Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Up Their Style

Are you stumped on what to give your dad this Father’s day? Why not get him something that can up his style? Your dad will definitely appreciate some stylish clothes and a few cool accessories to take his fashion to the next level. Here are 5 stylish gift ideas that you can give to your father during his special day.

Levi's Men 501 Original Fit Jeans

Bring on the memories!

Pair of jeans as a gift idea is the most intimate and personal token you can give to someone. It’s a challenging gift since anything can go wrong with the size, color, fit and the brand.

The brand is already given in this gift idea but make sure of the fit and size. Since Levi’s is known for its commitment to  produce quality and hard wearing jeans also tagged as one of the best brands for father’s day gift in that case you got the right present for dad.

London Fog Front Zip Jacket

The great thing about this jacket is that it’s good for pretty much any weather except winter. It is lightweight and thin but very comfortable making it great for summer evenings, autumn days, and even spring season. It’s also got adjustable snap cuffs and a big zipper. If your dad enjoys outdoor field games like golf, he’ll definitely appreciate this wonderful gift.

Casio CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

Any man will love this gift because of its practical use. Imagine, being able to calculate stuff without having to bring your phone out. You can just use your watch right away. Of course, aside from the calculator, there are also other functions as well such as a digital format to tell the time and date. It also has a 1/100 second stopwatch and a split time feature. Really neat!

It is also water proof which means you can wear it while swimming. Most of all, it has a very rugged and sporty style which further brings out that manly appeal. This can easily be your dad’s favorite.

Vinciobelt Ratchet Click Belt

You can never have too many belts– especially belts like these. Unlike most belts that have clips and holes, this one doesn’t have a hole. It just has a ratchet click that allows you to clip it on at any part of the belt. This is great if you often need to punch holes in your belt. At least this one can fit any size without having to punch in extra holes. It is also made out of genuine cowhide leather and looks really sophisticated– like something a true gentleman would wear.

RFID Bi-Fold Slim Leather Wallet

This gift is both very useful and stylish. The RFID Bi-fold wallet is slim and easy to use with one front pocket for your card and 4 pockets inside for your cash and other cards. There’s also a smart strap in the other side to keep your business cards. Since it’s really slim, it’s easy to take out and put back into your pocket.

What makes this wallet amazing is that it has an RFID secure technology for extra security. It can block RFID signals so that people with malicious intent won’t be able to get hold of your identity. Finally, it’s made out of full grain leather making it look very stylish and debonair with a smooth but strong texture.

Are you ready to celebrate Father’s day with your dad? Give him a great Father’s day with these stylish gifts. They’re not only really useful, but they’re also fashionable. These are just some of the fashionable gift ideas that your dad can treasure. Whatever type of gift you give, in the end, it’s always the thought that counts.

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