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On: August 31, 2022

List of Picturesque Made Macrame Gifts for your Girl

Women are real tearjerkers with any small gestures of appreciation. They love to receive even the simplest gift. Aside from jewelry, kitchen tools and home remedies, unique macramé gifts are also beautiful gift ideas. Although the word “macramé” is a French word it is originally an Arabic word migramah, migramah which means hand weaving or headwear. It is the art of knotting cords or threads to form an artistic combination into macramé wall hangings, plant hangers, bracelets and more are now everywhere. Bohemian Style or known as Boho has made the macramé popularity back in trend but more with spark and spunk than the way back in the days. Because of this, Macramé Gifts is overflowing now with both in store and online. We have a handful of choices for gorgeous macramé gifts for her.

1. Macramé Dream Catcher

Native Americans believe that night air is filled with both good and bad dreams that is why they hang a dreamcatcher above their beds. This will be a unique Macramé gift to our loved ones, to be able to protect them with all those bad dreams lurking around. These Macramé Dream Catcher handmade crafts are nothing but grandeur of sophistication.

2. Macramé Frame

Who has no picture frames at home? Very common home décor yet these are the little things we do not want to miss inside our homes, family is everything after all. Let’s make it more unique and give her those gorgeous macramé gifts. With a few threads and cords we might as well try to hand craft it yourself. Make it sentimental.

3. Macramé Plant Hanger

We mentioned here in our page that Indoor plants are the best gift ideas. It would be pretty to include hanging indoor plants with a Macramé Plant Hanger. Your gift will definitely be a masterpiece. A classy finish inside our homes.

4. Macramé Backdrop

Another  unique Macramé gift is a backdrop. It will be another sight to a room with this handcrafted beauty. Aside from rooms, Macramé Backdrops can also be a wedding, birthday or any occasion backdrop to give it a Bohemian touch. Not only a gorgeous gift but useful too. 

5. Macramé Table Decor with Macramé Table Runner, Placemat, Coaster

Complete that dining set essentials with unique Macramé table decors, runners, placemat and coasters. Her dining room will never be the same again. 

6. Macramé Hammock

Being a woman is not easy. We run the world and  multitask in everything that we want to do. That is why stress relievers are a big deal to us. Surely, this unique Macramé gifts will be helpful to us who need a lot of cozy space to just relax or a minute of me-time. Macramé Hammock will give us that feeling of comfort and distress from a day’s work. 

7. Macramé Toy Hammock

They say, a house is not a house if you do not have toys around. Kids are adorable but are extremely energetic and hyperactive in playing with toys. As they grow old, of course, a different set of toys will be out laying down on the floor. Macramé Toy Hammock will give aesthetics to our rooms and will surely put away those toys.

8. Macramé Fruit Hammock

These Macramé Gifts are a perfect addition to her kitchen. A minimalist look with a not-so-obvious purpose in the kitchen  will be memorable to her every time she visits the kitchen.

9. Macramé Clothing

A Bohemian Style of fashion clothing is ultimately in trend today. Macramé clothing is making a statement in the market and is excellently doing a good job so far. We cannot deny that the comeback of Macramé clothes is making the runway fiery and feisty. The Fashion Industry must be ecstatic as these lovelies make their way to a part of today’s generation.

10. Macramé Jewelry

Women and Jewelry, almost inseparable. Not only Macramé are for house decors but also for jewelry as well. Your girl will definitely make a statement in these unique Macramé gifts.

11. Macramé Handbag

Macramé Gifts can be whatever you want to give. There are endless lists but a handbag will also be a good idea. This kind of handbag gives texture and accent to make her look more fashionable. You can choose from different patterns available but the simpler the design the better. You have to know your girl, man!

Macramé emerged a long time ago. They are stylish and fashionable. Elegant and fancy. Bohemian Style has already made a name in the fashion industry and has continued to make a difference now that the new generation has embraced its distinctiveness. Gifting your special someone with unique Macramé gifts will be exciting and fun. But if you opt to give a simple kind of macramé craft might as well DIY it.  There are a lot of tutorials available online. You will be more appreciated both for the effort and for the gift itself. Good Luck!

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