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On: October 1, 2020
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Cute and Colorful Socks Gift Ideas for Anyone who Loves Colors in Their Life

Giving dozens of chocolates, bouquets of flowers or even a box of cake is quite a cliché type of gifts. If you love to give something unique yet awesome and trendy, try giving a pair of socks. Socks come in different colors as well as style and it gives the impression that you don’t want to give your warmth on winter day with the use of these socks. Just a hint, each design or style of each sock will reflect on the characteristics of the receiver, so choose on what best describes the characteristics of the receiver. If you are in search for the cook and trendy socks gift ideas, we have listed them all for you!

  1. For the person who doesn’t love to do their laundry- For some people, a pair of white socks as a gift is more than enough. This type of socks is best for any junior high school students who always wears white socks but still doesn’t want to do the laundry. Because it is white, dirt and stains are visible for the laundry person to wash. Also, for the ones who want to keep themselves clean and tidy, white socks are the best.
  2. For a person who loves après ski more than skiing- Après ski is the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing. So, if you have that one friend who loves après ski more than skiing (cut still ski in the ice), these wool sock boots are suited. Skiing means playing and having fun while stepping on the ice or snow and having a cold foot is not avoided, this sock is the answer to that.
  3. For the picky minimalist- We all have that minimalist friend who always chooses the most minimal among the minimal design of anything but still loves colorful ones. These socks will definitely tell anyone that the person wearing it loves minimalist design. Bold colors are used like pink and red but with the absence of prints on socks. So, if you know someone who is minimalist, this type of socks is the perfect choice!
  4. For the friend who loves food above anything else- For anyone in your life who loves food more than her boyfriend or girlfriend, this is perfect! For a foodie, any food prints apparels are best but if you want to make it memorable, choose the print that shows his/her favorite food. Additionally, choose the best color of the socks that will match the food print that you want. Because of this sock, your friend will definitely announce to the world how much food gives his/her comfort.
  5. For the person who’s always excited for Christmas- Admit it, we all have that friend who is always excited for Christmas, even though it’s still August. If you want to surprise that kind of friend by giving him/her a pair of socks, choose socks with stripes of red and green with a mistletoe print in it or a red and white pair of socks with Santa’s face printed outside. Brilliant right?
  6. For the friend loves his paw-friends– For anyone who loves their paw friends, having a paw printed pair of socks is a dream come true. But if you want to make it more unique and unexpected try giving another set of socks with prints of elephant ears or bull head. I’m very sure your friend will definitely be surprised because we all know as a person who loves cats and dogs, paw printed socks are expected. So, do the unexpected and make it count!
  7. For the person whose feet’s smell can create a super bomb- having a friend whose feet stinks when wearing shoes is a hustle. These cotton blend socks are best for people with a stinky foot because they have titanium woven into a comfy yarn which helps eliminate odors by releasing negatively charged ions. This type of socks is equipped to help your friend never be ashamed of taking off his/her shoes. If you are a concerned friend, give this idea a try!
  8. For the person who has a cold-feet while doing yoga- Yoga is a type of physical activity that is done barefooted. Doing yoga practices can make you sweat all out but if you have that one friend who gets cold in her feet when doing yoga, give this sock a try, this type of socks will surely help your friend to avoid cold-foot and because of its non-slip sole, slipping on the mat is not a problem at all.
  9. For the person who can fix the unfixed- this type of socks can be a thank you present or just a present showing how proud you are of the person because he/she can fix anything unfixed. This type of socks is printed with tools like a hammer or screwdriver all over to honor the things used in fixing things. This type of gift is not only for the men but also for the women who did some fixing.
  10. For the art lover friend– Having a sock printed with Van Gogh’s starry night is a dream come true for the art lover. If you have this kind of friend, give this type of socks a try. You can choose any of Van Gogh’s paintings, could be starry night or the sunflower or Van Gogh’s portrait. For anyone who is not a fan of Van Gogh you can choose other prints like The Scream or The Creation of Adam painting. Pretty cool right?
  11. For the person who wants to be Santa’s elf- Being Santa’s elf is a dream come true not only for the kids but also for the kids ate heart. And the best way to spread this dream is of course by wearing a sock printed with Santa’s elf on it. You can choose any of those elves just make sure it is Santa’s.

Socks are one of the essential things we purchase especially in the winter season yet nothing beats the great feeling if a certain sock  is given by some important people in our lives. If you want to spread your warmth on winter days, give these socks gift ideas a try and you’ll be surprised how grateful the person receiving it can be.

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