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On: August 30, 2020
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Creative DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the whole year. It is the day we celebrate the greatness of the woman who gave birth to us and our siblings. With that being said, they deserve more and the most special gift of all. Mother’s Day, the day to give thanks and show love to our one and only mother. We tend to give bouquets of flowers or chocolates but trying new is not hard enough, right? Read more on this blog and you’ll be surprised at the possibilities of making the best gifts out of mason jars.

  1. Self-Care Mason jar – Oftentimes, mom forget to take care of themselves. As a son/daughter, this is your perfect time to shower your mom with the self-care kits that you always want to give.Self-care kits may include facial wash, toner, sunscreen, moisturizer and blush. Give these to her and she will be thankful enough.
  2. 365 days in a jar – Everything in a jar simply means letters/quotations for 365 days or 1 year that will lift up your mom’s mood when she is feeling down. This jar contains rolled papers with quotations or sayings that gives good vibes to anyone who is reading it. I know it takes a lot of effort but always remember, efforts always count. So, If we were you, we would never waste time and start writing and rolling papers now.
  3. Mommy Survival Kit – This kit is best for a breastfeeding mom or new mom who is always on the go. This contains little bottles for breast milk and any other essentials your baby needs.
  4. Golden Pampering Mason Jar – This contains body scrubs that give pampering to your mom. Body scrubs are best to remove the impurities in our body and best for your mom to relax a bit.
  5. Nut Mix in a Jar – For any mom who loves to eat nuts because she knows it is one of the brain foods, this nut mix in a jar is the best for her. Moms always love to have something to eat especially when watching tv and nuts are the best snacks. Give this to your mom and she will be glad.
  6. Tea Time in a Jar – We all know that oldies love to drink tea in order for them to relax. This tea time in a jar is a jar that contains your mom’s favorite tea. It could be green tea or matcha tea. Tea is best for your mom, so don’t miss this out.
  7. Veggie Soup in a Jar – If your mom is a health-conscious person then this veggie soup in a jar is the best gift for her. you can use any veggies as long as it’s your mom’s favorite veggie then you are good to go.
  8. Mason Jar cocktails – This cocktail is best for mom who finds relaxation in drinking. Place her favorite cocktail mix in this jar and she will be happy to have this.
  9. Manicure in a jar – For a working mom, going to a salon is difficult and thus giving her this manicure in a jar will definitely save her time and money. This jar contains a manicure set with nail polish, nail color, etc. You can also do her manicure to make the gift more memorable.
  10. Make-up Brushes in a jar – For a mom who always loves to do her make-up to look good and presentable, this gift is perfect for her. This jar contains the different sizes of make-up brushes that will definitely make your mom smile.
  11. Chocolate Bars in a jar – For a sweet tooth mom who loves to eat sweets when she is stressed or having a bad day, this gift is really for her. This jar contains the different bars of various brands of chocolates. You can also mix dark and milk chocolates to create colorful chocolate bars in a jar.
  12. Kitchen Needs in a jar – One of your mom’s favorite parts of the house is the kitchen and thus giving her this kitchen needs in a jar is perfect. Kitchen or cooking needs are places inside for a creative way of giving it.
  13. Herbs in a jar – We all know that herbs are good for our health and mom always put herbs on anything she cooks. This herbs in a jar is a perfect gift for your mom who loves herbs. Rosemary, basil or tarragon herbs can be placed inside this jar.
  14. Sewing Kit in a Jar – If your mom loves to sew your clothes or her clothes, this sewing kit is a jar containing the essentials in sewing. Essentials in sewing include the needle, thread and also the buttons.
  15. Brownie Mix in a Jar – If your mom doesn’t like eating chocolate that much then this brownie mix in a jar is good for her. You can bake the cookie by yourself to minimize expenses and also to give mom the brownie’s taste that she always loves. You can also bake brownies with your mom on Mother’s Day.
  16. Aquarium in a Jar – Sounds amazing, right? For a mom who loves the comfort of the sea and the smell of the sea breeze this jar is perfect for her. you can place sea water, seaweed or seagrass, and of course little fishes inside this jar.  But, careful not all domesticated fishes can live in salt water so maybe you can use plastic fishes for it to survive.

Planning the gifts you want to give to the best woman of your life is quiet time and energy consuming. But nothing beats any gifts that are well-planned and efforted. There’s nothing wrong with trying something unique rather than sticking to the cliché way or surprising someone. If you love to surprise your mom on a creative yet easy to make gift, give this idea a try and we promise, your mom will have the best Mother’s Day of her life.

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