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Receiving and Gift giving is a powerful bearer of joy and happiness. The purpose is to let everyone know we appreciate them, we are grateful for them. To give a gift to everyone is releasing happy-boosting hormones in our body and can improve our mood and nourishes our relationship with everyone around us.

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The evolution of the world has also influenced gift giving which has a lot of benefits in the human body physically and emotionally and even mentally. There are a lot of additions in the kind of gift giving for everyone to enjoy and experience, aside from the traditional gifts, these additions have transpired because of innovations and the added new technology that is always upgrading in our modern world. Even with the new kinds of gift giving, rest assured everything is an exceptional gift for everyone.

The trendsetters have made an impact on the people and even influence them to change the way they live their life in the present, this is also happening in the tradition of gift giving where people can think out of the box and create their most unique way in gift giving while the rest will improve it and the trend goes on. Who can think that we can even give gift subscriptions whether it is a food subscription, drinks or movie subscription or even music streaming subscription, all these can be a gift. Subscription Gifting is a form of gift in which the giver will pay a subscription (any kind, movie, music so on) for the receiver in a period of time. This kind of gift has become a trend since music and movie streaming have also gone viral during and after the pandemic and since then subscription gift gifting has become a practical gift for everyone.

There are a lot of reasons why personalized gifting is a tearjerker to everyone and is considered the perfect gift for everyone who receives this kind of gift. There’s a magical effect that a personalized gift has that can make our receiver happier and emotional at the same time. One of the reasons may be because of the personal touch and the effort of the giver to acquire such a gift only for their special someone.

They say, experience is the best gift of all, it breaks the routine, does not take up space, creates eternal memories and definitely gives us happiness. Also, experience gifting can help us reduce stress, unwind and take a break from all of our day’s role. It is highly recommended since time and attention are two of the most important things we want to have from our family and friends. Therefore, we conclude that experience gifting is the perfect gift for everyone and it is highly suggested that we should all try this kind of gift, afterall, first time experiences creates unforgettable memories.

Another trendsetter in gift giving is monetary gifting. If you are saving yourself from all the dilemmas of finding a perfect gift, then a cash gift is a resolution. Would you believe that cash is the most welcomed gift? Well, yes, considering it is cash. Also, it is giving the receiver the freedom to choose or purchase whatever they want. But before considering this gifting to our loved ones better yet know the pros and cons, this is risky when cash is already involved. Either way we might as well reckon that cash gifting is a practical gift for everyone.

We also like to include giving a service as a gift. This is another alternative for a gift instead of buying objects. Some would consider this as part of experience gifting but it is totally different, from the goal to the definition of it. The intention for this gift is to save the person from their daily routines or their jobs for a day or a week or a period of time depending on you. Another perfect and practical gift for everyone. Being a gasoline attendant for a day to substitute your sibling for a day, for them to enjoy the day without working but enjoying somewhere for their birthday gift is one example and the suggestion list goes on. Or just being at home and spending time with your family and friends and being of service to them for a day is another gift idea for service. Sounds fun? Or does it sound boring? It’s up to you how you will make this as fun and wild as it can be for a gift of service is another language of love so make everybody see.

Sharing and donating are another form of gifts for everybody. Showering some people of your blessings eventually is a supreme form of gifting. Imagine the blessings of sevenfold when you share your abundance to everyone, especially to the people who cannot give back to you. That should bring good karma and happiness that is beyond eternity. May God Bless your heart!

There are a lot of ways to make everyone happy. Kindness is given, you only need to do your part to extend the gesture. Gifting is an instrument to share your blessings to other people, make it worthwhile and do whatever you can to practice this so you can find happiness within yourself. At the end of the day, always remember that the best gift is given with a sincere heart.

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