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On: August 24, 2020

Best and Affordable Traveler Gift Ideas For Girls

First things first. Why do we travel? Is it just because we want to spend our money or is it because you want to release all those stresses and be reborn? Well, if your reason is the latter, you are on the right track. Travelling gives us the lightness any cotton candy can give. Travelling makes us happy and alive in an unexplainable way. And while travelling we shouldn’t be forgetting the essentials we need to survive.

If you know someone who always travels and you want to give her something, check this blog out and you’ll find out the best and simplest thing you can give to a traveler.

  1. Packing cubes – For someone who is an organized person while travelling, this is the best gift. Being organized is one of the girl’s traits and this packing cubes is of huge help.
  2. Travel padlock – Of course, travelling means always carrying your bags or backpacks insecurely and this travel padlock will do the job.
  3. Earplugs – Travelling means a long period of staying on an airplane or any vehicles and music are one of the things that can alleviate boredom. Give these earplugs to her and she will be glad.
  4. Quick dry travel towel – When you go traveling, expect to take a bath in any bathroom and also being able to bring your own towels. Having this quick dry towel will definitely make any bath cool and will make your baggage lighter.
  5. Travel adapter – Nothing is really more frustrating than arriving at any destination and knowing that you can’t charge your devices because of the difference in electric outlets. They are just simple and little yet very useful.
  6. Travel journal – Travelling means meeting a lot of people and trying various cultures and thus having a journal is a must to remember and write each magic moment. Also having a travel journal keeps you on track of the things you have done and the places you have reached.
  7. Passport holder – This is a must for any traveler. This will not only protect your passport from any sorts of destruction but will also make the travel more convenient. Most passport holders have slots for credit cards and your IDs, which is the best place to keep those valuables like money.
  8. Toothpaste bites – Travelling with liquids is always a destruction to peace. You can experience this even more in airports and toothpaste containers often are waste when it is empty which adds to the waste on any land or water forms. Bringing toothpaste bites will not only save you the hassle in the airport but also will help to minimize using plastic and save Mother Earth. its container can be recycled and refilled with toothpaste bites once it is empty. So, less trash, less hassle.
  9. Shampoo bars – Just like toothpaste, travelling with liquids will never give you a peace of mind, especially if it is your shampoo. Shampoo bars will give you the comfort of travelling peacefully and of course eco-friendly. This will not only save you space in your bag but also will help Mother Earth to lessen plastic use.
  10. Power bank – Empty batteries on gadgets are one of the problems encountered when travelling and power bank is always and will be a must for any traveler. This will save you from paying a charging fee and also is portable and can fit on any space of your bag.
  11. Scarf – Travelling means you are often on the road and a scarf will save you from cold and dust of the road. This will also save as a reminder that you are not alone while travelling because you have your scarf with you.
  12. Travel pillow – These are perfect for those long-hours flight, delay transportations and of course airport naps. This is always a must for anyone who loves to travel because this will help you rest and take a nap while on the move or on a vehicle.
  13. Travel headlamp – Best for backpackers and anyone who loves hiking or camping. This is best to have your own light while hiking and also to avoid any accidents.
  14. Travel backpack – A well-made backpacks will last for years and can survive a lot of adventures and travels. Having a reliable backpack will make any of your travels hassle-free. This will also secure all your things.
  15. Action camera – Any travelers will always be needing a camera to capture the best moment of their adventures. Any camera will do but there’s nothing best when all those adventures are captured by an action camera.
  16. Hydro flask – Of course, bringing your own water on travels is a must. This hydro flask will not only store your cold water but also will definitely preserve your hot water or coffee for a long hour.
  17. Collapsible cup – Plastic cups are one of the wastes we see everywhere especially on any occasions and many places. Being considerate to Mother Earth doesn’t need you to attend coastal clean-ups or clean up drive but choosing to refuse single-use plastics like plastic cups is a huge thing. Bring your own collapsible sup with you to avoid using any plastic cups while travelling.
  18. Collapsible utensils – Like plastic cups, plastic spoon and fork are also of wide use in many places and bringing your own utensils will save you from using those plastics.

People travel for a variety of reasons. Other travels to learn new culture, language and practices, or you travel to escape, discover, make new friends and try new experiences. Whatever the reason may be, always put in mind that gifts for any travelers doesn’t need to be pricey but it should always be of great help and use while travelling. And while giving gifts, you should also put in mind to help that traveler always promote sustainability and refusing single-use plastics.

Let us help each other to keep Mother Earth always Instagram worthy by encouraging each other to travel responsibly and leaving no race of trash at all.

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