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On: August 3, 2020

Creative and Useful Mug Gift Ideas for your Officemate

Customizing coffee mugs makes an excellent gift idea. But, come to think of it, using a plain mug is kind of a boring gift. And coffee mugs are one of the basic gifts that we can give to anyone, right? What if we tell you that a mug doesn’t have to be a mug? It can be a starting idea of something great. There are no limitations on what you can do, so why not customize it. To get your creative mind moving, here are the best ideas for you.

1. For the coffee lover

Place a wooden stir together with a favorite brew in the mug. Add some shredded paper to make it bulky and nicer. You can also add some coffee beans or milk powder inside.  Coffee lover officemates will definitely get his/her day moving and alive because of this.

coffee with marshmallows
tea in a mug

2. For the tea drinker

Add those tea biscuits, sugar and of course tea bags for those who love tea the most. Also, a mug full of fresh lemon, tea bags and honey are even more thoughtful for a person who is feeling under the weather.

3. For the hot cocoa drinker

Here’s a creative idea. Layer those hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and chocolate chips into a treat bag and place it inside the mug. Be sure to place a paper of brief instructions on how much hot water to add. A thoughtful gift especially in winter.

hot cocoa with marshmallows

4. For the chocolate lovers

For your sweet tooth officemate, place a treat bag full of chocolates into a mug. If your office-mate also loves eating candy, you can mix candy and chocolate too. Aside from chocolates, you can also add some sweet cookies or snack bars to satisfy him/her.

5. For the crafter

Working in the office might be very stressful and coloring or painting is a stress-relieving activity. For your crafter office mate, those colorful scrap-booking supplies, yarn and knitting needles, a cross- stitch kit, art materials like watercolors and paints and pens for doodling, can be a choice to be placed into the mug.  Fill a mug with the crafty items and your crafty office-mate will surely be glad to receive this.

knitting needle in a mug
pens in a mug

6. For the planner

Jobs and paperwork in the office requires a to-do-list in order to finish all of it in time. Put a small planner, a notepad or a sticky note and a pen inside a mug to help your officemate plan all his/her work ahead. Also, you are giving him/her a head start for an organize work. Planning your activities or works ahead will give you the efficient time to finish the work on time.

7. For the baker

I’m sure we all have that office-mate who loves to bake. Fill a mug with baker’s spatula, kitchen gadgets or a small cookbook. It’s a practical gift for a baker that also comes with a mug. I’m sure your office mate will be glad to bake some cakes or cookies for you.

wooden kitchenware
shopping gift card

8. For the shopper

According to a study, shopping is one of the best ways to release stress. Yes, I know that they almost have those expensive things that can be seen in malls but giving a mug with a shopping gift card will definitely make your shopper officemate bouncing of happiness.

9. For the soup lover

Soups are usually served inside a bowl, to make it unique why not placed into a mug. Not only that it is cute but also it is yummy. Surprise your soup lover office-mate with this. This is best given during winter to give your office mate the warmth of having a friend like you.

soup in a mug
cactus in a mug

10. For the plant-lover

Most office-workers don’t put any living things on their working tables, let us change this. Mugs are randomly used as a planter. Cactus plants or pothos plants are best in thriving even indoors. Place a cactus in a planter, which is the mug, let it grow and then give it to your office mate. Plants are believed to eliminate stress.

11. For the movie addict

Watching movies is one of the ways to release some stress.  A perfect idea to surprise your movie addict office-mate is to place a movie ticket inside a mug. A creative way to surprise someone on his/her “me-time”. Don’t forget the treats! Coffee mugs are also best in holding popcorn.

movie ticket and popcorn
noodles in a mug

12. For the office-survivor

For your officemate who survives working in the office all day and practically lives inside the company. Place a hand-sanitizer, earphones, noodles, toothpaste, toothbrush or shampoo bars inside the mug. These items are the essentials if you sleep not in your house. This will definitely move him/her.

Any kind of way will do to give those mugs as a gift to your office mates, just be creative and innovative. Mugs are best to be given to anyone but what makes it more pleasing is the creativity of turning those plain mugs into something else. Anyhow, gifts are way better if they are planned and made with efforts.

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