Rochell S. Tagol-gol

Rochell Tagolgol is the author of various blog contents at Gift Savey, a Licensed Professional teacher and a person who loves to explore all things about Health and Fitness. Rochell loves to read and write articles about gift ideas for everyone on any occasions.

She brings her learnings on all of her reading to Gift Savey, a blog site that serves the best gift ideas on all occasions.  She finds joy in travelling and seeing the world by her own eyes and wants to explore different cultures of each place she gets to travel to. She tries anything about fitness like circuit training, boxing and also a Taekwondo Player. She loves hiking on various mountains. She also finds joy in the presence of the sea and also does freediving.

She is definitely a “plant-mom” of her various indoor plants, cacti and succulents.  She is also an “eco-warrior” who loves to help in saving Mother Earth from the people destroying it. Refusing plastics and using reusables are the basic things she does as an “eco-warrior”. She loves to write some things and ways we can do to protect and save Mother Earth.

She is a Licensed Professional teacher in Junior Highschool and is waiting for her turn to be hired. She also finds contentment in seeing her students dynamically learning from her discussions. She finds calmness in the outside world that’s why she loves to travel, explore new things, and meet new people. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.