Baptism is a special milestone for new parents and their newborn baby. This is a religious way of welcoming a new born baby to the Christian world and to the society as well. Baptism gifts are customary on this occasion regardless of what to bring, it doesn’t matter, it's just the proper etiquette to be present and bringing a baptism gift is enough to show your love and support to the newborn baby and to the parents.

Did you know that there is a difference between christening and baptism? Yep, christening means the ceremony that is made for the newborn whereas baptism refers to one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic church..

The Christian tradition of giving presents to newborns stems from the Three Kings who made their first gift giving; Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense are the gems mentioned in the Bible that the Three Kings gave to baby Jesus at Christmas. Soon after, gift giving was practiced entirely and as Christianity spread and became more known to most people.

Jewelry, mementos and some religious characters are some of the well-known traditional christening gifts. Pearls, bracelets and pins are some famous baptism gifts which signifies love and protection from their godparents and parents. While modern christening gifts include toys, cash gifts too depending on you. In giving out baptism gifts, please also consider that you can go to personalized gifts as baptism gifts, where you can engrave the newborn’s name to it and make it a lifetime gift for the baby.

We can mention a thousand more baptism gifts but let practicality take over in purchasing presents. This is to make sure that both your intention and purpose go together. Yep, it’s like hitting two birds in one stone, haha! A cliché indeed. It’s a good choice when your gift is useful, it will make them think how thoughtful you are to be able to gift them with something that can help them ease the stress of taking care of a newborn and staying sane after a tiresome day and sleepless night. Diaper changes have no schedule and feeding should be done on the clock. Imagine the crisis how parenting brings. Fortunately, the little human will make days shorter and after a few set-backs you will realize it’s their first birthday already. That’s how a baby can change your life in a snap.

Did we mention you can also give a gift to new parents? Well, we have mentioned it earlier but we think we need to expound it even more. Dropping off food, offering to run errands, and doing some night shifts are some of the best ideas to help out new parents for their newborn. Of course they needed help, a cute baby needs a village to look after them day and night. When they are born, they tend to really steal our human joys, haha! Please admit it, even with the support, those little humans get a hold of our lives already.

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