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On: September 29, 2020

Minimalist and Safe Gift Ideas for Babies

Babies are the cutest and should be treasured members of the family. They are the one making any family member smile and laugh without doing something. Having a baby in the house will surely make those family problems just melt away. New born babies need the most cruelty free and safe to use gift ideas. In this blog, you can find the safest gifts for babies together with the Instagram accounts on where you can purchase them all.

  1. Leather mats – Babies who are growing fast enough will eventually crawl when they can. And of course, they need a whole lot of mats so that they can move freely and safely. If you are looking for a minimalist leather mat for babies, check out Gathre on Instagram, they have the most safe and minimalist leather mats for babies.
  2. Silicone baby bottles – If you know someone who is new of being a mom and doesn’t love to breastfeed her baby, then a silicone baby bottle is best for her. We all know that breastfeeding is the healthiest way for the baby to take in all the nutrients but some moms prefer to put their breast milk in a bottle. If you are looking for the minimalist baby bottle, check Comotomo on Instagram.
  3. Cradles – Babies love to sleep on the cradle especially if it is comfortable like Baby Bjorn’s product. We all wanted for the baby to sleep sweet and sound and thus having a perfect cradle is the answer to that. You cannot let a baby sleep on a bed, right?
  4. Baby car seats- Travelling makes super hassle with a baby in the car and not sitting on his seat properly and comfortably. Baby car sets are one of the few things you should consider in buying gifts for a baby. This will not only ensure the safety of the baby but also the safety of all the people inside the car. Head on to Clek for the minimalist and comfy car seat for babies.
  5. Baby Mobiles- Babies of any ages, really loves to have a mobile placed above his cribs. Baby mobiles could be something that sounds or just a bunch of stuff toys combined together to form a mobile. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best baby mobiles, check Pehr.
  6. Baby cribs- Having a perfect crib for a baby will surely make a mom’s life easier and sounder. Babies love to move (crawl) around specially on the day and they always need the mother’s attention. As a concerned friend who wants to give something useful, head on Oeuf on Instagram to have an idea on what the best baby crib looks like. We all want our friend mom to have the rest of the day not tiresome, right?
  7. Zip Footie Pajamas- Admit it or not, babies on a zip footie pajama will always be as cute as Winnie the Pooh in his jumpsuit. A zip footie pajama will not only make the cuteness show but also will protect the baby from catching colds because of the weather. But, let me warn you, this type of gift is not suitable during summer. If you want to find the best search Primary on IG.
  8. Sustainable wooden toys- We don’t want the baby in the house to play on plastic toys. If you are in search of a sustainable and eco-friendly baby toy like made of woods, try looking at Grimm’s on IG. I assure you can find the best.
  9. Bottle dryers- Pretty unique right? Bottle dryers are used to dry the baby bottles after use. We know it’s quite simple mind you, this is one of the most useful things needed for the aftercare of a silicone baby bottle. We don’t want babies to drink contaminated milk because of not properly dried milk bottles. Head on to Boon to get the latest model of this bottle dryers.
  10. Teether- Teething is one of the exciting milestones of any baby’s life. During this time, he/she tends to love biting on any things and is always taking something in his/her mouth. Teething can be fun with the use of this teether from LouLou Lollipop. Their teether is cute and colorful as the life of the baby and will give an impression to anyone who can see it that this thing is safe to bite, especially for babies. Teething is safe with the use of a safe teether.
  11. Nursery Furniture- We all wanted the baby’s nursery to look homey and beautiful, right? And the answer to that is the proper selection of nursery furniture. Nursery furniture doesn’t need to be that pricey but it should always be baby’s safe furniture. You can find the best baby furniture on Monte Design. Hurry, check out their furniture.
  12. Reusable Diaper- Sadly, all moms prefer using disposable diapers because they simply love to use it because it is convenient. But honestly speaking, wearing a disposable diaper can cause some complications to babies if not taking care of properly. If you want your friend to make a switch from disposable to reusable diaper, head on to Juniortribe.co. This will not only save some money but also save Mother Earth from plastic pollution. We do not want the baby to live in a world full of plastics, right? So, try influencing your friend to refuse single-use plastics like disposable diapers.
  13. Baby’s Beddings- Babies loves to sleep when the beddings are nice and super soft. And a baby with a sound sleep will surely give your friend the convenience throughout the day. If you are looking for the modern yet minimalist baby’s beddings, check out Babyletto. Also, it is important for a baby to sleep soundly because sleeping is part of his/her growing up routine.

You see, giving a gift doesn’t need to be that pricey. You just need to consider two things, firstly: the quality of the gift and next is if the gift is safe to use and also if this gift would be useful and practical for future use.

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