Valentine's Day

People have different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Different cultures have developed their own traditions for this ceremony. Other countries believed that Valentine's Day is not only for lovers/couples but also for expressing appreciation and care to family members and friends. Children give candies and lollipops while others hug his/her friends.

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October 7, 2020

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October 3, 2020

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September 18, 2020

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September 9, 2020

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Valentine’s day is coined by the words “romantic love” and thus results in exchanging Valentine’s cards. Single or a bouquet of red roses are sent with a romantic note imbued in it. Couples spend time together like going on a dinner date, taking vacation or just simply staying at home and cooking their favorite food. Restaurants are offering Valentine’s Day buffet dinner and a venue full of symbols like red hearts and colorful flowers.

Another way for a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to spend their time in a luxury hotel in the countryside or in the city which gives the couple time to get away from stress and have some quality time. Another popular event during this day are marriage proposals because they believed that this is the perfect day to express their commitment.

Some Valentine’s day gifts include personalization like personalization mugs, couple shirts, bracelets, greeting cards, necklace, wallet, passport holder, and etc. Marriage proposals are done creatively like climbing on top of any mountain or dancing in the middle of nowhere (flashmob) and even doing it with a prank.

Above all, any methods can be used to get her sweetest “Yes” is just as romantic as Valentine’s Day is. Whatever the gift you wanted to give, could be a hug or a thing, what matters most is the sincerity in giving it to your partner, parent, friend or anyone who needed it.

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