Father’s Day

Another family foundation that deserved to be acknowledged is our fathers. Everybody seems to think that he is not the highlight of the household because of some fathers presence in the family; however, he is a rockstar in providing both the material and emotional needs of the family, not to mention his share of sacrifices and struggles to build his family all the way through. No wonder we should shower the man with the phenomenal father’s day gifts as he is as deserving as he should be. Motherhood would never be easier without his support, service and care.

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Father’s are the bearers of the most responsibility in our family. Fatherhood has an equally overwhelming responsibility as that with motherhood. His focus matters in giving a quality of support to the family and their needs, protection from harm and danger. Just like motherhood, fathers need to know we value and appreciate them. Let us make sure that in one way or another he feels the same weight of love and care we give him as that to our mothers. It is unjust to compare their roles since both have different contributions in the upbringing of children and to the welfare of the family. Aside from a provider, he is also one of the pillars of our development especially in discipline and in molding us into one responsible and caring human being. Some fathers even sacrifice their presence to ensure that he will fully abide by his role for the family as a whole.

Father’s day gift ideas are simple to find and convenient too. Hardware’s, Auto shops are some of the best places to go for Father’s day presents. But don’t get me wrong, our fathers need more than a chainsaw, screws or wrenches and pliers, he needs to feel that we see him wholly aside from his hardworking side. But while we are confused or hesitant as to what to give him, we can always go to something out of the ordinary gift idea, experience gifting for example, we share to them our time and attention which is essential to his inner being as a father. A share of memorable moments to cherish for the rest of our lives. Trekking with him, ATV rides, going and watching a live professional sports with him or Xboxing with him will be great options. Service gifting will also be a father’s gift idea too, like going to an auto shop with him, spending time with him while he is overhauling his car, going to carwash together or simply just be home and be his assistant handyman for a day. He will surely have the best time of his life while spending it with you. For parents, again, our time and attention will be their best gift ever.

Personalized gifts for our dads will also make them emotional, haha. Yep, dads shed happy tears too. Not that we noticed, but just try to hand them valuable things that has a personal mark in them, their last name perhaps, or you and your sibling’s names or his birthday or anything that will make that item a mark of his greatness will bring him to tears. It is often good to involve ourselves in choosing the best Father’s day presents, this way, we will be able to know more about our fathers likes and dislikes, wants and needs or knowing his weaknesses and strengths which is a good thing to strengthen our bonds with him and get our share of ourselves with him.

What’s the best asset of our fathers is that they do not care whether it is inexpensive, pricey or simple or glamorous perhaps, because all they want to have is something that comes from us, their children, that alone will certainly make his heart melt.

Parenthood comes in a big package with no manual. There is no right and wrong way in raising kids and in how they handle their little community. The little rascals that come with it will surely make their world upside down but their partnership and commitment in building their family to the best of their abilities and in any way they know how will be a reflection of success in the future.

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