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Top Mug Gift Ideas, Charming and Conventional Best of 2022

Mugs gift ideas are a witty, useful gift idea. But the choices can be overwhelming. You can opt for ready-made creative gift mugs and wrap a special wrapper with it or go ahead and customize to make it more personal. Mugs have transformed exquisitely from wood to animal skull way back from the Neolithic Era. Then came the ceramic made mugs which became popular in the mid 1970’s up to this generation. Creative gift mugs are perfect for any occasion or we might say even for just a simple gathering

1.Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Made Coffee Mugs will always be the best choice to sip with the best flavors. Being exceptional with both hot and cold beverages. This Mug Gift Idea is not only conventional but also eco friendly. Because it has a neutral material your tea and coffee will have the luscious taste in the world. Go and be creative with your mugs. Print them with your loved ones name or a motivational line with it.

2. Glass Coffee Mugs

These are trendy coffee mugs and aesthetically pleasing. They have the almost the Same features as that of the ceramic coffee mugs but alas these lovelies can easily be stained despite being pretty in the eyes. But who cares? If you feel this is the best mug gift idea then go ahead. Might as well add some black coffee and a creamer for a complete package.

3. Stainless Steel Mugs

This one is perfect for outdoor use and cold drinks. It is lightweight, durable and multipurpose. Although it cannot be reheated using a microwave, it is still a wonderful gift idea.

4. Melamine Coffee Mugs

One of the most common coffee mugs in the market is the melamine coffee mugs because of its durability and can stand up for multiple usage and still can look great. Melamine Coffee Mugs are shatter resistant and safe to wash. Durability wise we can depend on melamine wares but it is not recommended to use in a microwave. If you know what kind of useful gift ideas to buy for your loved one then you do not have to worry about the cons.

5. China Coffee Cups

Another useful gift ideas that is easy to clean and less prone to staining. White bone china mug are best to keep in the flavors of the beverages. May be lightweight than that of ceramic mugs and is definitely one of the best mug gift ideas.

6. Stoneware Coffee Mugs

This can warm your hot beverages much longer. This is hand crafted and made with so much passion and love. You have to pre order these lovelies to make it more personalized. Microwave and oven safe and also easy to clean. Check out stoneware coffee mugs available online and choose the one perfect that is best for the one you love.

7. Travel Mugs

Because it has a spill-proof lid it is also known as auto mugs or commuter mugs. It is safe to go-around the city with this useful gift idea. A highly recommended brand is Yeti Rambler, it has a 6hour heat retention and has the ease of cleaning, also, it is shatter resistant and double wall vacuum insulation.

8. Tumblers

These are the most trendy and popular nowadays. They come in lightweight and versatility wise. They are even the most in demand promotional giveaways because it is subtle, nicely-designed and handy. Most of the people on the go always bring with them tumblers regardless of the temperature of their beverages because of its spill proof lid.

9. Demitasse /Espresso Cups

With espresso being the trending hot beverage lately, these cups have emerged in the market, too. This is best fit for coffee drinkers and espresso machine users. Just another giveaway to your dear friend who can be a coffee lover at the same time. Coffee time will never be the same when shared with our special ones.

10. Beer Mugs

Because of its thick glass walls it helps insulate the beer to always keep it cold. The thicker the glass walls the better.  Also known as the Stein Mugs, some are just satisfied holding a thick, heavy beer mug with their hands. Who would’ve thought beers in a mug!

11. Eco Friendly Mugs

We will also include Zero Waste Mug Gift Ideas. There are already a lot of choices in the market, especially online when there are active organizations starting to push the sustainable living movement. Who else doesn’t want to save the world? Get this now!

12. Enamel Coffee Mugs

Enamels are sometimes made by casting iron or steel. Just like the stainless steel coffee mugs they are also best in outdoor use because they are durable and shatter proof and there are a whole lot of reasons why we should opt for an enamel coffee mug.]

Be creative with your mug gifts. You can add these to your package or basket before wrapping: 

  • Coffee beans, creamer
  • Tea, sugar, biscuits
  • Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows
  • Chocolate
  • Some art supplies
  • Love Letter
  • …and a whole lot more choices.

A little personal touch to your gifts will certainly make your recipient giggle for happiness. Just a little reminder now that we know some of the pros and cons of these mug ideas, know your receiver more, it might just be a mug but to give it with the intent to remind them that you care for them are just as important.

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