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On: July 1, 2020

Best and Useful Coming of Age Gift Ideas

Coming of age varies in each culture of the country.  Coming of age is a term used to describe the transition between childhood and adulthood. For some cultures, coming of age is determined at a certain age when a child is no longer a minor. Each culture has its varieties of ways to know that a child has come of age. Others say that a child hits puberty when they hit the ages 13, 15, 16, 18 or 21. While other religions have their official adulting event which involves both the community and family.  Thus, choosing the best present for them really does matter.

To assist you further, we have listed 25 best gift ideas for the celebrant to remember this transition into their lives.

1. Smart watch

Perfect for that lass/lad on the run (literally), this can hold up to 300 of his top workout songs and track his heart rate, sleep cycle, and running time.

smart or fitness watch
DSLR camera

2. DSLR Camera

If they are that type who likes to capture moments using cameras then DSLR cameras would be the best for him/her. Not only it captures really great pictures but also this can be used while in the distance

3. Travel Backpack

If they are about to head on a vacation or so into travels, here’s the best gift for them.

color brown travel backpack
colorful hammock

4. Hammock

This one is best for an outgoing person which can be used during hiking and also during trips to other places. A handy and a good thing to bring during outing.

5. E-reader

One of the best ways to stimulate a reading hobby. They will surely love this especially when he/she loves to have a portable reading material.

eye shadow pallets

6. Make-up Kit

Is she that sassy and always the painted faced kid of girl? then this make-up kit will be a great present for her. Put a light make-up on and she’s ready to go. Also putting a light make-up will make you look “aging beautifully“.

7. Action camera

If the person wants some action-filled adventures like skateboarding or surfing, an action camera will capture every angle of their adventure.

action camera on a tripod
foldable wallet

8. Wallet

A great way for them to save is to have a wallet. This is the best place to store the saved money from the gifts he/she received.

9. Daily Journal

Aside from photographs, having a journal will greatly make them reminisce about the great things of her life upon entering adulthood. This journal will help them keep track of the things he/she has done.

leather-covered journal
beach vacation on summer

10. A Vacation

The best way to release stress is to go on a vacation to the countryside where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and experience peace of mind. This will help him/her discover the beauty of the world.

11. Perfume

Simply putting some fragrances on offer unforgettable memories that can last a lifetime. So, if you wanted to make that lasting imprint on someone, a bottle of perfume is one of the best gifts you can give.

different fragrances of perfume
brown-colored leather duffel bag

12. Duffel bag

This one would be best if the celebrant is looking for some storage on “moving out”, this might be a very big help to stuff all the needed clothes.

13. Ukulele/guitar

To make them know that you value their love for music, give them a musical instrument like ukulele/guitar to show him/her support. You can actually ask him/her to write a song for you.

wooden octave ukulele
different books

14. Books

Best for a person who is very fond of reading books. Just ask that person on what genre he/she likes for a best reference of the buy you’re going to buy.

15. Nintendo Switch Lite

Best in sneaking out into restaurants, parties or any social function and you wanted to play nintendo, this another version of nintendo will help him/her enjoy.

Nintendo switch
physical conditioning room or gym

16. Gym Club Membership

Adulthood is the time where consciousness of their body comes along and going to the gym or engaging in any physical activities will be developed. Try giving him/her this membership and he/she will surely thank you enough.

17. Salon reservation

Getting groomed in the salon is really a nice gift to receive. Gift this as a gift to them and surely that person will take a picture, upload and tag you.

facial treatment
colored yellow and blue painting of Van Gogh

18. Painting

When you give someone a painting, it is this exclusivity, this one-of-a-kind experience that you give them. It is the knowledge that they and only they possess this original piece of art; the unique coming together of concepts, colors and style to create this particular painting. 

19. Gym clothes

Gym membership will not be used if there’s no outfit on going to the gym. This gym outfit could be a pair leggings and sports bra, or a tank top and a gym short.

workout clothes, running shoes, water bottle and dumbbells
pink-colored plastic hair curler

20. Hair curler

If they love going to the salon to get their hairs done then this one would make the best gift for them.

21. Accessories

Outfits are not complete without the touch of any accessories. Give this to him/her so that his/her outfit will be as dazzling as a diamond.

hand-made accessories
Blue-colored running shoes

22. Rubber shoes

Gym clothes are not complete without a pair of rubber shoes that is good for any adventurous and outdoor activities. Also, rubber shoes can also be used during casual events just choose the color white.

23. Eye Cream

Adulting means changing of any parts of the body and dark circles under the eyes may appear. Eye cream helps the skin around their eyes by rejuvenating, especially dark circles.

refillable eye cream
wooden docking station

24. Customized Docking Station

Best spot specifically for his/her glasses, keys, phone, and wallet. Customized it to add some personal touches.

25. BBQ Set

Does he/she want to grill some meat on weekends? Give this BBQ set to satisfy the cravings and also he/she might want to grill some meat for you.

barbecue grill with sausage, pork and vegetables

Parents know that parenting a child in the stage called “adulthood” will be difficult to deal with, especially with their curiosities, broken-hearts and finding their own paths in life. Coming of age can be an exciting phase for children as they separate from their parents and form new circle of friends. However, this phase can also make them unhappy as they will be facing the real future and will surely miss the safety of being a child beside the care and comforts from their parents. Whatever the gifts you wanted to give, just be sure that this gift can be a very helpful means to them and a reminder that they are not alone as they unravel a new journey to becoming an adult

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