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On: July 30, 2020

Best and Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas for your Friend

Moving into a new place and new house is quite an exciting milestone in someone’s life, agree? There’s that excitement of beautifying your own place. But, beware the whole moving process might be stressful and a thoughtful housewarming gift is a kind gesture to welcome someone. Finding the perfect gift might be really tricky. You wanted to choose the most aesthetically pleasing gift idea that should be useful in many ways. But don’t worry. We’ve got you. We have listed the most stylish and thoughtful gift idea that you can give to everyone who is just moving into their own house.

1. Funny Kitchen Towels

The only thing that makes cleaning enjoyable is by using these kitchen towels printed with funny characters that will definitely make you never be lazy to clean the house.

colorful kitchen towels
wooden coasters

2. Personalized Wooden Coasters

A set of coasters that will definitely never be forgotten to use. Also, add some personal touches by personalizing it. You can add their surname or just a cure housewarming quotation that will definitely give the newly moved couple happiness.

3. Organic Kitchen Herb gardening kit

Of course, you can never be stressed out in plating some herbs in your backyard or just inside a container. This will also help the person, who is good in the kitchen, serves fresh herbs from her little garden.

herbs gardening kit
herbs in a jar

4. Mason Herb jar

To make those herbs still fresh even after many days of harvesting, place it inside a jar. This will definitely preserve the freshness of your herbs.

5. Personalized cutting board

Personalized gift ideas creates the feeling of being special for the receiver. You can engrave the cutting board with the family name or a handwritten recipe special for them.

cutting board
Himalayan salt table lamp

6. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This tabletop lamp is made from authentic Himalayan salt that will definitely give a dark room the pink glow.  Table lamps are best for anyone who wants to work late at night.

7. Potted Money tree

Money plant is not only best for indoor and pet-friendly but also it is believed that this will welcome many wealth and fortune to anyone who has this inside their homes. Plants also are the best decorations in any boring corner.

money tree

8. Custom Return Address Stamp

If they prefer handwritten rather than computerized letter cards, then give this personalized return address stamp that contains their address and names to give their envelope that unique look.

9. Measuring cups

If you know someone who really loves to bake, then this is best for him/her. A measuring cup is very useful especially in baking and also in cooking something delicious.

measuring cups

10. Floral Bouquet Diffuser

Keeps the house fragrant and fresh. If you want to eliminate those bad odors in your friend’s house then give this to them. This will not only make the house fragrant but also this will help the couple relax better.

11. Microwave Rice Cooker

If your friend forgot to buy this or didn’t receive any rice cooker during their wedding then this is the best gift. If you want to cook rice that instant, use this microwave rice cooker.

rice cooker
family name sign

12. Family Name Sign

Nothing is more special than putting a huge hand painted sign saying “Welcome home” on your wall with the last name of your friend under it. We’re sure they would be excited to hang it on the wall.

13. Metal Wine Rack

Drinking wine is one of the best things done during the evening. And hostesses must have a full stock of a variety of wine in their house. Give this to them and they will definitely invite you again.

metal wine rack
indoor plants

14. Any indoor plants

These plants are not only best in beautifying your house but also best in purifying the air inside. Give them any of the indoor plants namely peace lilies, pothos, spider plants and also philodendrons. Plants also relieves stress.

15. Coffee Maker

Of course, a sip of coffee makes that day happy. Give this coffee maker to them and they will surely be glad and invite you for a coffee time.

coffee maker

16. Blender

Anyone can make a healthy and delicious smoothie with the use of this blender. Being healthy doesn’t only need working out but also eating and drinking healthy foods.

17. "Hello, welcome" Mat

Welcoming someone must start from the door. Give this mat that says “Hello, welcome” and they will definitely be welcomed warmly.

welcome mat

18. Handmade Tassel-Detail basket

They can use this as a storage of extra pillows, toys or they could use this as a design basket for their indoor plant.

19. Personalize dinnerware Set

Dinnerware sets are the most basic gift anyone can give. But you can make it unique by placing a photo of your friends at the center of the plate. I’m sure they will definitely use this plate every day.

dinnerware set

20. Personalized Throw pillow

Nothing is cuter than placing the wedding photo or family name of your friend on the throw pillow. Personalized gift ideas are always the best.

21. Housewarming cakes & cookies

Giving something sweet on a housewarming means you wish happiness and sweetness on that couple. Regardless if you just buy it or you bake it your own, it will always be appreciated.

cakes and cookies

Moving to a new house may be exhausting yet creates the feeling of contentment. Whether you want to give a gift that is expensive to make them special or you wanted to buy a gift that is really thoughtful to ease their stress. Supporting them in their new journey is the best and kind gesture you can offer.

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