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On: October 18, 2019

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

The Christmas holiday season is one of the best times to give a gift to your family members and close friends. You can find gifts that fit the recipient, or you can create a handmade one. However, regardless of the item that you plan to gift to your cherished loved one, the most important thing is the thought or sentiment you put into it.

Now that you’ve chosen the gift, the next thing that you’d have to think about is how you will wrap it up prettily. You can wrap kraft papers or any holiday decorative gift wrappers on the box. To put an accent on the decor, you can consider these ideas:

1. Patterned Paper

Just wrapping the box with plain kraft paper is boring. Put an exciting spin to the gift box by using a sheet of patterned paper. Wrap it around the center of the wrapped box. You can then personalize it by tying a ribbon or adding tags.

2. Washable Paint

If you are an artist, adding your drawing onto the kraft paper will add more design to your gift wrapping. Try adding a snowman or a tree. Any other design that fits well with the season will do. You can hand draw these Christmas decor with washable paints.

3. Glittery Ornaments

Glittery ornaments are great accents to your gift wrap if you’ve used a glamorous wrapping paper instead of kraft paper. You can use the golden, glittery balls that you’d usually decorate your Christmas tree with for this.

4. Scrapbook Ribbon

Don’t worry even if you don’t have any glittery ornaments left over after you’ve finished decorating your Christmas tree. If you have unused scrapbooks or magazines lying around the house, you can convert that into a unique ribbon to wrap around your present. Cut out circles from your scrapbook or magazine and then stitch them together.

5. Striped Ribbon

Stripes are popular patterns during the Christmas season. Remember the Christmas candy cane stripes? You can find a striped ribbon to use as a design. Strips of green, white, and red shades work perfectly as an alternative, too.

6. Photo Tag

You can use a photo as a gift tag! Print out a picture of your giftee and paste it on the gift. You can then add other decorative items such as a mistletoe leaf or a yarn. Not only will this ensure that your present is sent to the right person, there’s also a personal touch to your gift.

7. Bow Garlands

Add a fun and cute touch to your present with a bow garland. You can personally make the garland with duct tapes or washi tapes. Attach the bow garlands on a string so you can wrap them up around the gift box.

These aren’t the only Christmas gift wrapping ideas you can pick up. You can let your creativity run wild when it comes to decorating your present. Make it unique. Make it lovely. The most important thing is that you’ve put your heart into the gift you are giving to your cherished person.

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