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On: July 20, 2020

Best and Useful Kitchen Tool Gift Ideas for your Foodie Mom

Moms are one of the favorite cooks we have encountered throughout our lives and also they always love cooking. Finding the best gift for the best person is a bit difficult. The eagerness of finding the best among the best gives you a hard time in choosing which one, right? For we all know mom deserves the best gift of all. Gifts for mom should be practical that she will use all the time and not that pricey material because when she knows that it is pricey, she might hesitate in accepting it.To assist you in finding the best kitchen tool gift idea for your best mom who finds joy in cooking, I’ve gathered the best kitchen gift ideas perfect for her.

1. Micro plane zester/grater

Baked goods are the best when added with the tasty little details such as that yummy cheese sprinkles on top of your cheesecakes.

carrot and cheese grater
kitchen set with pot, measuring spoon, cup and knives

2. 10 piece-kitchen set

This will help you (and your pots) cover no matter what you decide to make. Plus, these’ll make your mom’s kitchen look uniform and beautiful, something your mom will most definitely applaud.

3. Pot rack

So that you don’t have to panic over a cluttered kitchen when your family comes to visit. This will help your mom’s pots organize.

hanging pot rack
circle-shaped Belgian waffle-maker

4. Waffle maker

This will help you mom conveniently make some waffles for the family. You just need you to choose the right color for her to love.

5. Food huggers

Wanting to cut back plastic usage is the number one priority of your mom in cooking. These silicone huggers are best as a replacement of plastic wraps of lemons, cucumbers, onions and etc which makes the vegetables/fruits fresh even after cutting a portion of it.

cheeseboard with knife, cheese and grapes

6. Swivel cheeseboard with knife

A pile of red meats, cheese and crackers will look yummier once placed on this board. To make mom’s cooking convenient, this cheeseboard also contains a pocket that can hold all kinds of cheese knives.

7. Knife set

Knife sets give moms the convenience to chop any of the things she wants, hard or soft, which are the ingredients of her specialty.

set of knife and scissors in a wooden container
box full of recipes

8. Recipe card box

Everything else in her life might be digital, but your mom’s best-ever chocolate chip cookie recipe is better in print. Now, she can store all of her favorite breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes in one (adorable) place.

9. Sifter and scale machine

Even people who are new to baking will make a good and delicious pastry and cakes with the use of this sifter and scale machine. This will mix all the ingredients by its weight and not by its volume, thus making the measurement more precise.

kitchen weighing scale
wooden chopping board with knife and spices

10. Custom cutting board

Perfect for your mom who loves to chop her own condiments, this wooden cutting board can be engraved with your mom’s names.

11. Himalayan salt plate

This salt plate gives seasoned chefs a new way to present and cook veggies, meats, and other grilling staples. Made out of mineral salt, it’s best for holding temperature, so he can use it as a chilling plate for sushi or to cook meat on the BBQ.

block of himalayan salt
variety of jar with different tea powder

12. Tea tasting assortment

Green tea is just the beginning — and if she doesn’t believe you, give her this box of 10 tea varieties, ranging from white ginger pear to black currant. She’s bound to find a new favorite flavor.

13. Pan Stirrer with timer

Kitchen pans are one of mom’s best friends. This handy stirrer will help your mom’s pan scratch-free and also is good for recipes that require a lot of stirring.

5 blade herb scissor with spring onion

14. 5-blade herb scissors

Seasoned cooks know there’s nothing more flavorful and satisfying than fresh herbs. Aside from its benefit of faster chopping this also gives the user a hassle-free cutting of herbs.

15. River knife

Chopping up tasty pizza crust, fresh herbs or anything that can be cut inside the kitchen is the purpose of this knife. Also, its interesting shape gives a conversation a head start.

rolling pin for baking

16. Adjustable rolling pin

Perfectly thin cookies are made by this adjustable rolling pin. This rolling pin uses the slip-on rings that helps to flatten the dough and will make the pizza really delicious.

17. Instant pot

It’s one appliance that works as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer that you can also sauté in. What’s not to love? Your mom would love this!

instant pot with brown rice
manual pepper-grinder

18. Pepper grinder

Yes, you could get that novelty set, but these precise salt and pepper mills do a neat trick. Adjust the bottom dial to select an exact grain size, avoiding any over-seasoned surprises. Go give this to your mom and she will surely be excited. 

19. Avocado slicer

If avocado toast is your favorite breakfast, get this three-in-one tool that splits, pits and slices avocados for mom so that she can make something delicious for you. Genius.

avocado or egg slicer
antique butter churner

20. Butter churner

Breakfast is at its very best if you grab a freshly baked bread with a homemade butter spread all over. What can your mom say if she receives this kind of gift? Curious? Try giving this to her to know the answer.

21. Garlic roaster

Wanted to give your mom the idea of using fresh garlic on her recipe? Give this garlic toaster which makes a perfectly roasted and squeezed clove of garlic that is perfect for cooking.

clay garlic toaster
sizzling frying pan

22. Frying pan

Of course, you should never forget this because we all know mom will be excited if she hears you that you bought some frying pan for her. Use in frying any recipes which make the meal yummier.

23. Oven mitt

It’s important to remember an oven mitt, and equally important that said oven mitt is as stylish as the person using it like your mom. Also, to avoid any burns during baking.

Polka-dots printed oven mitt
large size oven

24. Oven

If your mom loves to bake then giving her an oven would be a good idea. She might invite you to bake some cookies with her.

25. Cook book

Displays the trendiest recipes that your mother can copy and makes a version of herself. This may be her basis on some of her new recipes.

Old cook book

No random person can cook better than Mom. Anyone would attest to that. Whether it is a simple yet delicious school lunch or snack or having the dinner of the decade, moms always got a way to make life in the kitchen easier. That’s why in return, giving her the best kitchen tool is really a reward. Giving her the best kitchen tools is really of big help for her to cook conveniently. Of course, we do not want our mom to be stressed out while cooking, right? So, choose wisely and happily.

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