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On: August 11, 2020

Useful Garden Tools Gift Ideas for your Plant-Lover Mom

Does your Mom love gardening? Gardening is an excellent hobby for older people as it stimulates them to be active. According to experts, gardening exposes them to a healthy dose of Vitamin D and aerobic exercise that benefits bones and the immune system. It also has mood-boosting benefits and has been known to reduce the risks of dementia. Tending to her thriving blooms or veggies can also combat loneliness. To fully show your appreciation, a gardening tool set for Mom will definitely make a well-thought present. With the number of tools set available nowadays, choosing the best one can be difficult and overwhelming. worry not, we have a round-up of the top picks to give you a head-start.

1. Kitchen Compost Bucket

This bucket is stainless-steel so no need to worry for any rust or stain, and has its perfect size for a kitchen of any size. To help minimize odors, it comes with an efficient carbon filter. Compost is best for mom’s garden because it can serve as an organic fertilizer for her plants.

compost bucket
garden hat

2. Reversible Bucket hat

Protecting mom’s skin from the sun while gardening is the thing that she neglects the most. As her kid, you won’t let your mom be sun-burned, right? Thus, giving her this bucket hat is one of the kindest things to do.

3. Plant/seed

Does your mom love to grow her own plant to have flowers in the vase? Give her a flowering plant or a seed to plant in her little garden which is a good activity not only during summer but also during rainy days.

wooden trellis

4. Trellis

Your mom loves climbing flowers like climates and is having a hard time beautifying it? Give her this trellis to let those climbers climb beautifully and make the plant bushy.

5. Butterfly Wind Chime

Wind chimes love to dance in the wind. As the wind blows, the sound that they produce is as pleasant as a bird singing. But nothing is more beautiful than a butterfly wind chime that is best for your mom’s garden. Not only that it produces a pleasing sound but also having a butterfly in our garden is a fascinating view.

wind chimes

6. Garden kneeler and Stool

 Wanted to be practical in giving gifts to mom? This kneeler and stool is just for you. This seat is good for comfortable sitting or kneeling for your mom working in her garden.

7. MOM Planter set

Moms love to fill their house with plants, no one can argue with that.This planter set is perfect for any houseplants, pretty little succulents or an air plant. Combining the three planters, a word MOM is produced which is really customized just for your mom.

planter set
garden tools

8. Garden tools set

One problem with gardening tools is that other people carelessly use them and don’t take good care of them or put them back where they found them. So as an answer for mom’s one problem, give her this garden tool set to let these tools have their own container to avoid getting misplaced.

9. Guardian Angel sculpture

Mom believes that getting someone watching her garden while she’s away gives her a peace of mind. You can either give her a garden fairy or gnome but, we all know it’s impossible so give her a guardian angel instead. 

guardian angel scuplture
cultivation tool

10. Weeding and Cultivation tool

Useful in removing weeds of mother’s plant to let them grow freely also used for cultivation of the soil for proper circulation of air in the soil.

11. Garden Hose

Leaking garden hoses are one of the problems of your mom’s garden?  Give her this expandable garden hose and she’ll be glad to stay in her garden all day.

garden hose
360 sprinkler

12. 360 sprinkler

Short and hard to use type of garden hose gives frustration to any gardener. Any gardener mom would want a 360 sprinkler to stop those frustrations of watering the plants.

13. Garden journal

Gardeners like to keep notes on how their plants and seeds performed, ideas for next year’s garden and their wish list for new plants and garden decor. Get mom this garden journal so she can keep all of her ideas in one place.

Garden journal
360 sprinkler

14. Garden shoes

Best for mom to bleed her feet while gardening, also protection for any mites. These are perfect garden shoes for early morning dew or if it has been raining and a little too wet outside to mess up her better shoes. The insoles are removable and your Mum can use her own insoles which is an added bonus. Whether she is working on the flower bed or back yard these garden shoes are easy to wear on and off and easy to clean.

15. Wood planter box with engraved name

If you’re looking for a personalized gardening gift for mom, this is perfect for moms who like to keep succulents or flowers on the porch or indoors. The planter is handcrafted from wood for which you have three 3 options to choose from: Walnut, Mahogany, or Pine painted timeless rustic style. The engraved wooden name plaque can be personalized to write “Mom”, “Mum”, “Mother” or any name you want.


16. Butterfly garden sets

If your mother enjoys nature as much as she enjoys gardening and wants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to her garden, this may be the perfect gift for her.

17. Indoor Herb Garden Starter kit

This kit has the essentials in growing herbs that could be indoor or outdoor. Indoor Herb Garden Kit comes with herbs like parsley, cilantro, thyme and also basil. These herbs can be planted in a small or big wood grow box or directly in the garden.

Garden gloves

18. Garden gloves

Prevent stabbing from rose thorns, but supple enough so that you can move your fingers easily. Being perfect for pruning roses, holly or pulling weeds, they can save you from the irritations which some people experience while gardening, because of allergies.

19. Miniature Garden Tools for Succulent

Mom loves succulents and any indoor plants? This is for her. This comes with tools best in planting or picking up prickly cactus or thorny rose bushes. The tools are in miniature sizes which is best for potted little plants.

Miniature garden tools
Hand pruner

20. Hand pruner

Pruning mom’s plant is one of the ways to make that certain plant look clean. Give her this hand pruner to avoid getting any weeds on her garden and also to always have a ready to use pruner on her kit.

21. Cut flower garden book

This book of Erin Benzakein provides useful guides and little tips for growing any flowers on different climates year-round. Also this book contains ideas to grow pretty flowers to make a stunning bouquet for your mom’s friends.

garden hod

22. Small Garden Hod

This can be a great addition to your mother’s gardening tools. Deep enough to hold quite a few vegetables. She will be able to rinse her harvested vegetables outside and bring them in the house in this beautiful garden hod.

23. Gardening Tote Bag

Works wonderfully well for keeping all small and medium-sized gardening tools and accessories in one place. It has snaps at both ends and middle to keep everything from falling out. It will save your Mom’s trips back and forth in the garden as she will be able to carry all the handy tools in one place.

tie dye tote bag
Cement planters

24. Cement Planters

Each pot comes with a draining hole in the bottom and a saucer to collect the water. Looks like old wood and are perfect for displaying potted plants & succulents.

25. Garden Jacket with Hoodie

This jacket comes treated with an insect shield and will provide your mom with invisible, odorless protection. It’s a better option than applying nasty bug repellent every time she goes outside.

Garden jacket with hoodie

”It’s better to give, than to receive” was one of the cliche things we can hear from our parents when we are still a kid. As children, we give our parents high grades and good manners that make them happy. A simple act can provide a good response. Mom’s are our very first teacher, friend, disciplinarian and everything, thus giving them something that they really love can make their heart and mind happy. Having a happy mom gives you a calm and peaceful mind.

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