Having a fancy party or a sparkling ring doesn't guarantee a successful marriage but understanding the underlying reasons why people get married can ensure couples of making the right choice for their special day.

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July 7, 2020

This article contains some amazing list of Wedding favors favorably for Wedding Ceremonies held during the trying time of Corona-Virus Pandemic. This contains the top 10 most affordable yet practical WEDDING favors for couples who are in a strict-budget!
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June 26, 2020

Are you one of those unfazed by the pandemic and would still want to have your wedding this year? Here are some wedding trends for you.
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June 21, 2020

This content imbues the top 10 most amazing and thoughtful gift ideas you could make and give to your couple friends whose wedding is coming this year! From the cheapest yet amazing up to the expensive yet worthwhile gift ideas!

People celebrate their marriage inside the church, by the beach, or on the hall. Nobody is required to buy anyone a wedding gift. However, it’s always a nice gesture and also an etiquette to atleast give one. Considering that you attended a celebration means you should always prepare something ahead. Wedding gift ideas include the things that the newly wed can use like a microwave oven that is good in baking cookies or snacks, you can also give them kitchenware like a frying pan, plates and etc.

Next, we can have personalized doormats and vacuum cleaners used in maintaining the cleanliness of their house. Or any gifts that would give great help as they enter a new journey as a married couple.

Gifts only came in things; you can also sponsor a place for their honeymoon so that they can save money. For their physical health, you can give them a treadmill or an elliptical machine, so that they can exercise at home. To keep their newly wed moments preserved, you can also give any cameras. Giving gifts to wedding guests is a tradition in most countries but what do you consider in giving gifts to your husband/wife? Because of the traditions we get from our ancestors, we had the idea on who to give gifts during weddings. For many years, brides and grooms are expected to give something to themselves after the wedding as a way of showing their love to each other, showing excitement and gratitude for their new journey as husband and wife.

Further, gift giving should not only be done by the visitors but also for the groom and wife to each other. A great way to express one’s best wish of a happy life together to a couple is to give a gift because it gives out indirect messages of love and care you have for them both!

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