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On: July 26, 2020

Best and Creative Gift Ideas for An artist Friend

An artist is a creative and hard-working person who creatively works ideas and paintings for their customers. So as a token of appreciation, you wanted to give him/her a gift that comes from the heart. Giving an artist something creative is a challenge. While that really requires a creative mind of yours, I have listed useful gift ideas just for your artist friend.

1. Professional Photo Session

Marketing is an integral part of earning money, your artist friend knows that. Help them boost and increase their income and customers by capturing some quality shots of the artist and the painting. Post it on any social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to attract more customers for your friend. Supporting one another will help him/her build confidence to oneself.

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2. Flexible Tripod

Help your artist friend capture the best angle of his/her masterpiece with the use of this flexible tripod. It is really obvious that good image quality is needed to catch the customer’s attention especially if posted on Instagram. Once it catches the people’s attention, many people will have interest in the painting.

3. Art Museum Membership

Museums are the best spot for your friend to think of new art pieces, be inspired and learn more about the world of art seen in the past, present and future. Also, museums help artists unwind and relax after a whole day or week of painting.

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4. Studio Storage

Oftentimes, artists are very busy in painting their masterpiece thus leaving their studio messy and untidy. With the help of this studio storage, your artist friend can have the sweetest relax he/she can have after painting because of this storage and also organizer.

5. A Music Streaming Service

Music is food for the soul which helps in revealing the creativity of each person. Your artist friend can find inspiration and will-power while listening to music that makes him/her paint more. Also, music gives peace, calmness, happiness or sadness to the person listening to it depending on the type of music he/she listens to.

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coloring book

6. Adult coloring books

Oftentimes, artists wanted to create something without the pressure or deadline and just want to express his/her feelings by coloring. This gift gives peace and stress relief that will help your artist friend get away from stress for a while and relax his/her mind a bit.

7. Artist Digital canvass

Digital canvass are more convenient to use and are portable that will help your artist friend paint anything and anywhere. This gives the artist the feeling of painting in a traditional yet modern day. This canvas is not only convenient to use but also handy and easy to carry.

high technology canvass
wooden easel

8. Folding French Easel

Provides the artist the practicality and portability of his/her canvass. This will help the artist feel comfortable while painting. This will give him/her the support he/she needs while doing his/her job.

9. Sketching wallet

This is composed of sketch pencils in any size and shade that will give the artist convenience in sketching any layout he/she wants.

sketch pencils
colorful socks

10. Artist socks

Socks that are as creative as that artist itself, is one of the most creative gifts you can give to him/her. Make him/her comfortable during winter by the help of these socks that provide warmth to his/her cold feet.

An artist is a type of person in which they are busy making creative art pieces to his/her customer. As a concerned friend, giving him/her a gift is really a kind thing to do. Giving something to an important person in your life doesn’t need to be that pricey but gifts should be well-planned and come from the bottom of your heart. Gifts represent the feelings you want to convey to a specific person thus, when you give a creative gift to a person this means that you want them to creatively succeed and live in his/her life.

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