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On: July 2, 2020
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Gifting Your Stay At Home Wife A Blog That Earns

With the situation the world is in right now, the times call for your ingenuity when it comes to earning some money. The pandemic has left businesses with no choice but to shift much – if not all – of their processes online to stay competitive, while those who fail to do so are faced with the threat of closure.

All of us are relying more and more on the internet, making it even more indispensable than it already is. With much of the world being stuck at home and with the situation making it hard for a lot of families to depend on just one source of income, people are looking for opportunities to monetize. Well, here’s one way to do just that while making someone very happy about it. Look at your sweet, gorgeous, loving, stay at home wife.

How She Can Help

Does your wife like writing or does she love posting on social media? Is she a stay at home wife? If yes, you don’t have to wait for the wife’s birthday or your anniversary. Go ahead and surprise your wife with something to put a bright smile on her already beautiful face. Giving her a blog that allows her to make money from home may just be the gift she would absolutely love!

mother and child with laptop - mom make money online It’s not only practical especially in the time of the pandemic, but blogging can be a convenient way to earn some money without having to leave home. Of course, it would also give your wife something to do, especially when that something happens to be an activity she loves doing, because let’s face it – spending most of your time at home can be very boring. By giving her a blog, she would have something to look forward to everyday and she can do it in her most convenient time.

It is true that you can set up a blog for free, but there’s a lot that you cannot do with it. You will be faced with limitations and you may get frustrated on how to bypass them, especially when you don’t have much knowledge and experience on how the internet works. Why not go to an expert to help you bring to life a professional blog where your wife can get paid to stay home?

Blogging is one of the awesome ideas for stay at home moms to make money, as it is one of those things she can do without having to leave the house and without having to take a full-time job. Not everyone can afford a nanny especially during the time of the pandemic. Thus, between preparing kids for school, putting them to sleep, changing diapers, wiping sticky, dirty fingers and runny noses, and putting away scattered toys, blogging is something she can do without having to sacrifice time with the kids. The potential to earn through this endeavor starts to be modest and admittedly, not everyone can succeed in it, but it’s worth the try and who knows, by over the course of a year this could become a major source of income? And what better time to start than when most of the world is at home, with lots of opportunities to stay tuned to her posts?


mom working at home with a laptop - mom make money onlineYou may be surprised to know that stay at home mom blogs make money. In fact, the number of bloggers has expanded over the years, and for good reason. You may have heard of microblogging and vlogging, which are preferred by influencers. Microblogging is restricted to up to 150 words, while vlogging is blogging through videos, mostly uploaded on Youtube. The type of blogging we are referring to, however, is the traditional yet flexible one, which generally doesn’t limit the number of words and which even allows her to post videos. Making money out of blogging is through affiliate marketing, ads publishers, and selling digital products, online courses and other digital services.

a. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways how to make money online. It is done by pointing readers to other people’s or company’s products or services and you get a commission for every sale that occurs. Your wife can choose a product she likes and let her readers know about it through her blog. She adds links of those products or services on her content and when her readers click them or make a purchase, she gets a percentage of the profit made.

A lot of bloggers begin with Amazon Associates, especially because the site itself sells millions of different products. Your wife can get up to 15% commission through Amazon, but that depends on the volume as well as the product type. Other affiliate programs that give the highest commission include HubSpot, AWeber, ConvertKit, Leadpages, GetResponse, SEMRush, Fiverr, Unbounce, Constant Contact and Typeform.

Starting an affiliate marketing can be pretty simple for your wife with these steps:

  1. Look for a product to advertise or promote and learn about.
  2. Search for the product’s affiliate program such as the Amazon affiliate program.
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program.
  4. Get a special link that lets the seller track those who click the link she shares on her blog.
  5. Make a blog post such as tutorials or reviews and insert the link in the content.

As one of the real ways to make money as a stay at home mom, how much will she get in affiliate marketing? It depends on the program, but she could earn a thousand dollars per year with almost up to 40 hours of monthly work if she has a big audience and great content. The more relevant the product or service is to her content, the better the chances for her to get her readers to click on the ad link and make a purchase. So it is important that she chooses a product that is closely associated to her content or her blog’s niche.

b. Her Own Online Store

She can do pretty much anything on her blog, including setting up an online store, which is one of the popular and good ideas for stay at home moms to make money. She can sell her crafts, delicacies and whatnots. If she has great skills or some expertise, she can showcase them on the blog and wait for a reader to contact her. She can offer coaching or consulting services. She can even sell or charge a fee for access to video tutorials, workshops or courses and even eBooks. She just has to be able to show she’s good at her chosen field or skills she’s highlighted on the blog.

c. Advertising Her Skills & Attracting Freelance Work

Another great thing about having a blog is that it is also a way of attracting freelance work. A keyword-rich blog can draw people seeking for specific services or products that she can offer. People doing a search on Google, for example, for things even as random as writing about baking cookies can be brought to her blog, if that is what her blog is focused on. She can also include a link to her blog in her “online resumes” posted on freelancing platforms such as Upwork. If she’s an expert on a certain topic, some members of the press may reach out to her to contribute or guest blog on their website.

d. Reviews & Sponsored Content

Your wife can get paid by trying new products and making a review out of it. There are businesses that pay users to use their products and services and share their experiences to others. It’s a form of advertising, and we know how powerful word of mouth can be especially from a trustworthy blogger with a lot of readers.

As for sponsored content, if she has a strong niche audience, some brands will approach her to offer sponsored post opportunities. They will pay her to write a post about their new products.

e. Adding Banner Adverts & Selling Newsletter Space

There are brands who buy banner advertising space on a blog, especially when the readers belong to the brands’ target market. Albeit they are mostly placed across the top of blog pages or on the sidebar, these banners can be placed anywhere on the blog. Your wife can get paid for every reader who clicks on the banner or for every one thousand “impressions” that the ad gets. She can start by creating an account with Google AdSense.

If her blog includes a newsletter with quite a long mailing list, some brands may consider to pay for advertising space or a mention.

f. Being A Part-Time Virtual Assistant

As a blogger, your wife will be her own uploader, publisher and scheduler of her blog’s content, making her no stranger to blog management, editing tasks, writing tasks, adding links, and creating graphics, among other things. Being a virtual assistant is another way of how to make money as a stay-at-home mom. She can use the blog to showcase her skills in blog management service if she is aiming for virtual assistant work, which is quite common among bloggers.

How do VAs get paid? Pay for virtual assistants can start from $3 per hour for a beginner and $7 per hour for experienced and expert. She can get paid through PayPal, Western Union and bank transfer, among others.


Deciding on the blog’s niche means your wife chooses what her blog is all about, the products she will want to promote, the frequency of her posting, and the ads she will want to feature. She chooses her type of audience. Is she into healthy living, parenting, cooking, marketing, or fashion? She decides on the niche she feels most confident and comfortable writing about. Niches that draw a lot of traffic and make money include sewing, parenting, health, lifestyle, money tips, and home décor.

Elegant Themes


Deciding a platform means she chooses where she will build the blog. The best blog sites that can help her make money include paid blog sites Wix.com, Squarespace, Weebly.com, Joomla.com, and WordPress.org, and free blog sites Blogger, Tumblr.com, Medium.com, WordPress.com, and Typepad.com. In selecting the platform, consider the monetization method she wants to use. The most popular one is WordPress.org, not only because of its free software and plugins that allow her to design a blog according to her style, but also because of its SEO plugins and analytical tools, among others. WordPress.org is great for ad revenue, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, and online store.

mom make money at home with childrenOther than the blogging platform, she also decides on a domain, which is the name of her blog site. She has to come up with a name that matches the niche she will be going for, but unique and catchy enough so that visitors can easily remember it. Once she has a domain, she also chooses a web hosting service provider, which will help her blog become viewable on the internet. She can have her pick from Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostinger, Cloudways, HostGator, and WP Engine.


With lots of blogs already available on the internet, she has to find a way to stand out. When choosing a design for her blog, she won’t only have to consider a look that suits her. She has to pick or come up with an eye-catching design to get noticed. A blog’s design is among the first things that visitors get to see. Once the blog’s look catches a visitor’s attention, they will start checking out the blog’s content. The more impressive her blog looks, the more visitors she can attract, the higher chances for her to get subscribers as well as social media shares.

a. A Theme That Makes Content The Star

She has to choose a theme that brings the focus to the content. It is through the content that she can make some money, so she has to pick a theme that makes it easy to read what she will be writing. She must also base her choice on how a theme can organize her content and how it can showcase the ads. If, for example, her blog will require videos and big pictures such as fashion or travel blogs, she has to consider that as well.

b. A Responsive Template

She has to make sure the template she chooses is responsive. Most people these days access the internet through their cellphones and tablets so choose a template that can easily switch to a mobile-friendly version.

Another thing to check is if the theme is compatible with every browser, as visitors will be coming to her blog through different browsers. She can check this by viewing the theme’s demo version on different browsers, if this detail is not provided on the theme’s description or information.

c. Customization

She won’t want to give her blog a design that looks like everyone else’s or a design that is already showcasing some other blog’s style. Ensure that the blog will reflect her own unique personality. Get a theme that is customizable, one that lets her change the colors, edit the font and upload the logo. The colors she chooses for the blog should match the logo colors.

Being the first thing that readers see, she will want to customize the header the most. She will want to put the logo, the menu, and even the promotional banner.

A good theme should also allow her to choose more than one layout. She should be able to edit the layout for each page. If she wants to move the side bars from left to right or create two sidebars, her chosen theme should allow her to do just that.

Good themes feature choices such as moving the side bars from right to left or even creating two sidebars. She should be able to edit the layout for each page of her blog. The theme she chooses should let her have more than one layout for her blog.

d. A Design That Fits Her Chosen Niche

She has to choose a design that matches her niche. She wouldn’t want to use a design meant for cooking for a blog that focuses on sports. So if a beautiful pre-made theme catches her attention but doesn’t look like the niche she is going for, and if she can’t find any theme she likes that will match the content, she can always create one of her own from scratch. While there are sites that offer ready-made themes for her blog, such as Envato Market and Elegant Themes, she can also ask recommendation from a WordPress expert. She may want to look in Fiverr for a reliable expert and even someone to setup her blog at a cheaper budget.

e. Base On Her Favorite Blogs

She can easily find hundreds of free and premium themes through her preferred search engine. If she wants a higher quality theme, however, she has to go for paid ones. If she has favorite blogs, she can base her theme choice on them.

f. It Must Be SEO-Friendly

An SEO-friendly blog will make it easier for her to get noticed by her chosen audience. To know if a theme is SEO-friendly, she has to check if the theme allows her to set the titles and descriptions for each of her blog post, if the theme includes headings, and if the theme supports other SEO plugins.


Now that her blog is ready, what does do now? For a blog that’s still starting out, here are a few things she can do:

  1. She can come up with a list of blog post ideas or topics she wants to write about. She can check this list later when she’s ready to write.
  2. She can get ideas from other blogs. Bloggers she idolizes are great sources. She can write her own version, basing on her own experiences.
  3. She can crowdsource. She may want to ask around for topics, and she can start with friends, colleagues or social media contacts. She will also want to check out forums and comment sections to see what readers belonging in her niche are most interested about.
  4. She can check out popular posts or find out what’s trending.
  5. She can write about her own experiences.
  6. She can get help. There may be times wherein even a stay at home wife can be busy, so she may want to consider hiring a writer through Fiverr to come up with post for her. As for images, she can get stock images at Stock Photos, Envato Elements and even modify one through Canva, which is also great to use when designing her own banners.


She already has her content, so now she has to increase her blog traffic to gain subscribers. She can’t just rely on the results of someone’s Google search to lead readers to her blog. She can start by posting about it through social media. What better way to start her readership through the people closest to her and who are her core support – her friends and family – who will then share her posts through their own social media account and get their own contacts to read her work.

She can also create social media pages or accounts for the blog and not forget to use the same logo and colors she uses on her blog. She can use these accounts to share new posts, as most people these days prefer to use social media to keep themselves updated. She can even tag specific people, including bloggers, influencers and even companies who are likely to share her content and get that content to reach more audience.

She will want to make herself known to other bloggers who are focused on topics similar as hers and who can guest blog on her site. These people are often supportive of those who blog in the same niche as they do. Letting them guest post means that her blog will get to be shared to their own readers. Bloggers often allot a links page or blogroll spot where they place the websites of friends and fellow bloggers. She can get herself included and in return, she also includes them in her own links page.


When bloggers begin making money, here are some of the popular and easily accessible payment options:

a. Paypal

This digital payment is a popular method to get local as well as international payments. Your wife just has to set up a Paypal email address.

Ever heard of this yet? It’s just like Paypal. Your wife can ask clients to pay through a link. In a day or two, she can transfer the money she earned to her bank account. Setting up an account is easy and if she uses a referral link, she can receive $25 when she gets her first payment.

c. Bank Transfer

A lot of businesses choose this option as it is the cheapest way to send payments.

d. Check

There are businesses that still rely on checks to pay bloggers. When there isn’t any other electronic option, this is definitely something she should consider.

Blogging is among real online jobs for a stay at home moms and one that can lead to great earnings as soon as your wife has built a strong online presence and become one of the most recognizable and trusted bloggers. Gaining attention for her blog is especially easy the more original, informative and entertaining she writes. Having a strong online following should be one of the main things she focuses on as it is how her blog will be making money.

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