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On: September 2, 2022

Baby Gift Ideas that are Safe and Minimalists

And the arrival of newborn babies always calls for a celebration. And with celebration, it is by all means we need to visit malls and websites and check some best baby gift ideas. As minimalism is now a viral trend in social media, which are meaningful, useful and practical, let us check out these minimalist gifts for babies at the same time let us buy a safe baby gift for the newborn and the new parents.

Here is our collective list for baby gift ideas that are minimalist and safe. Most importantly, we should be responsible gift givers and consider this list.

1. Reusable Diapers

This can be a tiring and endless laundry routine beginning 0-12mos. But reusable diapers are the safest, especially for newborn infants. Our babies can be rashes and infection free when using these products and given that you are reusing them you are also being mindful of the environment. Also, best training before going potty because of the wetness they feel after they pee. They may be pricey on your first purchase but quality guaranteed.

2. Changing Pad Clutch

Trendy and Practical changing pad use especially for traveling. Take note new parents will change a lot of diapers that is why this one is guaranteed to be in our list. Foldable and safe, this should be the best baby gift idea. You will never go wrong with this pick. Grab one now!

3. Swaddle Up

Another baby gift idea must-give. One thing a newborn baby and new parents are starting to bond are the sleepless nights. Yes! We can all agree to this statement. Swaddling is an old practice wrapping infants in blankets to make them sound asleep especially at night. But swaddling can only be enjoyed in the first few months from birth and parents should stop swaddling when babies start rolling over, crawling, etc. Let us be mindful of the safety of our babies when it comes to swaddling.

4. Play Gyms

This baby gift idea must-have is a useful and safe baby gift. This non-toxic and minimalist gift is best for tummy time for the first few weeks of life and will be used as independent play time as they grow.

5. Lamp / Nightlight

Another must-have to new parents are Nightlights. This can help build a sleeping pattern of the newborn and can help lessen those sleepless nights. This provides enough brightness to change a diaper or feed the baby but is gentle and safe for blurry eyes. This is a great pick for safe baby gifts so go ahead and check out the best night light lamps that are minimalist and safe for babies.

6. Baby Carriers

This is one of my personal favorites. Baby wearing has  a special place in my heart. Maybe because of the thought that it strengthens the bond between baby and the parents. And I have been using a baby carrier (Ergo Baby Carrier) since my 1st born until now to my 3rd baby. And it’s all worth it. Baby wearing can be pretty glorious once you’ve nailed down the best baby carrier for your baby’s age and your own needs.

7. Silicone Made Teethers

Teething is the most awaited milestone of our babies and teethers can help them soothe that aching gums. Silicone teethers are non-toxic and are made of food grade which is compatible with food and is highly recommended by the FDA. That is why this is one of the best picks for baby gift ideas. Just make sure that teethers are not choking hazards which are quite dangerous to our babies.

8. Books

There are a lot of advantages to reading a book to babies. Reading books to babies is teaching them about communication, builds memory, vocabulary and listening skills. That is why books are the best baby gift ideas and the safest baby gift by far. Books should have simple, repetitive and familiar text and pictures that can help get their attention and focus on those colorful graphics and text. Reading books to babies can help stimulate and help their brain development grow. 

Now that our list has ended, this doesn’t mean you should buy all these or at least. We may have different ideas when it comes to baby gift ideas. What may have worked for me may not work for you. Go on and check your own list just make sure you will consider some guidelines when buying a gift for babies. Minimalist gifts for babies are teaching our kids to develop self-control and thinking about having fewer things, a more open schedule and less stress will help them a lot. What is best for our kids and babies should also be safe for them. Lastly, tender loving care are the best gifts of all times. This is the real thing and this is all that matters in the world especially to our babies. Every toy may keep their focus out on you but your presence and warm affection will make them the happiest in the world.

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