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On: August 2, 2022

Favorite Bookworm Gift Ideas Best of 2022

Everyone can read but not everyone can voraciously devote themselves to reading a book. But whatsoever you call “US” if that is about books, count me in. People have this wrong mentality that if a person is a bookworm we only want a book for a gift, well, partly yes and partly no at the same time, there are a lot of gift ideas to give a  book lover. And just like the others, we too, can enjoy gifts and presents with or without occasion. One thing’s for sure though, the best gifts don’t come from stores , they come from the heart and thus a testament of our care and appreciation. Here’s a series of list of inexpensive gifts for book lovers.


What is a book lover without a bookmark? Did you know that most 19th century bookmarks are only made in ribbons, leathers or woven silk? But by the 1800’s these materials became insufficient, that is why markers made of cardboards and hard paper came to rise and we still use them today. Book Markers are important to book worms to keep track of the progress of the books they are reading. This is the number one book lover essential gift idea. Inexpensive and best. There are numerous bookmarks available in the market more so online however, I strongly recommend DIY the bookmarks you intend to give as a gift, the more personalized the more it would be exceptional.

Literary Inspired Huge Mugs

Some of us may have the most unfortunate fate in our love life, sham! But for bookworms they got lucky to have two of the best pairs. Books and coffee. Books and coffee are the most perfect pair. They go extremely euphoric together. Because books need our focus and coffee helps us in that process and then with the combination of the two forces us to de-stress,  set-back. Huge mug plays a vital role in our moments of reading, the bigger the mug the better. We don’t want to cut that climactic moment just to have another pour.

That is why this is an exceptional bookworm gifts idea. Guys, this is no-brainer inexpensive gifts for book lovers. Let’s better make this extra-extra special.

Tote Bag

Another bookworm gift must-give. This literally has the criteria of our gift giving lists; simple, inexpensive and useful. All in one gift idea. Tote bags are simply made of canvas bags and with its blank design you can always DIY and express yourself and be creative in that space and just have with the design.. This ideal gift for readers is also encouraging the givers to have a personal touch to it.


The only way to mute the world around. Headphones, to pay less attention to the present and turn your attention to that world in front of you. Just like the coffee, there is something in music that just turns our focus to reading our books. Escape world for a while maybe? Aside from this favorite gift for readers, there is a best playlist to soothe and relax your mood while reading. There have been studies that show listening to music while reading improves your cognitive performance and more but the mere fact that we just enjoy the company of two in one sitting is enough to escape reality for a few minutes.

Book Journals

Aside from reading books, as bookworms contemplate on their reading, they also love to jot down their favorite line, lines that struck them or something relatable to them. Others include phrases, favorite quotes of the book, unfamiliar words and so on. Another bookworm gift must-have because there are a lot of benefits in keeping a journal. Giving a book lover a book journal is a beautiful reminder that you care about the life they live and it is worth recording.

LED Book Light

It is important to have a well-lit space for reading and to study to preserve our eyesight. One way of preventing eye strain and any other relative headaches. Another bookworm essential must-have and must-give to our fellow book lover. This is one of the many inexpensive gifts for booklovers, no more, no less. It is important to know the best positioning of the lamp to where you read to avoid pain in your eyes.


A woman shares imaginative stories and gifts – all from her big, old story blanket – in this charmingly illustrated tale of community, friendship, and kindness, an excerpt from the book “The Story Blanket” by Ferida Wolf and Harriet May Savitz. An exceptional example is that blankets make reading comfortable and relaxing. A perfect gift for readers.  I suggest placing it inside a tote bag with a literary design and may go together with a huge mug. An unconventional token to our dear readers so simple yet, so  so valuable all in one bag.


Aside from book markers to keep track of your book readings, highlighters also do the same job. There is something aesthetically pleasing with books with lots of colorful highlighted phrases and lines. Especially for a bookworm like me who likes to read back those exquisite lines that struck me the most. This one may go with the book journal, a good gift for readers.

Scented Candles

A one of a kind inexpensive gift for book lovers is a scented candle. A balanced scented candle will stimulate and do wonders for your mood and make you feel relaxed and ergonomic. There are a lot of choices in the market online or not, some are called book-scented candles, literally this scented candle smells like an old book and all that is made of it.

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