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On: November 15, 2022

Comforting Warmer Gifts for Winter for the People We Love

Well, it’s that time of the year again, buddies! Take a backseat now bikinis and sundresses. It’s time to shine, puffers, sweaters and fuzzy fabrics. Not to mention that gift-giving is slowly coming up and comfortable, warmer gifts for winter are on the mainstream again for the undoubtedly the move for the cooler months ahead. With so many gift choices, considering where to shop for the best-suited gifts is overwhelming. But worry no more, we have tested every sweater in town so we can properly recommend the perfect snuggly gifts for you.
Retro video game characters in colorful metallic and fuzzy threads and is a playfully intarsia-knitted sweater. A smart way to give someone as cozy as this warm clothing, being spun with generous amounts of wool and cotton and has ribbed trims. Pair these relaxed tailoring and chunky boots.

2. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Jacquard-knit sweater

A tropical destination’s inspired warmer gift for winter. It’s merged with touches of cotton for breathability and has a slim fit with ribbed trims. One of Part of Oscar de la Renta’s ’22 collection.

3. POLO RALPH LAUREN Embroidered intarsia cotton sweater

Polo Ralph Lauren’s sweater is as ravishing as it looks. Intarsia-knitted from soft cotton, it displays the brand’s teddy bear in a logo-embroidered outfit, complete with a floral headband and raffia bag. Team yours with blue denim and give away these warm gifts for winter for your loved ones.

4. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Ombré cotton sweater

A fresh palette that’s bold and wearable. It’s styled in a composed silhouette defined by ribbed trims and has a crew neck. This is another cute sweater gift for the winter season.

5. LIVE THE PROCESS Ribbed mélange jacquard-knit leg warmers

Live The Process’ leg warmers are an excellent addition to your workout attire. Spun from mélange jacquard-knit, they have a cozy ribbed texture and cutouts at the heel for flexibility. Wear them to your next barre class with the brand’s sports bra and leggings. A classy warmer gift for winter.

6. JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN NET SUSTAIN cable-knit cashmere wrist warmer

The true luxury lies in craftsmanship – at least this is for Johnstons of Elgin’s collection. This warm clothing is made in Scotland by local artisans, these wrist warmers are cable-knitted from insulating cashmere. The ecru yarn works well with almost any coat.

7. THE ELDER STATESMAN Tie-dyed cashmere sweater

The vivid shades of orange, pink and teal will pop when paired with blue jeans or neutral pants.
The Elder Statesman’s V-neck sweater is knitted from pure cashmere and patterned using the brand’s signature tie-dye technique, such a cute sweater gift this winter.

8. TOTÊME Signature striped wool and cotton-blend turtleneck sweater

The modern replication of the label’s coveted ‘Signature’ sweater is spun from a wool and cotton blend that’s patterned with dark-brown Breton stripes. It has ribbed trims and will style perfectly with straight-leg jeans and flats. The beauty of Totême’s cool, contemporary pieces is how effortlessly they can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.

9. LIVE THE PROCESS Jacquard-knit jacket

This jacquard-knit jacket is a great evolutionary layer that’ll work with most outfits thanks to its neutral palette. Cinch the belt to keep you extra cozy on cooler days. As a fitness label, Live The Process creates clothing that performs well under pressure.

10. ADIDAS ORIGINALS Wales Bonner jacquard-knit tank

This cute sweater gift tank is made from red and black checked jacquard-knit and have signature stripes diagonal across the relaxed silhouette. Wear yours with matching shorts. Adidas Originals and Wales Bonner team up once again to create a collection of retro-inspired pieces influenced by the music and photography of Burkina Faso, West Africa.

11. JETSET Cap Turtle metallic knitted hoodie

This shimmering ‘Cap Turtle’ hoodie is knitted for a slim fit and has a streamlined, fitted hood so you can easily layer it under a padded jacket or gilet. JETSET was founded among the snowy Swiss Alps in St. Moritz, so the brand knows a thing or two about functional skiwear.

Winter is a beautiful time of year. From celebrating the holidays to going ice skating in a local park, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do during the winter. And finally, gift-giving for the people who matter most in our lives is the most awaited part of the season. Even just simple warm clothing is enough to make someone feel loved and special.

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