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On: June 29, 2020

Easy To Care Plant Gift for your Plant Lover Girlfriend

The presence of plants undeniably makes the air and ambiance around you fresher and more relaxing. Giving someone a plant means you are sharing with them the gift of good health and well-being. Giving a gift that will last long is always a challenge, however giving plants is one way to try. Whatever type of plant you choose, it’s sure to last longer than cut flowers will, and often costs cheaper than a nice bouquet from the florist.

One important thing to consider when giving a plant as a gift is where it will live; if you know that your girlfriend’s place is really bright and sunny, and she likes to keep the heat going then a plant like a succulent will do. If your girlfriend has a cool home with a couple bright windows, but no direct sun, an orchid is probably a better choice. Just an information, succulents grow more in desert-like environments, while orchids grow in damp forests.  See? Being able to know your girlfriend’s room preference is a must. So, we have listed a few ideas to get you started.

blooming paperwhite

1. Paperwhite

Unlike those cut flowers this kind of plant will last longer.  This plant can be planted on pebbles and comes from a bulb. If your girlfriend wants to keep a plant for a long time, then this plant is for her.

Christmas cactus with flower

2. Thanksgiving (Christmas) Cactus

This plant loves to bloom around thanksgiving/Christmas session, that’s where it gets its name. A succulent plant that needs a bright (but not hot) window to live in and loves a little amount of light but wants to stay cool at the same time. Because it’s a succulent plant, it doesn’t need much watering but it likes it a bit more when it blooms and starts to flower.

Jade Plant in a pot

3. Jade Plant

A type of succulent that needs a fair amount of light and wants to dry out before watering. These plants don’t bloom flowers but they have a nice bonsai-trees effect that is really pleasing. They can grow quickly that should be pruned.

4. Orchids

Their natural habitat is in breezy and cool-at night on upper tree branches. Water a half-cup of water once a week. This plant needs some indirect sunlight and flowers can last for three months. Best for a girlfriend who loves flowering plants.

blooming orchids
birds-nest fern in a cement pot

5. Birds-nest fern

This plant is one of those that tends to be hardier but still needs a little attention. Watering them is by spraying with a sink hose. They are best with indirect sunlight.

6. Cornstalk dracaena

Comes in a number of varieties and leaves can be thin or thick stripes of white, yellow, bright green and dark green. They like to dry out between watering. Indirect or direct sunlight will do because this plant tends to adjust on its surroundings.

Cornstalk-dracaena with lush leaves
blooming oxalis

7. Oxalis

Has deep purple colored leaves that are unusual and attractive. This plant has little white or pink flowers over its clover-like leaves that fold-up every night.

8. Pilea peperomioides

This plant is also known as the Chinese money plant, pancake plant, UFO plant, and friendship plant, it is easily one of the most charming plants around. This plant is also known as one of the indoor plants best in keeping the air fresh because of its purifying action.

Pilea-peperomioides in a red pot
lush English Ivy in a white pot

9. English ivy

An indoor plant that makes the air as clean as it is also best for its purifying ability for the air. This plant is very convenient to grow and also has a lot of varieties which looks good in hanging to keep your dog and cats from eating the plant.

10. Spider Plant

This plant is best indoor and can battle between solvent used in the leather, rubber and printing industries like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. They prefer cool-to-average home temperatures and prefer dry soil. Also this plant is harmless for your pets.

spider plant in a black pot

Plants are one of the reminders of nature’s wild beauty that we get inside the comfort of our homes thus they are not just leaves, stems and roots. Plants are more than that. The little things like its simplicity and the unending growth makes a plant really a treasure to the person who receives it. Plants not only tell some stories but also it serves as our companion in our daily lives. Like humans, they will survive and thrive.  Thus, giving plants to your girlfriend makes her feel like she is responsible enough to nourish and grow that plant and also giving her a plant relieves some of her stress. Plants give us the responsibility to take good care of something which tells us to have that sense of duty to one’s self. Seeing your plant bloom and grows beautifully means you are taking care of your plant well.

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