Ahhh, Wedding day. It’s one of the most memorable day for a man and a woman. A celebration of union and commitment. A grandeur ceremony which needs a great amount of time to prepare from the bride and groom’s wardrobe to their reception and to everything in between from major to minor details should be almost near to perfection.

Marriage ceremonies are steeped in tradition. With so many cultures, traditions and religions you might be surprised to know that they are still practiced despite the advent of modern technology. Some have made a hybrid wedding which they incorporate the old traditional way to modern style celebration, others prefer to skip the traditional kind and proceed to the most simple and conventional wedding ceremony, regardless of these options, always know that marrying the love of our life and just enjoying the once in a lifetime celebration is all that matters, skip all the worries, savor the moment and celebrate!

To be very honest, we are not required to give wedding gifts to the newlyweds, in fact, giving them a gift depends on the level of our relationship to them, but in order to help them in their new journey as a couple, it will be a good etiquette to somehow hand over a  wedding present.

By saying that, wedding gifts like household items and any household gear are highly recommended. This is to make sure they know we are supporting, helping them in their new beginnings. Although there are a lot of customary practices in giving wedding gifts, all over the world traditional social practices are still being practiced but the rise of modern conventions has caused the trend to shift significantly. Despite these changes, people still believe that sending wedding presents is a nice gesture to the new couple.

One of the few changes in giving wedding gifts is to contribute to their cash fund instead of buying them bulky presents. These and more marriage gift ideas are welcome to help and show support to the newlyweds.

Marriage gift ideas are overflowing both in-store and online. Some believe that giving traditional wedding gifts are to bring good luck and more blessings to their marriage as they engage in a new beginning of life.

But do not limit your marriage gift ideas to something ideal, store bought and convenient to buy because personalized wedding gifts are also trending these days and are sometimes one of the cutest presents among any other gifts. Handmade gifts, DIY and handcrafted gifts are beginning to emerge because they are more inexpensive and easily accessible. These kinds of gifts bring more of sentimental value to the recipient because of the fact that they have extended extra effort for the  wedding gift.

Newlyweds, as they start in their journey living together, needs a lot of support not just

from their family and relatives but also from friends, they require hands to help especially when they are starting to move in. After the honeymoon season, couples will embark on the reality that everything will be shared not just the bed but also the decision-making and all the rollercoaster ride of life.

Wedding gifts will bring not only congratulations but also an acknowledgement that we will be present in this journey with them through thick and thin. So better yet as early as now, start to make a list of that marriage gift ideas to decide whether we go to modern style or the traditional style of giving wedding gifts to our favorite love teams.

Aside from these material things that we are talking about in this lengthy introduction, we can opt to also give them something that is untouchable but memorable, something unforgettable. An experience gift or a service day will also make our couple feel our love and support for them. These are gifts that will bear a memorable event in our couples lives, this is the kind of wedding gift that will truly make them relive every moment of it through the end of time.

Although we thought that everything can be a perfect wedding gift idea, we might as well, think again, because there are also gift ideas that are not recommended to give a newly wedded couple. Things like artwork, books about parenting, anything that can go rotten and many other things. That is why it is important to check sites like ours so you will only consider all the positive and good things.

Always remember that regardless of what we decide to give them, our friendship, our sincerity and our love and support will always matter. There is no amount in the price tag that can actually afford  that kind of gift which they will cherish till death do us all part.

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