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On: September 18, 2020
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One of A Kind Bouquet Gift Ideas that Does Not Involve Flower Arrangements

Bouquet of roses are one of the most basic gifts we give to anyone who is special to us. But what if the person receiving it is allergic to flowers or doesn’t like the presence of flowers in her arms, what would you do? We have the answer for you, try giving her a bouquet but without the involvement of those flower arrangements. I’m sure you have seen this around social media; this is one of the most trendy and unique ways to surprise your girl with a bouquet. But wait, are you having a hard time thinking on what to place on the bouquet? Worry no more! We have listed them for you!

  1. Carved Soap Bouquet – Having a good bar of body soaps when taking a bath gives a stress-relieving scent. This type of bouquet is made of soaps that are carved to form roses, pretty amazing and laborious right? This is best for your girl if she loves to smell soaps and also loves the scent of roses on soaps.
  2. Healthy Pickle Bouquet – Girls wanted to eat healthy and be healthy to maintain those lovely figures. For anyone who loves to eat healthy all the time even on holidays, this healthy pickle bouquet idea is perfect! Contains different varieties of vegetables and fruits that are combined and pickled together to create that yummy and healthy taste just for your loved ones. Being healthy doesn’t only means working out for many hours but also having a good diet and proper eating and portioning for food intake.
  3. Chocolates and Candies Bouquet – Almost all girls love the sweetness of chocolates or candies. For a sweet tooth lover that loves the smell of chocolates and candies. This type of bouquet contains the different brands, sizes and shapes of chocolates and candies that will surely satisfy the sweet cravings of your girl. But, be sure that you warned your girl about the effects of eating too much sweets.
  4. Make-up Bouquet – Putting make-up is one of the essential things girls do when going out. For anyone who loves to do their own make-up this make-up bouquet is perfect! This contains liquid foundation, matte concealer, blush, eye-shadow palettes, brow gel and different shades of lipsticks. I’m sure your girl will be smiling from ear to ear upon receiving this type of bouquet.
  5. Comic Books Bouquet – Reading books is one the best things to kill the time. If your girl loves to read comic books of any authors, then this is for her. This bouquet contains different titles of comic books of different authors that will surely make the reading time more enjoyable and productive.
  6. Mc Donald’s Fried Chicken and Fries Bouquet – (Stress) Eating is one of things girls do to settle all those stressful thoughts and decide on what to do afterwards. If your girlfriend loves to eat McDo’s fried chicken with fries, this is perfect! Contains the number of fries and fried chicken you want to place inside that will surely make that hungry stomach full and happy. Girls are happiest when their stomach is full.
  7. Lego Bouquet – Building Lego blocks to form any figures are one of the stress relieving activities any person can do. If your girlfriend loves to build Lego blocks or finds happiness in building things, this Lego bouquet can be perfect! This type of bouquet contains a Lego block that is formed to build a figure. You can either choose to make your own or just follow any figures on YouTube.
  8. Sweet Cupcakes Bouquet – For a sweet tooth who doesn’t love to eat chocolates and candies the most, this is best. You can choose any flavor of cupcakes to be placed inside the bouquet or for a more personal touch, you can bake your own cupcakes depending on the flavor your girlfriend loves. This is quite laborious yet a very memorable kind of bouquet.
  9. Yummy Bacon Bouquet – Eating bacon on breakfast will definitely complete that breakfast moment for anyone. If you want to give a bouquet that is really unique yet something delish, try this yummy bacon bouquet and your girl will definitely drop her jaw because of surprise. Just make sure to give this on breakfast or in the morning.
  10. Fun Emoji Bouquet – Sending funny emojis are great ways to lighten up someone’s mood. If you want to make your girl’s mood really good and uplifted, try this fun emoji bouquet that will give your girl the push to make the most out of her day. You can choose what emoji to put on but if I were you, I will choose the funniest one.
  11. Bouquet of Succulents – Having something green and alive inside your room always gives you that vibe that will surely make your day extra good. If you love to give your girl something green and alive, try giving this bouquet of succulents that will really make her responsible enough to take good care of these green babies.
  12. Skin-Care Bouquet – For girls, having skin-care is a priority especially on busy and haggard days. Girls can buy their own skin-care essentials but for boys who love their girl to look good and fresh, try giving her a skin-care bouquet that contains your girl’s favorite facial wash, facial toner, serum and essential oils.
  13. Seaside Finds Bouquet – If your girlfriend loves the sea as much as she loves you, this seaside finds bouquet will eventually make her love you more. Seaside finds includes seashells in different sizes, colors and varieties. A must have for anyone who finds peace and serenity when going to the sea.

Giving something unique to your girl is quite difficult and something that needs a thorough reflection, right? I know you are having a hard time but just a friendly reminder to always choose wisely! Analyze the likes and dislikes of your girl and with that you will be able to identify what type of bouquet it is to give. It is really hard but I’m pretty sure it will always be worth a try.

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