Occasions When You Should Give A Gift

If you have someone you cherish, then you surely know the feeling of wanting to give the best of the world to them. Although you may not be able to give your loved one the world, you can still offer gifts that represent your feelings. Giving gifts is a way of showing how much you love them. The value of the present isn’t what measures your feelings; it’s the sentiment you’ve put into the gift. Moreover, if you match your present to the occasion, your recipient will be more than happy to give you a hug or a kiss.


A person’s birthday is one of the most important dates in their life. It is this day that family members and friends celebrate the day that the person has come to this world. You can send a birthday gift to a family member, a close friend, or a colleague you are on friendly terms with during their birthday. For a colleague whom you are not close, a card is a usual gift to give.

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Sending a gift to someone during Christmas is the same as participating in the festivities. Your office can host a ‘Secret Santa’ event wherein a person can receive a present from his or her secret Santa. Children can hang stockings in anticipation of the gifts that Santa Clause will give them. You can bring gifts for everyone during the Christmas family gathering, too.


If you are invited to join a wedding, bringing a gift is proper etiquette. Most newlyweds prefer it if your present will help them with starting a new home. Common wedding gifts include kitchen knives, glass and bowl sets, plates, and the likes. Of course, what truly matters to the newlyweds is that you’ve come to send your blessings as they tie the knot.

healthy sandwich
pan cakes


If you have someone you consider as your other half, then celebrating the day you two got together is a must. Anniversary gifts usually come in the form of flowers, balloons, and chocolates. Some people gift a dinner date to their partner during their anniversaries. Jewelry, scrapbooks, and clothes are other options to consider when gifting an anniversary present.

Father’s/Mother’s Day

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are the times of the year when you can honor your parent’s efforts in raising you. Giving them a gift to celebrate their hard work is a must. Pick out the things that your parents like when you want to gift them a present that they’ll love during these occasions.

There are many other events where it is appropriate to send a gift. What other occasions do you think you should bring a gift for someone? Share it with us!

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