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On: September 2, 2022

Creative and Helpful Gift Ideas for Artists

Artists have the most rich imagination and they have the greatest creativity in mind. Their masterpieces deserve more than a token of appreciation although we can always have a contingency plan if the budget is tight. Art is a very personal thing, and you can never go wrong with a gift of art.

The following are our gift ideas for artists. Not only for making them feel appreciated but also a way of showing them that their skill is monumental.

This is an all-in-one gift for artist who draw. This set contains all the neophyte artist needs to put into illustration their imagination. From pencils, pastels and watercolors are in this set to make that artistic vision flourish.

2. Portable Box Easel

Another gift ideas for artists must-have. Our dear beloved artist will surely adore this art essential because of its easy to carry, and multiple compartments that support a small canvass. It also has unfinished wood which is another opportunity for creativity.

3. Artsy Mug

We don’t want a sleepy artist, don’t we? Yep. We want our artist to be alive and enthusiastic. They deserve a high dosage of caffeine or else…Whomever we give this gift idea to, mugs will always be the best pick. A design that is related to their craft printed on that mug they will surely cherish. 

An inspirational guided drawing journal and excellent gift ideas for artists, there are a handful of ideas in this journal for them to practice their craft. This is not only a drawing journal but also a space for them to scribble their thoughts for their next inspiration for that work of art. Also, a 642 Places to Draw Journal is also available for another set of subjects for their drawings.

5. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring has a therapeutic effect to reduce anxiety. Artists also need a slow-down pace and coloring is one of their escapes. Also, coloring is one way of expressing oneself and that is why this one is another gift idea for artists.

6. Set of Vintage Drawing Tools

Well, let’s add a touch of vintage in this list. Tools that will help our artist friend make their drawings easy. Although these are considered drafting tools, in one way or another this can help a lot. Just thank me later.

7.Music Streaming Service

Something that will definitely make our artist friend jump on their feet when they receive this gift. Of course, who would not want music to be a part of this list? Just like coffee, music can help us focus. Concentrate and let that creativity just flow. One more thing, art and music go together is therapeutic too. Sending this playlist to our artist friend is the outstanding gift idea for artists.

8. A Box of Chocolates

Studies have shown that caffeine and chocolate can amplify concentration without increasing the adrenaline. Isn’t it sweet? Drawing while devouring those sweets. Studies also recommend dark chocolates due to the fact that they have high flavanol content which have higher memory and reaction time than that of white chocolate. By far, this is my favorite on the list.

9. Artwork Necklace

These one of a kind of gift ideas for artists are the ones that tantalize the hearts of an artist. The word jewelry may sound so extravagant but there are so many small artifacts that may substitute the jewel. A little bit of research may go a long way to find the most appropriate charm for our dear artsy friend.

10. Artworks for Artists

Save the best for last. There is an incomparable gift idea for artists to receive a piece of artwork from another masterpiece. A painting, a drawing, a sculpture or a literary artwork will always be precious to an artist. Quite pricey this token is yet to be most remembered.

It is very lovely to dedicate gifts to an artist, especially when you know they are the simplest people of all. The luxury of giving will be most treasured because you know that the recipient will truly cherish such a present.

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