On: September 2, 2022

Highly Suggested Unique Travel Gifts for the Females

Traveling is one of the most known life-changing adventures. It has the effect that when we come back to our routinely world, we become energized. Transformed. In a way, only traveling can ever be done. Today, more and more women are empowered to travel alone regardless of their relationship status. In fact, studies have shown that between men and women, women are most likely to make more trips than men, they make short trips and more non-work trips. This is why this list is for her travel plans. The best travel gift ideas for her include useful, practical items that will make her feel special. This is aside from the travel essentials that she should use to pack.

1. New Normal Essentials

This is our top of the list for travel gifts for her. Although we are now in a new normal phase, authorities still remind us to be cautious at all times. These become a trend even in special occasions, (Face Masks, Alcohol & hand Sanitizers) are highly recommended as souvenirs or favors. I suggest you customize this kit ,you know girls dig it when you add a personal touch to it. Just be ready for that cackle!

2. Mini First Aid Kits

Another important but best travel gift idea for her is an easy access to medical kits. It is challenging to acquire help especially  in the middle of a trip where everything is unfamiliar to you. A well-prepped medical kit can help self-manage essential health problems, it can also help refrain from buying potential and dangerous drugs abroad. But before you let her go for a travel spree, make sure she manages to find out the SOPs for emergency needs in that particular area.

3. TSA Luggage Lock

Who does not find locks essential especially when traveling? Gosh! Everything can go wrong when you leave that luggage unattended and wide open. Another highly recommended travel gift for her is a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) accessible luggage lock. TSA are the security people who go over and check your luggages, only TSA locks can access luggages without them tearing or cutting those locks. Just to be safe and practical opt for these locks  to save your luggage from daredevils. You can thank me later.

4. Travel Coffee Mug

Nope! Don’t you ever forget this item on your list if you don’t want to be slapped in the butt. These stainless steel coffee mugs that make our beverages last for hours are ideal for our lovely traveler so she won’t miss a scenic view from her seat. Not to mention this travel gift for her is also environmentally and budget friendly.

5. Electronics Organizer Bag

Ha! Women are meticulous in anything, because of so many things going on in her head she has the tendency to miss the little important things. So the best travel gift idea for her is to help her keep those itsy bitsy little things in one place. Charger cords, USB cords, etc. If it’s possible to make it personalized to add more sentimental value even if it is a simple organizer bag, then go for it. Trust me, she can’t hold those happy tears.

6. USB Travel Plug Adapter Universal & Portable Charger

Nothing is really more frustrating than arriving at any destination and knowing that you can’t charge your devices because of the difference in electric outlets. They are just simple and little yet very useful.

7. Travel Journal

Aside from digital action cameras where we can record memories from travel, travel journals are also helpful especially to my fellow readers and nerdy. This travel gift idea need not be bulky and thick. A simple few pages will do. Journals have a lot of use whether for jotting down notes or just recording, writing special events. Nevertheless, journals are the best keepers of adventure and learning. Better get her one!

8. Travel Wallet

Travel Wallets are the best travel gift idea for her. They’re not keeping those cards and cash organized but you can also keep them safe. Because of its size she can just conceal the wallet to her belt, hide under her scarf, blanket or wardrobe. My best recommendation for a travel wallet is the one that can also keep your travel documents.

9. Blanket Scarf

Only a globetrotter will truly know why these two are essential when traveling. A long distance trip will be so uncomfortable and tiresome so to give this as a travel gift for her will automatically make her feel special. Definitely, this gift idea will give her warmth and comfort while traveling. Choose the best design and style fit for her. Not only are these blanket scarves good for traveling but also for activities that may require snuggling, and lying on the back, or sitting down or reading.

While giving gifts, we should also keep in mind that travelers always promote sustainability and refuse single-use plastics. Let us help each other to keep Mother Earth always Instagram worthy by encouraging each other to travel responsibly and leaving no trace of trash at all.

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