For Her

Women. Queens. Princess. That’s what they always are.

There is no amount of gifts that can fathom a woman’s role in our society and especially in our family. Finding the phenomenal gifts for her can be reckoned with of course our little efforts to make them feel special. For women, it has nothing to do with price tags. As long as she knew, you made it, bought it, especially for her then her heart will melt. Gifts and efforts are tearjerkers for women. Let’s make ‘em flow those happy tears.

Chocolates, flowers, jewelry are common gifts we love to give to women, add in perfume to complete the list but the truth is women will love whatever you hand them for a gift. These may be overrated gifts but for women they are in fact spelled as l-o-v-e. To her there’s nothing that you would not give that is not special, so better innovate and improve your choices, she deserves it!

We got to do everything we can to let her know she is so much loved. Consider these tips to get the right gifts for her. Pay attention to her, every little thing about what she likes, what she dislikes, notice her size from head to toe, her favorite color, favorite flower, her choice between silver and gold, her birthstone and et cetera. You even might surprise her with these little things. Buy her a gift that has a story behind it, especially when it comes to the small details and special dates within your relationship with her. She finds it so foot-raising when you do remember without her reminding you. Look for interesting things that will interest her, an heirloom, for example, a preloved item from your grandmother or mother or sister, she would love to have something from your family that makes her feel included. Or just trip down to memory lane and get the things you two used to eat, or drink or have, this will be heart melting for her.

Another gift for her idea is some personalized items. Women really love to have something with an emblem with her name on it or yours or a couple personalized gifts. This is her way to know that she connects with you, that she belongs to you or simply a part of you. A couple shirts, a pair of mugs, two wine glasses, personalized planners, calendars will surely delight her. Just Wow! There is a magical touch with a personalized gifting that will certainly cheer her up.

Acts of service is another gift especially for her that will make her heart sing. Cook for her, fix something for her, do the dishes, wash and fold the laundry basket and the unending list of household chores goes on, haha! Yep, serving her without her asking is a wow gift. Service, aside from gift giving, is another love language and being done effortlessly you will never notice the exhaustion of the work done. And she is happy!

Gift giving is a love language that nourishes every relationship. Its main goal is to make someone happy. And our women deserve to be happy for all of the obvious reasons we don’t need to mention. Women unlock gratitude through gifts. They have an easier time knowing they are appreciated because gifts are stress-free for them. Make some dinner or reservations, hire a sitter or an ice cream at the park or just simply let her take the night off, another simple gesture that will sweep her off of her feet you wouldn’t notice.

You should also consider the timing and presentation when giving your gifts for her. Sometimes the value of the gift doesn’t matter when the timing is close to perfection and the presentation is flawless. Even when you give her only a stem of rose but you organize a flash mob to give it to her will definitely make her go cray-cray and crazy too. Yes, the idea of perfect timing is to surprise her, in whatever gift you give her, just surprise her in your own creative ways. You can do it!

What’s good about gifts for her is that it’s nothing costly, most women appreciate gestures more than the figures of the items. She really is into, “it’s the thought that counts’. She doesn’t mind whether the item is cheap or luxurious, all that matters to her is how you got it for her and the story behind it, the simpler the better.

“I believe the best gift you could ever give a woman is your time.” – Ziad K. Abdelnour

Lastly, time is a very expensive thing for a woman. She needs it more than anyone in the world. Spending time with her is the ultimate gift for her that she cannot ask for anything else. So make time, take a vacation, a road trip or as simple as a movie night with her it does not matter where as long as she is spending time with you is what she needs. See? A penniless gesture of love, immeasurable!

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