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On: July 14, 2020

Innovative Education Tools for your Innovative Kids

What are educational/instructional tools? Educational tools are a variety of materials that can be used in the classroom to support student learning, ranging from traditional ones to high tech options. These include blackboards, chalks, books, laboratory manuals, small or big posters, and useful Google tools.

Various digital educational tools were created to improve the learning process, and maintain the solid communication from parents or teachers to the students.

This blog will help you choose the best educational tool so your kid can learn meaningfully. Check out the savvy tools you can use below.

  1. Haiku Deck – Easy to use for teachers and suitable for students of all ages. This tool helps you conveniently discuss educational presentations even on your iPhone, iPad, and on the web by providing a wide range of  stock photos used in creating image-based slides. This tool can also be integrated in Google Classroom.
  2. Prezi – Also suitable for students of all ages. There are many ways to create interactive presentations that you can do in Prezi. This tool makes it convenient to produce effective, engaging, and persuasive presentations, which is better than PowerPoint. Using this kind of interactive tool effectively is one of the keys to get your child/student’s attention.
  3. Scratch – This tool is good for students from 8–16 years old. It’s a digital tool that lets the students create their own animations, games, stories, and more. Through Scratch, you are giving your student/kid a head start to discover and improve his or her creativity.
  4. Pixton – Can be used for students of all ages.This tool is best for a student/kid who loves to improve his or her visual thinking and creativity through drawing. With Pixton, your student/kid will be able to make great comics as part of his or her learning tool and amazing storyboards. Not only best in boosting your child’s imagination but also gives every lesson a fun twist.
  5. Animoto – Suitable for students of all ages and a good resource for teachers. Using a video is one of the most interactive mediums of teaching nowadays. This tool helps you create understandable multimedia teaching materials by adding images and text easily to form an engaging video presentation.
  6. Boomwriter – The best digital tool for collaborative writing and learning. Why? BoomWriter engages the students to create his or her character in a plot after a person, animal, mythical creature, or thing from a story he/she loves the most.
  7. Educreations – Suitable for educators and upper-class students. This tool is the best alternative to Explain Everything, and also serves as an interactive whiteboard for students. This app allows you to explain any topic or question in an engrossing manner, which means your students/kids will never be bored throughout the lesson. Also, through this app, students/kids can learn in a separate table because you’ll be able to check their outputs individually.
  8. Flipsnack – Boost the engagement level of your class by using Flipsnack. This app is used in creating easy digital flipbooks, which is perfect for creatively presenting projects in a class that works with PDF and JPG file formats. All you have to do is upload your images, write your information, and present it to the world. It’s as easy as that, and your presentation is already a good tool for teaching kids and students of all ages.
  9. Glogster – Best for your child/student who is a visual learner. Because of this app, you can create multimedia posters through combining single photos, brief text information, and video clips. This tool is also perfect for students and kids of all ages.
  10. Padlet – This is a suitable tool for a class with a number of students in a session. It’s a digital pinboard that allows the students and teachers to pin different sorts of images, text files, videos, links, and other resources.This type of digital tool promotes working together to brainstorm brilliant ideas.
  11. Voice Thread – This tool is best to practice your student’s language proficiency through speaking. This app records the student’s voice while storytelling. Through this app, a student can also hear his/her voice at the end of the presentation, which lets the student assess his/her performance and find ways to improve it.
  12. StoryJumper – An app that is best to enhance the writing and illustrating skills of students or children. The learning process is assisted by creating storybooks that will boost their imagination.
  13. Storybird – This tool motivates the students to read and write stories to inspire others to create their own write-ups too. Students can integrate some pictures to make the story more appealing and creative.
  14. Quizlet – This app uses flashcards and fun activities, like games, to learn a topic and assess themselves. Teachers can use this tool for children and students of all ages.
  15. Edmodo – An educational tool that is best for both parents and teachers. Edmodo provides a beneficial interactive digital classroom environment. With Edmodo, it’s convenient to create an interactive digital classroom wherein you can invite your students for the learning session, and even helps you send assignments and exercises digitally.
  16. Schoology – It’s a learning management system that is free to use. Schoology allows teachers to give daily assessments, distribute learning materials, and track his/her student’s progress. This system is better than Google Classroom because you can organize your content easily, put multimedia within the assignment description, and do more things as a teacher.
  17. Piktochart – This tool allows you to make visual materials like infographics, interactive presentations, and posters. Perfect for home assignments or other learning activities these days.
  18. Visme – This tool provides various types of infographics, presentations, report templates, and graphic resources to help understand sorts of data or assignments. You can insert interactive videos, make short animations, insert URL links, etc.
  19. TED-Ed – An educational platform that allows you to create interactive educational lessons for people who want to expand their knowledge and good ideas in a certain topic. This type of website allows you to access useful information for both teachers and students.
  20. Kahoot – A type of educational platform that is based on interactive questions and games. Teachers can easily create questionnaires, deliverable discussions, or surveys that complement academic lessons. This is one of the benefits of this platform, and you can get more as you explore Kahoot.

In the world we live in, the importance of using technology in education is undeniable. Interactive lessons are literally everywhere and kids adapt to it more than anyone else.

Digital classrooms are becoming more useful especially these days. Transformative teaching methods are also being used around the world. That is why using technological devices, like phones or laptops, are highly recommended.

We have already entered the digital age where technology and education go hand in hand as a result of the changing world. Using these advanced educational tools for kids can help you become an effective teacher/parent, which in turn will help your kid be an innovative and creative person too.

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