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On: September 9, 2020

Trendy and Classy Handbags for Her

Hand bag completes any outfits a woman can wear. Aside from having jewelry, handbags will also make her stand out. If you are in search of the perfect and trendy handbags for her, then we got you covered. Check out this blog to find out.

  1. Geometric Luminous Handbag – Perfect for any girl who loves to stand out in the crowd. This bag will change its color when hit by the light that will create a holographic rainbow that is really appealing. This can be used as a shoulder bag or a handbag because of its detachable strap.
  2. Hand-Woven Straw Beach Bag – This bag will definitely make anyone on the beach turn their heads on you. The straws of this bag are natural and hand-woven sea grass. For sure, you can look like a celebrity while wearing this bag.
  3. Crystal Clutch – If you are in search of a stunning clutch bag on Friday night out, then this clutch bag is best for her. This bag is decorated with thousands of crystals all over that will surely make it classy. This clutch bag can also be used as a handbag because it has a detachable strap.
  4. Kate Spade Ina Greta Court Glitter Bag – Kate Spade bags are one of the trendiest bags nowadays and of course girls will be dying to have this kind of bag. This bag comes also with a detachable and adjustable strap and can be used as a handbag, cross bag or a shoulder bag. Around the bottom of this Kate Spade bag is a sparkling glitter that gives the regular black bag the edge. You can use this on any occasions, anywhere.
  5. Italian Crossbody Suede Chain Bag – This bag is a 100% pure leather that will make any girl giggle because it looks like a designer bag. It has a compartment inside as well as outside which can be of big help if she is a baggy type of person. This also comes with an adjustable chain.
  6. Alloy Metal Abstract Stone Hardcase Clutch – This may look small but this clutch bag is extremely spacious that any make up can be placed. This is made up of alloy which gives a sturdy look and stones that will make the bag classy. It has an adjustable strap too. Just partner this with a cute outfit and this will make the bag stand-out.
  7. Semicircular Cage Bag – If she wants to show her belongings and still looks great and stylish on any bags then this bag is best for her. This bag is made up of golden-coated metal that is durable and stylish. Because of its adjustable strap this bag can be used as a clutch or a handbag.
  8. Cute Cat Bag – If she can’t choose between a handbag and her cats then this cut cat handbag is perfect for her!  This bag is available in any color and can be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag or shoulder bag. In fact, this bag is not only best for a cat-lover but also for anyone who just loves this cute bag.
  9. Tote Beach Bag with Colorful Fluffy Pom Poms – For any girl who feels like she is an Instagram blogger, this is for her. This handmade tote bag  is made of straws covered with a dozen of colorful Pom poms that are really Instagram worthy. If you are dressed with a flowing maxi-dress with this hand bag, a perfect match it is!
  10. Michael Kors Jet Set Cross-Body Bag – This brown-colored cross-body will definitely make any outfit cool. Whether you are going shopping, or at the restaurant, this bag can be used on any occasions.
  11. Vegan Clutch Bag with Tassel – This clutch bag is cute in size yet so spacious. Best for a vegan-friendly girl who can’t stand to have a leather bag on his arms. Comes in a range of color that can match on any outfit.
  12. Monique Solid Bow Top-Handle Bag – The big bow of this bag will surely make the bag fashionable and stylish and dress up any outfit she wears. Even the dullest outfit will be fashionable because of this bag. If you are not sure on what kind of handbag to give, this type of bag will be your answer.
  13. Bamboo Beach Bag – A beach bag that will definitely make any beach outfit stand-out and also “Instagrammable”. Made of bamboo and perfect for storing all items such as make-up bags, keys, sunglasses and wallet.  This bag is also good for her if she doesn’t love the scent of leather bags. You can make this bamboo bag stylish by placing a colorful and classy scarf that will complete any outfit.
  14. Cute Vintage Satchel – Some girls also prefer vintage handbags that will add more on the vintage outfits. This cute satchel bag will definitely make the outfit authentic. It has a long adjustable strap that can be adjusted to make a handbag or a shoulder bag.
  15. Unique Design Mixed Color Clutch – this clutch bag comes in different colors that you can mix and match with a very unique aspect. This clutch can be held in three-different ways. Any outfit will be of great class with the use of this clutch bag.
  16. Boho Handle Beach Bag with Coin Pouch – Boho outfits will never be complete with the use of this boho beach bag. If she loves to take all of her belongings on the beach, then this is perfect for her. It has a large compartment that can fit anything. You can toss your books, make-up kit or scarf when going to the beach. This also comes with a free pouch, a perfect bag partner.

Handbags come in different shapes and different colors that are surely very fashionable and classy once worn by any woman. If you want to surprise your girl with a classy and fashionable bag, give these gift ideas listed above a try and bright up that special woman’s day!

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