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On: September 24, 2020

Creatively – Made Macrame Gift Ideas Just for Your Girl

Girls love to receive anything unique on any occasions. If your girl loves to receive anything involving any crafts that are hand-made then this macramé gift idea is best for her. We have sourced out some of the best macramé crafts makers from Instagram to help you conveniently search for the best macramé gift ideas.

  1. Macramé Wall hanging- If you want to add a little accent to a boring wall, a Macramé wall hanging will be the best idea to place.  Macramé wall hangings give beauty and vibrant to any wall on any side of the house. Its style is not that bold yet creates a stunning effect when placed on the lighter side of the house. Check out @reformfiber or @michaelgabrielle_ on Instagram. These two have the most stunning macramé wall hangings we’ve seen so far.
  2. Macramé earrings- Nothing beats the classy look of any earrings worn by any girls. If you want your girl to put something unique yet something classy on her ears, try giving this macramé earrings. You can choose any design, head on to @shianellen’s Instagram account to find more of these pretty pieces.
  3. Macramé coasters- For a girl who loves to drink coffee in the mornings to wake those “sleeping cells” up or tea at night to have a sound sleep, this macramé coaster is the perfect gift.  This coaster is not made solely for coffees or teas but it can also be made as a wall design. You may check out @kind_creations_by_jenni or @makramenika for the most creative coasters.
  4. Macramé bookmark- As a bookworm, getting lost while reading your favorite book because somebody called you will definitely give you a bad mood. If you want to give your girl a bookmark, why not choose the unique one. Give this macramé bookmark to her and she’ll be surprised. You can check @sobrenosmacrame on her IG account. She has different beautiful macramé crafts too.
  5. Macramé key chains- If you want to give a creative keychain to her, try these macramé keychains. Keychains are best to beautify those bags. You can find cute and colorful keychains @macramama’s IG account. Go and check her out!
  6. Macramé photo hanger- Pretty unique right? Using macramé photo hangers are one of the creative ways to hang your lovely pictures, it will not only make you remember the happy moments but also a best way to design any wall too. Check out @ane.rustic or @nikknots on IG. They have the best photo hanger in town.
  7. Macramé feathers- Aside from wall hanging, macramé feathers are also best to decorate an empty wall. These macramé feathers are creatively made from macramé fibers. If you want to find the best, head on to @pbutterandjbean on Instagram.
  8. Macramé plant hangers- Plants inside a house will definitely give the house that lively and fresh feeling. If your girlfriend loves to have plants inside her house or room but doesn’t have that enough space, this macramé plant hanger is the answer to that. You can put any indoor plant inside any house if you use a plant hanger, just make sure that your room is well-ventilated and the air can circulate freely. If you are looking for the best plant hanger, look for @iwouldratherknot or @reformfibers. I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed by their pieces!
  9. Macramé lanterns- Christmas is just around the corner, and this macramé lantern will definitely make any lantern step out of the house (kidding side).  If you are in search of a lantern that is really unique yet handmade, try giving this macramé lantern. Check out @retrocraftrevival, they have the most creative lanterns.
  10. Macramé rainbow wall hangings- For an empty wall, an accent is all it needed. If you are looking for the best wall design that will surely give color to any day, this might be the answer for that. This type of wall hanging is colorful just like a rainbow and will definitely give design and color to any of the walls. And this is not just a rainbow but a rainbow made with love with the use of macramé chords.  Head on to @pbutterandjbean or @marymakerstudio to find the most stunning macramé rainbow wall hanging.
  11. Macramé tumbler holder- Hydrating ourselves is essential in maintaining a good skin and of course a good habit. If your girl loves to drink water most of the time and is having a hard time in bringing her water bottle, this macramé tumbler holder is the answer to that. This is crafted to fit on any type of tumbler that will not only give convenience but also a classy and chic look to anyone who is wearing it. Check out for tumbler holder.
  12. Macramé Sling Bag- Sling bags are one of the on-the-go bags for girls. If you want to give your girl a sling bag, why not try this macramé sling bag that is not only handy but it also will create a classy and artsy look for your girl. Head on, they have the best sling bag, I assure you.
  13. Macrame Dream catcher- They say, dream catcher will catch those bad dreams. If you want to give your girl that sweet dream that you always wanted her to have, try this macramé dream catcher. Macramé dream catcher is creatively hand-made by @sploty_makrama.
  14. Camera Strap- For your girl who really loves to take pictures using her camera and that camera will surely be needing a cozy strap. This macramé strap will definitely make any camera look chic and pretty.  Check out @rootscomacrame, they have the most colorful macrame camera strap.
  15. Alcohol/ Hand Sanitizer Holder- During these times, bringing an alcohol and hand-sanitizer is really a must. This type of macramé craft is an essential craft anyone can have. An alcohol holder that can be tied outside of bags that will conveniently make you reach your alcohol/hand sanitizer easily. You can find these on @macrame_ph.

Hand-made crafts really gives an impression that the gift is personal and well-planned. Macramé crafts are one of the most appreciated crafts nowadays. Try giving one of these crafts to your girl and I’m really sure she will be surprised that you give this to her.

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