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On: August 7, 2020

Best and Easy to Care Indoor Plants

Want to make your parent’s home fresh and clean in every corner? House plant will be the answer to that. Indoor plants come with many benefits and one of these is giving cleaner air and creative decoration to anyone’s house. These plants fight off toxins that can be found in the air which gives your air odor and bad smell. Having indoor plants in your home makes you feel like you’re in a jungle that gives you comfort and peace. We have gathered 10 best indoor plants that are hard to kill for your parent’s house.

1. Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue or Sansevieria trifasciata -

Snake plant can thrive in a low-light environment and doesn’t need every day watering. This plant also helps the air be purified. Its name alone makes it hard to kill.

Snake plants in a pot
Spider plant in a pot

2. Spider Plant or Chlorophytum comosum

This plant needs only a medium light. Hence, it should be placed below the window. Also, this plant doesn’t need frequent watering. This is one of the fast-growing houseplants so be sure to put it in a bigger pot.

3. Monstera deliciosa or “Swiss cheese plant”

This plant can grow to fit in space and is beautiful enough for a houseplant because of its lush-green leaves with distinctive holes. Perfect for a warm climate away from the direct sun and regular leaf cleaning with soft, damp cloth.

Monstera deliciosa
Devil's ivy

4. Epipremnum aureum or Devil's Ivy

This plant is one of my favorite houseplants. A fast-growing and forgiving vine that will suit in any position of the house. These plants don’t need frequent watering and also love fast draining soil. Leaves are waxy and in heart-shaped which makes this prettier.

5. Spathiphyllum or Peace lily

Has a glossy, dark green foliage and a stunning white flower. Peace lily can thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Although it can handle low light there is a possibility that its flower will bloom poorly.  This house plant also needs no frequent watering for it is prone in root rot.

Peace lily

6. Bromeliad

An easy and low-maintenance type of indoor plant. Need only once a week to water this plant. This plant needs medium to indirect sunlight and should be planted in shallow pots with fast drainage.

7. Zanzibar Gem

Known as the “almost indestructible” indoor plant because its not as easy to kill because its drought resistant meaning even when you forget to water this for many days, it will still thrive. Best to place in a bright to shaded light area of the house. Never put this on direct sunlight for its leaves will burn. This plant prefers a once a month watering routine.

Zanzibar gem
Anthurium andraeanum

8. Anthurium Andraeanum

This indoor plant has dark-green leathery leaves that produce colored heart shaped- flowers (red, pink, white). For its flower to bloom, you should place this in a spot with bright but not indirect light. Water this when the top soil is dry.

9. Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant

This kind of plant can be planted on a small pot or if you want this to grow big, place this in a larger pot. This plant thrives with bright, indirect light and watering only once a week.

Rubber plant
Dumb cane

10. Dieffenbachia or Dumb cane

This type of indoor plant is poisonous but it rarely kills humans or animals. Dieffenbacia plant is one of the best indoor plant you should place in your house. Why? Because this plant produces air purifying agents that helps in cleaning the air of your home. It’s in the second line with the Sanseveria.

Giving something that your parent’s can benefit from is one of the best gifts you can ever give to them. Choosing the best variety of indoor plants for your parent’s house may be a hustle but once you find the best, you’ll never regret choosing it. They said that giving plants to someone comes with great responsibility however we can’t deny the fact that plants also give happiness to the person who receives it. Furthermore, having plants in your house makes the ambiance and atmosphere more fascinating and homely.

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