Having something to be celebrated annually is quite an exciting moment every year of our life. Anniversaries are an important part of life because it is a reminder for us of some important events.

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October 7, 2020

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October 3, 2020

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September 24, 2020

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September 18, 2020

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This could set a reminder on someone’s birthday, a death of a family member or someone important and the union of vows or wedding day (church or civil). It also gives a chance to any relationship to reflect on their relationship or to reunite some family members just to commemorate a person who is already dead.

Regardless of what anniversary was celebrated, it gives us the freedom and chance to reminisce and take a look back on the years since the event or tragedy happened and reflect on how that certain moment changed and shaped us. They say, your past will shape your future which gives us the idea to never be afraid to look back and cherish the experiences you have faced.

We celebrate wedding anniversaries to commemorate the date you said “I do” to your partner for a lifetime. Some celebrated shop opening anniversaries for their store’s successful operation throughout the whole year. Other people celebrate anniversaries with their boyfriend/girlfriend to remember the time when the girl opens her heart for that same guy. Some celebrate the Founding Anniversary of a city/town to celebrate the date the city/town found. But anniversaries aren’t always about celebration.

Most of us will have a day when we remember a friend or family member who’s dead, and no-one should feel embarrassed about feeling emotional or sad. Moreover, celebrating anniversaries comes with gift giving. Wedding anniversaries gift ideas include wine, wardrobe, cutleries, plates, blankets or anything that can be used in their home. Store opening anniversaries gift idea includes wine and other things that can be useful to the shop like doormats and cleaning materials. Death anniversaries don’t need to have something to give to the family, just the presence itself would mean a lot to them.

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