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On: September 13, 2022

Artistic, Inexpensive & Improved Pet Gift Ideas

Cynophiles or Dogophiles or also known as Dog Lovers are most affectionate both physically and emotionally. There is no loyalty that a pet dog can give to human beings. A loyalty that only death can separate them apart. That is why dogs are well known to be man’s best friend. In fact, according to researchers, pet dogs are the most favorite pets of humans in the whole world.
With how cruel the world we have now, we need something we can hold on to survive the struggles and battles of everyday living. Dog lover gifts are a way of appreciating our loved ones who are fur parents will only bring so much happiness to them. We have come up with a series of up to date gifting ideas for fur parents to choose from.

1. Custom Paw Printing

A very popular and simple keepsake for our pet dogs is a paw print and frame it to our walls in your living room or bedroom or at your office. Either way all you want to see to be free from stress is just your paw best friend. Don’t get us wrong here, this is an inexpensive gift for dog lovers so go grab one no.

2. Custom Pet Portrait

All we want to see is a face that can take all our worries away. Make sure to make that hairstyle stand-out. You can make your pet portrait more creative by painting it or think of a theme that will make their portrait stand-out and out of the ordinary.

3. Personalized Pet-Family Blanket

This blanket is a picture of you and your fur babies. Do not miss a wonderful design and put it somewhere you can remember your pets. Another dog lover gift must-have for your fur family.

4. Pet Lover Shirt

We will do anything we can to show others how we are as dog lovers. We can print it on a shirt and make a statement. Aha! Inexpensive gift for dog lovers available in store or online.

5. FurZapper

Not everything is wonderful as a dog parent or a fur parent per se. There are also unlovable moments and not so desirable instances. Like, furs are all over the place, on the clothes, on the couch and so on. Furzapper is the key to end the fur problem in and out of the house. Yes, another fur parent gadget must-have.

6. Portable Dog Water Bottle

These dog lover gift ideas are good for dog lovers on the go. If being hydrated are good to human beings so as for our pets. Some breeds may need water more than others, some depending on the weather but one way or another still, water is important. This gadget will always be useful and inexpensive too.

7. Dog Breed Cheese Boards

Biscuits are overrated for dog snacks then go wild  with dog breed cheese boards also known as Barcuterie. There is no such thing as going too far in pampering our pet dogs or giving them belly rub treats. This dog lovers’ gift idea is to see to it that our barking best friends will enjoy the same sumptuous meals as we do, as we all know not all human foods are safe for dogs. Just make sure the snacks are non-toxic.

8. Matching Dog Collar & Bracelet

For the best barking besties for life, a perfect matching friendship collar is an ideal inexpensive gift for dog lovers. There is nothing best for a friendship that is long lasting with a remembrance worth the penny.

9. Custom Illustrated Phone Case

Choose the most photogenic picture of all for your phone casing design. This is the cutest of all dog lovers’ gifts so far. While the casing protects your phone, the photo design is a reminder that you are not alone in all of your battles and struggles. Our dog babies are just an arf away!

10. Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs

Tracker dogs works through an application where it can point your dog’s location in case it will go missing or just out of track. Bluetooth trackers are highly recommended since they are lightweight and easy to track, however it also has it’s down sides since these trackers can only go 200 – 300 feet at a maximum range depending on the strength of the blue tooth connection and your mobile device.

11. Pet Massager

Our pet animals can acquire stress and anxiety too. Just like humans, a soothing massage can ease these bodily uncomforts and help strengthen the bond between the owner and pet. A massager can improve immobilities and other related health conditions resulting in life damages of the pets.

12. Cats versus Dogs

A card game for pet lovers who cannot decide!
A card game for dog and cat lovers. This may include fun and interesting facts for all the pet lovers out there. Good for all ages too.

Treating animals equally is a human responsibility. The violence only takes place reciprocating to the environment. We must remember that all living things have the same needs and care as that of human beings, there is no exception to that. Gifting fur parents will only make them feel valued and important, their parenting instinct to their pets are beyond unimaginable love. They deserve the best dog lovers gift that will remind them of their value in our community.

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