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On: June 25, 2020

Gifts to a Happier Relationship

Why do we need to give gifts? Giving gifts is one of the best ways we can do to express love and care for a specific person, without expecting something in return. Giving the right gift to someone you know and love – in this case, your boyfriend – is sure to brighten his day and make him feel special and loved. Finding the perfect gift is hard, thus the time you spent in searching that item as well as the thought you’ve put into it is an effort that adds to the value of the gift, making the receiver appreciate it more. Gift giving is also a way of showing gratitude or appreciation, which can help strengthen relationships including that of friendship.

You don’t have to wait for an occasion to give gifts or to express your love through gifts. You can also surprise your boyfriend with a gift on a random day, just to show him how happier your days have been with him by your side. Here are 25 gift ideas to make your boyfriend’s heart flutter in happiness.

1. Bluetooth Earphones

If you feel that your boyfriend loves to listen to music, play video games or do workouts, then a pair of Bluetooth earphones is the one for him. Also, this can be useful when video calling with you. Because it’s wireless, it’s comfortable and convenient to wear.


2. Rubber Shoes

Does your boyfriend find joy in doing fitness activities like jogging or working out? A pair of rubber shoes would greatly be appreciated by a person who loves these kinds of activities. Among the many cool things about a pair of kicks is that it won’t only be useful in the gym. Because it usually is comfy, this flexible pair could be worn everywhere even when having a picnic in the countryside.


3. Tank Tops & Swimming Trunks

In order to look and remain cool during summer, your boyfriend needs tank tops and swimming trunks. Summer is the time of the year where everyone’s going to the beach or going outdoors to tan and show off their toned and sculpted muscles.


4. Hydro Flask

Boyfriend’s fond of going to the gym? Then he might need this hydro flask to quench the thirst he would feel after every workout routine. Not only is the flask a good storage of cold water or protein shake, it is also good for storage of hot water for tea after a workout.

5. Coffee Maker

Coffee’s become a must to kick-start a day among most people, as it’s one way to wake the “sleeping cells” of the body. Give this coffee maker to your boyfriend, he’ll surely be glad and will even make a cup of coffee for you too.


6. Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are good for casual events. Help your partner look good on any event by giving him a polo shirt (with a nice print).

7. Boxer Shorts

Make your boyfriend feel more comfortable while at home by giving him some boxer shorts. These are also items that could keep him reminded of you as he would be wearing them every day. Get ones in cute prints and colors you would want to see him put on… and take off.

8. PlayStation

Does your boyfriend love to play games on PlayStations? Give this to him and he will surely be delighted to have such a thoughtful, loving and supportive girlfriend. Giving him the things he loves makes him love you more.

9. Netflix Whole Year Subscription

Want to have a bonding moment with your boyfriend while staying at his crib? Why don’t you give him a whole year subscription to Netflix to satisfy his movie cravings? Give it a try.

10. Duffel Bag

Rubber shoes and hydro flasks cannot be carried with your boyfriend’s bare hands, so give him a duffel bag for him to stuff his gym clothes, shoes and hydro flask in.

11. Gym Shorts

Boyfriend loves going to the gym? Going to the gym will never be complete without awesome gym shorts. Having a proper fitness outfit in doing workouts makes the workouts more enjoyable and comfortable. Pretty sure he will thank you later.

12. Sweatshirt

If you’ve considered giving your boyfriend gym shorts, why not go ahead and complete the gym outfit with some cool sweatshirts? Because you’ve picked the style, your boyfriend won’t only feel comfy in doing his routines, he is also certain he looks good. He could also opt to wear those sweatshirts for an awesome after-workout date with him.

13. Wrist Watch

Watches are one of men’s favorite accessories and these can be worn on different occasions. Give him a wristwatch that can be worn on any occasions and he’ll be delighted. Choosing the right watch to wear may be a burden for him so choose the wristwatch wisely, preferably one he can wear anytime, anywhere.

14. Basketball

Boyfriend’s an athletic type of person? Give him a basketball and he’ll definitely invite you to play with him. You’ll get to exercise and at the same time bond with your boyfriend.

15. Sneakers

They’re as popular as rubber shoes. However, sneakers are more preferable for casual dates and even as everyday shoes than their squeaky, sportier and “more heavily built” counterpart.

16. Bike Helmet

Boyfriend loves to ride a bike? Give him a bike helmet to protect his head from injury. You can also buy yours should you decide to join him.

17. Bike

You know your boyfriend loves to ride a bike. Why not give him a bike if he doesn’t have one yet? He would love it so much he would even use it as a transportation when he wants to see you.

18. Vape

Show your boyfriend how much you support his effort to quit cigarette smoking. As quitting right away is hard and the process may be slow, show him an alternative instead by giving him a vape. It’s not completely safe, but it’s less harmful than cigarettes. Eventually, he would no longer miss puffing from either cigarette or vape.

19. Bluetooth Speaker

Does your boyfriend love to listen to music while doing a routine? If he’s playing basketball, which is a sport that involves a lot of movement such as jumping, Bluetooth earphones may not be advisable. Give him a Bluetooth speaker instead.

20. Electric Guitar

This would surely please your boyfriend who loves music and wants to learn how to play electric guitar. Give him some more motivation by asking him to write a song for you.

21. Personalized Coffee Mug

Coffee is so popular these days, mostly everyone you know would hang out at a coffee shop. If your man loves coffee almost as much as he loves you, then surprise him with a personalized coffee mug. The added personal touch to his new mug would bring a smile to his face before he takes a sip on his favorite drink, with you on his mind.

22. Wallet

Everybody needs that perfect wallet that’s easy to take around. Give him a cool, sturdy wallet to stash his cash, IDs and even your picture in.

23. Personalized Keychain For His Car Key

Make him remember you while driving and wherever he goes. Get him a personalized keychain for his car key.

24. Portable Power Bank

As most people now have become more attached to or more dependent on their gadgets, taking and using these things wherever they go, a portable power bank is one of the most sensible items to give. There will always come a time wherein your boyfriend phone would run out of battery and he would greatly appreciate it if he has a portable power bank with him to charge his gadget on and to stay connected with you.

25. Personalized Sock Sets

Personalizing has become the trend, so give him something he can always wear with your chosen prints. You can put initials, first name or his favorite basketball player on a sock set, for example.

Gift giving is one of the simple gestures of appreciation. Giving gifts to your boyfriend is a reminder that you care and love him. All relationships are unique, we all know that, but no one can deny the positive effect of giving gifts in helping strengthen your connection and bond. The longer the time you get to discover your boyfriend’s likes and dislikes, the better gift you can give to him, which would show him the amount of effort exerted. Giving gifts doesn’t need to be expensive, however it would be more meaningful when planned carefully and when it comes from the heart.

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