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On: September 2, 2020

Awesome Gift Ideas for the Bookworm of your Life

It is not that difficult to spot a bookworm. They are those kind of people who love a well-lit place and of course, carrying a big book which could be hardbound or not. Just like any other people, bookworms celebrate birthdays too. And as a friend, we should give gifts. Now, if you are planning to give him/her a new book, then let me tell you that that idea might be risky because your friend may have read that already. And even though he/she loves to read, nobody wants to receive a gift that they already have, right? So why not try to be creative and choose the book-themed gift ideas or accessories. We have gathered the best ideas for you.

So, stay with us and carry on reading….

  1. Book-scented candle – Any bookworm loves the scent of books, especially the old ones. Give this book-scented candle to them that will satisfy those book scent cravings. Also scented-candles help relax the nerves and mind so it is one of the best ways to calm any chaos.
  2. Book-shaped lamp – One of the most exciting any bookworm can receive. This lamp is easy to carry, rechargeable, and can be used as a camping light. And what’s best is that, when not in use, you can just fold this like a book and can be placed in the corner for decoration.
  3. Amazon Kindle – eBook readers are one of the best alternatives when you don’t want to stuff your shelves with new books. This is not only portable but this will let you instantly download the book that you want to read. This also helps to lessen the cutting of papers because this does not use any paper.
  4. A glowing bookmark – Any bookmark will do but nothing beats a glowing bookmark that cannot only be used as a bookmark but also a lamp when your book lamp is not around. This helps in giving you light when reading and a mark on what page you stopped reading.
  5. Framed quotes from his/her favorite book – We all have our favorite quotes base form our favorite book/book character. Framed quotes are best to always remember those favorite lines. Framing those favorites will definitely make any gifts more personal.
  6. Book-shaped pillow – Sleeping is always the best and comfortable thing to do and to make it more comfortable, give your bookworm friend this book-shaped pillow and surely, he/she will thank you enough. You can also pair it with a book-themed blanket to complete the set.
  7. Leather Book Phone Case – Phone case gives your phone the protection it always needed but nothing is cuter and classier than this leather book phone case that will definitely give any bookworm the excitement to always check its phone.
  8. Mini book necklace – Necklace is best to give when you have any idea on what jewelry suited your friend best. And as a bookworm, this gives you the idea to choose those book pendants for her necklace’s taste.
  9. Vintage Book Kindle case – Just like any gadgets, Kindle also needs a covering or a case to preserve its beauty. Bookworms love anything that is incorporated with books and this giving them this vintage book kindle case will surely do the job to make someone jump of happiness.
  10. Book Shaped Bed – This is quite pricey but a creative one. All people sleep and enjoy sleeping nuts for bookworms. Having this book shaped bed will make them read on bed and enjoy the goodness of sleeping.
  11. Book Planters – Plant gives the happiness any green things can bring and nothing is cuter than seeing a plant in a book planter. Any bookworms and plant mom will definitely be happy to receive this kind of gift. Having a plant on any table will make the table alive and beautiful.
  12. Book Clutch – Books also need coverings or containers to maintain its beauty and color and thus this book clutch will do the job. This will help any books be able to avoid dirt and also preserve its “freshness”.
  13. Book Lover’s mug – Surely, bookworms don’t only love the smell of books but also the smell of coffee. Coffees are best to wake up those “sleeping cells: and also, good antioxidants. This mug is not only a plain mug but is printed with the bookworm’s favorite character in the story.
  14. Adjustable reading lamp – If you cannot afford to buy a book-shaped lamp then this reading lamp is the best alternative. This will help bookworms to have light even at night while reading.
  15. Wooden Book Rack – If you noticed that your bookworm friend’s shelf is almost full, this wooden book rack is the best gift to give. This will help him/her to organize and store those favorite books in a clean and dry place.
  16. Book Lover’s Tote Bag – Tote bags are boring without the print that represents the like and dislikes of the person carrying it. Print those boring tote bags with their favorite character’s face or a favorite dialogue form the famous book he/she loves.
  17. William Shakespeare Cookie Cutter – A unique way to surprise those bookworm friends who also loves to bake. This cookie cutter will definitely get any bookworm to cook his/her cookies.
  18. A book-shaped tissue box – Tissue box is often thrown in the trash can after use, but not with this book-shaped tissue box. No bookworm wants to dispose of this kind of tissue box. This is not only used as a tissue box but also a decoration to any table because of its aesthetics.

We all know that bookworms love to receive gifts like new books but to make it something special and memorable, choose to give other than books. Choose to always plan and put efforts on any things you wanted to give. All the things that we have mentioned above are as useful as your bookworm friend’s library so why not give it a try.

Always bear in mind that gifts are nothing if you’re just giving it for the sake of giving. Give gifts with a heart and surely the simplest gift you give will be the most memorable gift any bookworm can receive.

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