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On: August 15, 2020

Creative Gift Ideas for your Pet Lover Friend

For all the people in your life who love their pet just like how they love and care for their children. Get them a pet-themed present that will definitely make them bark of happiness. Whether it’s for them or for their pet, they will appreciate it a lot. If you are looking for a creative and unique gift idea for your pet-lover friend, we have gathered the best for you. To add some extra special touch, never forget to personalize it by putting their pet’s photo or name.

  1. Animal toy planters – this planter is best for pet-lovers of all kinds. You can personalize with an animal that your friend likes. Just make sure that a pet-friendly plant is planted inside.
  2. Personalized pet bed – Gift your friend’s pet with this personalized pet bed that features the photo and name of his/her pet.  Choose the bed that is super soft to invite your friend’s pet and will lay down on it that instant.
  3. Photo Tote Bag – anyone will appreciate a gift that they will be always using like this tote bag. Your pet-lover friend will definitely love this tote bag because this shows off a photo of his/her pet that your friend will never miss because of this tote bag.
  4. Cat Phone Holder – charger comes with a phone holder and to make it fun to use, give your friend this cat phone holder. Not only is it cute but it is also really useful.
  5. Custom Food Storage Container – It is super convenient to keep your dog or cat food in a container but to make the food storage container personal, customize it by placing a photo of your friend’s pet or just the word “dog food” outside the container.
  6. Wine Cork Feather Toy – Create your own cat toy for your friend’s cat with the use of a wine cork. The whole process is so easy and will definitely make your friend’s cat have fun playing it.
  7. Hand-Knitted Cat Bed – If you know how to knit then never bother buying something expensive, go for this hand-knitted cat bed. Any pet owner will surely be grateful for this kind of gift.
  8. Pet Picture Magnets – Brighten up their day when they open the fridge but this refrigerator magnets that shows the photo of your friend’s pet or a photo of them both.
  9. Photo-Filled Mouse Pad – Get this photo-filled mouse pad for your friend that features the photo of his/her pet to ease the feeling of longing.
  10. Pet Tees – Of course, as a proud fur parent a pet tee is a basic. Give your friend a tee printed with a photo of his/her pet or a photo of them together and he/she will always be wearing that tee.
  11. Farmed Pet Silhouette – Silhouettes are beautiful works of art. Add more beauty by capturing the silhouette of your friend’s pet and put it in the frame for preservation of its beauty.
  12. Personalized Treat Jar – We all know, pets love treats! You can buy or you can just make this on your own. You just need a transparent jar and a photo of your friend’s pet. Glue it and voila! You have now a personalized treat jar for your friend’s pet.
  13. Personalized key chain – Your friend will never be able to forget his/her car or house key because of this keychain that comes together with a photo of his/her pet.
  14. Personalized cat ring – Jewelries are one of the best gifts you can also give. Choose the design that your friend loves the most, like this cat ring that will definitely look great on her finger.
  15. Dog Bowl Water Bottle – Give this portable dog bowl water bottle and your friend will never be worried when his/her dog is thirsty. Drinking water is also an essential routine for dogs.
  16. Custom Pet Tag – Every pet needs its tag to be identified that easily. Make it more personalized by letting you customize it and placing the name of the pet on its tag. Also, you can add a photo of the pet to make it more touching.
  17. Homemade paw Balm – Cats and dogs need this type of gift. The time that they spent outside may wear out the paw of your friend’s pet. This balm will help him/her with that. You can use a beeswax-based balm for this.
  18. Natural tick repellent – no pet owners want to see a tick on their pet. So, if your friend’s pet always goes outside then maybe that pet must accumulate ticks in his fur. To help you friend, give this to him/her and he/she would really be grateful.
Pets are considered a part of a family and thus we should love and take care of them just as we take care of our family members. Your friends will surely be glad that you take your time planning on the perfect gift for their pet.  Always remember, gifts don’t need to be that expensive. Giving a gift must be done whole-heatedly and willingly in order for the receiver to give you a genuine smile.

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