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On: August 13, 2020

Golden and Personalized Gift ideas for Golden Wedding Anniversary

When we hear the word “gold”, the first thing that comes to our mind are the words “precious and well-preserved”. When a couple celebrates its golden anniversary this means that their relationship is precious and well-preserved, right? The couple have surpassed all the ups and downs of the marriage world. They have already known each other’s bright, as well as dark side. Golden anniversaries are coined with the gifts that come in gold. Because as well all know golden materials provide the impressions of being expensive yet a beauty. Having a hard time looking for the best and useful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your parents? Worry no more, we have listed that best just for you.

1. Golden Hand painted Coffee Mugs

Make the morning coffee cozy by giving this gold painted coffee mug. Coffee is one of the best things in the morning that can also wake our “sleeping cells” up. Give this to the couple so that they can enjoy coffee with a touch of gold.

golden mug
tea cup

2. Personalized Tea cup

We all know that oldies love to drink tea everyday for they know how beneficial tea is for their body. Give this personalized tea cup to them and they will surely have a cup of tea happily.

3. Glass frame

Collage all of your parent’s photos from their first anniversary up to their 50th anniversary and frame it using this glass frame. This will give them a reminder of the moments they shared together in their 50 years of being together. Nothing is more memorable than a set of photos collage together that will create all sorts of emotions.

golden frame
knitted blanket

4. Arm-knitted throw blanket

If you want to make a huge effort and provide warmth to your parents, this arm-knitted throw blanket will be the best choice. Choice the perfect color for both of them and knit it by yourself to show effort.

5. Custom necklace

Gifts that hold personal meaning like this necklace are the most treasured one. You can give each of your parents a keepsake that reminds of how happy their relationship is. Make sure to choose their favorite for their wedding day and use it to personalize this necklace.

gold necklace
glass vases

6. Glass vase

For a flower-lover mother that loves to put fresh flowers on her vase, this glass vase is the best choice. You can add personal details like how long they have been married to make mom smile while putting fresh flowers.

6. Chic gold-dipped candlestick

Best for the elegant anniversary dinner for your parents. The touch of gold incorporates the golden celebration of your parent’s anniversary. Display them together with an elegant table décor with their favorite meal on the side.

gold candlestick
photo album

8. Photobook

The best part of being together for a long time is having a bunch of photos together. Surprise both of them in their golden anniversary with this photo book that contains the collection of their candid or serious photos. Photobooks are best to make them remember all of their memories together.

8. Custom Plate

Update your parent’s table setting by this custom plate that is personalized by a picture of them on their wedding day. Mom will be very excited to serve this plate to her visitors during family dinner or on any occasions.

blue plate
sunflower painting

10. Painting

You can never go wrong with an idea of painting one of the best moments of your parents, their wedding day. Your parent’s wedding photo on the wall may be a little bit old, why not replace it. Put an artsy effect on their wall by placing this painting. Also, you may paint it by yourself or by a well-known artist.

50 years of being together is a milestone for all of the people who are in-relationship. You parent’s must know the differences between each other’s personalities. Thus, giving them something special on this special day that will definitely make them remember the things that they have been through throughout their relationship is one of the best things they can receive. Parents love to receive something from their children. It could be in kind or in cash but never forget that presence is the best gift of all. So, never forget to be present on this special day of their relationship.

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