Oh, your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up! Or is that your anniversary? Well, no matter the celebration, you’re looking for the perfect gift for your beloved. But it’s challenging to shop due to the limited options because of the pandemic.

Well, have you ever thought of giving her a fashion blog? It’s a great avenue to share her love for fashion. And who knows, her favorite brands may notice her work too. They may even give her more than a thumbs-up on Instagram.

You never know how far she can go simply with your fashion blog present. That is why, if you’re interested, check out what you can do to kickstart your project—the best gift fitting for the best girlfriend.

Benefits of Gifting Your Girlfriend a Fashion Blog

There are three (3) main reasons why a fashion blog is the best gift idea ever. Aside from its uniqueness, she may even earn something from it.

  1. It’s a medium for self-expression.
    Through the blog, your girl can freely express her fashion ideas and unique style. As she makes more meaningful posts, she may even start to gain some followers. This can be fulfilling especially when she sees that her blog is helping people.
  2. It’s an opportunity to create her own network.
    Starting a blog will help her connect with other fashion enthusiasts. This will give her a chance to learn and grow more as a fashion lover herself. She can expand her fashion sense and may even give her opportunities to connect with people from the brands that she loves.
  3. It’s a way to earn money.
    Your girl can earn some extra cash on the sidelines. How cool is that? Aside from sharing her passion for fashion, she may also earn from it.

How to Earn Money through A Fashion Blog?

Aside from flaunting her outfit mix-and-match skills, there are many ways that a fashion blogger can earn income.

Apply for Affiliate Marketing

woman with laptop fashion blogYour girlfriend can apply for a fashion affiliate program. Once she’s in, there is a specific link for a product or store for her to advertise on her posts. Every time someone buys the item through the link, she gets a commission depending on the affiliate program terms.

Advertise Products through Sponsored Posts

Fashion brands may ask your girlfriend to promote their products through her blog. She can also get a percentage out of every purchase. This can happen after your girlfriend creates a strong online presence and gathers a solid following.

Promote Her Own Fashion Products

Is your girlfriend interested in creating her own brand? This is her chance to make that dream come true. If she’s into fashion design and clothing creation, she can produce her own products and sell it on her blog.

How to Start a Fashion Blog Site?

Starting a blog site may be a bit intimidating for the uninitiated. What with all the website design or coding that you have to do. But there may be easy ways to do it; just follow the steps below.

  1. Choose a blog platform.There are various blogging platforms to choose from, such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Wix among others. Each of them has its own pros and cons. As a beginner, you can choose a platform that’s user-friendly for easy setup and navigation.Get these things to jumpstart her blog:
    • Domain name — This is the website address of her blog. The URL where her visitors will use to identify her blog.
    • Web hosting — This is where she will keep all her files for the blog.
  2. Pick a fashion blog niche.
    Among the top fashion niches, your girlfriend can choose from celebrity fashion, hairstyle, makeup, and seasonal fashion style. It depends on her personal taste and what she’s confident to write about.
  3. Decide on a fashion blog design.
    There are several themes available for beginners, like the ones on Envato Market and Elegant Themes. But your girlfriend can also work with professionals along with way as Fiverr has a pool of talent that can be tapped easily. She can customize it according to her taste.
  4. Create a content plan. 
    The key to attracting followers is to write unique and helpful content. Once her blog is up, your girlfriend can create a content plan that showcases her fashion wisdom and writing skills. The goal is to inspire others through her own fashion style in a consistent schedule.Content can also be engaging if there are great photos accompanying it. No need to fret, she can get good images from Stock Photos and Envato Elements. And if she isn’t handy with Photoshop, she can use Canva to edit the images she has on file.

Top 3 Ways to Establish An Online Presence

Congratulations! Your girlfriend has a fashion blog now. Take the project to another level by helping her establish her presence online through the following tips.

  1. Social Media
    To help the blog site gain more followers, an active social media plan must be involved. Here are some things to do:
    1. Use unique and colorful images.
      Humans are attracted to outstanding images. If a blog starts with large and beautiful pictures, people will be drawn to keep reading.
    2. Write useful content with intriguing titles.
      Make sure the content is worth the read. Every blog post must leave the readers with something they can apply or use in their personal lives.
    3. Integrate social media buttons on the blog site.
      Make sharing blog posts easier for the readers. Include social media share buttons all over the blog. Double-check every social media button to avoid dead links.
    4. Check the optimal time for posting on social media.
      The best time to share a blog post on social media varies for each platform. You can help your girlfriend plan on how to schedule her social media engagements accordingly. You can get extra brownie points for doing so!
  2. Paid  Advertising
    Facebook and Instagram advertisements can be a great way to bring traffic to the blog. To start a campaign, your girlfriend can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of her fashion blog and set a practical budget.
  3. Search Engine Optimization
    As they say, content is king in the digital marketing realm. So, you and your girlfriend can plot a good SEO marketing campaign to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to the blog.

Final Takeaway

At this point, you already know why there’s a way to surprise your fashion-lover girlfriend. Express your love through her passion—a fashion blog. It can open many doors of opportunities for her aside from allowing her to share her interest with other fashion enthusiasts.

A fashion blog is truly an unforgettable present, and so will you. Are you ready for the best boyfriend award of the year?


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