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On: September 3, 2022

Outstanding Education and Teaching Tools Must-Haves

Digital educational tools are the best way to improve teaching and learning efficiency. These tools will help you to be more proactive, efficient, and organized. In the advent of the internet and social media everything is a reach of hand especially to free information. Hence, as support to future generations we are likely to expose them to the digital world where various knowledge is available and free. Education Tools and Teaching tools have upgraded periodically so that the younger generation can actively access them and be able to apply it. Technology has changed the world in learning and teaching.

Check this A-List for up-to-date educational gadget must-have.

1. Canvas

An education tool that is a web-based management learning system that is used by students and teachers to get access to learning materials. This is the most-favorite of the majority of the teachers because it is very organized and student-teachers can definitely communicate and learn well.

2. Mentimeter and Slido

Another digital educational tool that helps teachers get feedback. Slido is used to ask questions and upvote others while Mentimeter is a tool where you can get real-time feedback on your questions. These two are great conversation starters.

3. Gimit

Is an educational platform where teachers can ask questions while the students can compete with each other through their answers.

4. Mural

A godsend tool for virtual collaboration. This tool enables the teachers, students and other contributors to participate in real-time. Write on those sticky and just organize, reorganize them whilst in a lecture. Can lessen boredom too.

Another helpful tool in learning is screencastify. This will let you record from your device and be able to view the lecture and make some more research or correct explanations. Also, it can be edited where you can finesse your video recording across multiple social media platforms for better video quality.

6. Padlet

This is a suitable tool for a class with a number of students in a session. It’s a digital pin board that allows the students and teachers to pin different sorts of images, text files, videos, links, and other resources. This type of digital tool promotes working together to brainstorm brilliant ideas.

7. Socrative

For the best interactional learning tool, by far, this one has good reviews. This tool enables the teachers to create a task, collaborative assignments where students can answer them through their gadget, may it be android phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Most importantly, teachers can view the results and they also personalize them.

8. Projeqt

Create multiple multimedia presentations, slides where you can embed maps, links, online quizzes and more. During lectures, teachers can also share learning materials which are also available in different devices.

9. Pixton

Can be used for students of all ages.This tool is best for a student/kid who loves to improve his or her visual thinking and creativity through drawing. With Pixton, your student/kid will be able to make great comics as part of his or her learning tool and amazing storyboards. Not only best in boosting your child’s imagination but also gives every lesson a fun twist.

10. Animoto

Suitable for students of all ages and a good resource for teachers. Using a video is one of the most interactive mediums of teaching nowadays. This tool helps you create understandable multimedia teaching materials by adding images and text easily to form an engaging video presentation.

Technology and digital world has a lot to offer to our generation of today. Like all of the other things in the world, these two also have their pros and cons, especially screen time has already made a lot of negative news among the kids lately. Hence, the guidance of both teachers and parents there will always be a guided usage of technology for the benefit of our children.

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