her kids and that pushes her to NEVER STOP. She would like to inspire other mothers that despite motherhood, life has a lot more wonderful adventures.

In her free time, Rochenie loves to play and cook for her family. She also loves to travel out of town to breathe fresh air. She loves music and the reason why she became a radio announcer of a local radio station. She loves watching gory, suspenseful movies and a lot of crime documentaries. Streaming crime documentaries while working, especially while writing. Lastly, Rochenie is a fun-loving, no nonsense person and loves warm hugs.