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On: July 7, 2020

Top 10 Wedding Favors in the midst of CORONA-VIRUS Pandemic

It’s undeniable that the new normal brought so much change in each and everyone’s life. From the last year’s amazing plans – surely has a lot if not some which pretty much need some changes to be done.

Specially, when we talk about weddings, we greatly understand that there is indeed a need to plot for the WEDDING concept, plans and some great sort of prepping to at least make the ceremony as memorable and magical as it should be!

However, in this era of new normal brought by the 2019’s Corona-virus pandemic, where most of the people are fighting their own battles to stay afloat, here we consider some couples who may be undergoing some hard times deciding for an amazing Wedding favors to compliment the Wedding gifts given by the guests. Something they would definitely use and love without destroying the couples’ pockets!

JUST A HEADS UP: There’s no need for you to be grumpy the whole day thinking how things must have been so different and work out if not because of this pandemic! Here, we’ll help you out in making your dream wedding come to a reality. Here are 10 wonderful yet affordable Wedding favors you can choose from!

1. Customized Anti-Rad Sunglasses

When we say practical, we are referring to something the guest will surely use and not lose!

And we couldn’t think of something more deserving for such a title rather than this one. You can have it more customized by having your guests’ names printed on the both arms of these anti-rad glasses. This will also allow your guests to take cool photos and have so much fun throughout the ceremony. Amazing isn’t it?

2. Bags Of Seeds

Wow! You read it right, great idea isn’t it? Since everyone this 2020 will get to stay at home most of their time! Why not make your Wedding favors as an encouragement and promote Gardening which would surely make their stay-at-home more productive and fun!

This would surely make your Wedding day a very memorable one, as they look at the plants growing they would surely remember you and your wedding too!

3. Personalized Face Masks

Looking for worthy favors in this period of Social-Distancing? We got you covered.

Have your guests’ names printed on the outer parts of these essential and much needed face masks. This would definitely send an indirect message to your guests of how you value their health and how creative you both of your partners are!

4. Cupcake Boxes

Are you one of those who super loves and is fond of baking? Or knows someone who bakes at a very affordable price? Voila! Make the best out of such talent!

Create mini yummy cupcakes and give them all out as your Wedding favors! Guests would love to receive something from your wedding which they can eat all the way up straight to their stomachs.

5. Personalized Wooden Wine Stopper

As common as it may be, this Wooden Wine Stopper never goes out of style!

You may have probably received or heard of wine stoppers as a Wedding favor and that babe is an indicator that this thing would probably be an all time amazing gift for your guests! Aside from its usefulness, it is super affordable too! Wholesome!

6. Adorable Succulents and Cacti on Tiny Pots

As cliché as it maybe, nothing beats the amazing greenery aura and classiness this Wedding favor brings.

Guests would surely go crazy and keep a sharp eye on this adorable Succulents and cacti favors!

7. Cute Hand Fans

Up for something rare and is very useful both at the same time? This one may be the answer to your queries.

Since the raging heat of the sun is just around the corner, why not think outside the box and consider these adorable hand fans! You can have it customized or choose a one color in general in alliance of your theme.

8. Polaroid Film Mini Photo Frames

Add a different touch with these mini photo frames for pictures taken from Polaroid film or any cute size developed photos!

Guests would be able to put up these frames inside their homes as a memory from your Wedding day where it will be cherished and always remembered.

That’s for sure.

9. Compass Souvenirs with Name Tags

Level up and amaze your guests with this Compass souvenir as your Wedding favor. You can have it more personalized by adding name tags on it which could also be used as book-marks.

Creativity at its finest!

10. Sticky Notepads

Since we are talking about practicality and strict-budget, we suggest and commend these money worthy and practical sticky note-pads. It is very unusual and new to the eyes!

It is guaranteed to be as useful as how you wished your wedding favors to be and plus note pads are very affordable too! Wholesome!

It is with no exaggeration to say that some of us if not all are dreaming substantially and big in terms of Weddings.

Well, what can we expect when it would only first happen once in a couples lives. Hence it is acceptable that they would really strive and work their neck off just to attain the Wedding idea of their dreams! Even if it is not as grand as that depicted in fairy tales, at least a Ceremony they would always cherish and remember!

But due to the recent calamities brought by the Pandemic, some of you couples may be discouraged and some might feel the void of not being able to pursue the supposed-to-be Wedding plan.

Just a reminder: The strength of marriage isn’t found and measured with how amazing the Wedding plan or with how creative your Wedding favors are. The foundation of marriage is built by trust, love and respect you have with your partner! So, save up some of your extra money rather than buying some oh-so-expensive Wedding favors for your valued guests and invest it in something more essential!

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