For Dad

Someone who believes that he did his purpose in life by donating his sperm is a father but someone who fights for his job everyday to give you food to eat, provide you home and clothes to wear is a dad.


He enters any kind of job like selling hamburgers, delivering pizza anywhere or digging holes just to make money. Dad gives us the lesson to value hard-work and contentment not because he’s looking for someone to help him in the garden but because he knows that laziness leads you to nowhere and you will end up blaming yourself for what you have become. He always puts in mind that he should raise you well and make you proud.

Thus, dad can’t always be our dearest friend. There’s a big difference between a dad and a father but despite that giving your dad or father a gift is a kind gesture to do. As we all know, dad finds it hard to look for the things they want to have because, unlike moms’ dads, they are usually busy doing any other things.

By that you can give him the things he always uses like perfumes, watch, fishing, keychain, tool box and any other things that can be useful for him. But take note, research has shown that two-fifths of dads feel that spending quality time with their families on a holiday is worth far more than a wrapped gift, sporting event ticket, or new fashion accessory. Also, men, in general, and fathers in particular, do not like surprises. Additionally, they would prefer a handmade card or a cheap coffee date.

They value shared time more than material possessions. Thus, choosing the best gift for dad is an interesting and challenging thing to do, right? Choose your gift wisely.

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