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On: September 10, 2022

Homemade Gift Ideas, Convenient and Affordable Gifts

There is really a magic touch of those handcrafted and homemade gifts. The level of intensity it brings to people is powerful and full of sentiments. Homemade Gifts has ruled out the heart’s of the many because it is made by hand, manually, not in store or in the factory but hand made.  Moreover, homemade gifts are fun, unique, they are a great outlet for creativity, they are personal, most importantly, they are inexpensive, very affordable.  We will help you get some ideas for extremely easy-to-do and useful homemade gifts for all occasions.

Homemade Soup Mix in a Mason Jar

1. Homemade Soup Mix in a Jar

Who knew we can fit-in soups, teas and coffee ingredients in a jar? A DIY gift idea where you can enjoy your me-time too just add hot water is all that you need. Convenient right? And easy to make too. Make it two so you can also sit and enjoy the same goodness with your special recipient. Nice One!

DIY hand print key chain

2. Handprint Keychain

Talking about simplicity, this homemade gift can also be so simple but can also be an experience gifting since you can make this DIY Keychain with your recipient either at home or their home. Spending quality time with your receiver will always be a long lasting memory especially with kids.

3. Rocher Sparkling Pineapple

Luxurious choice of DIY gift idea. Give them something sassy and classy. Simplicity is given, overrated we can say still if the person deserved both a penny and effort then go wild with your gift sometimes. After all, their happiness is also our happiness.

White DIY coffee cup holder

4. DIY Coffee Cup Holder

There is no kitchen in the world with no coffee cups in it. That would be very impossible to believe. Men cannot live without coffee, but that’s an opinion only, haha. These are another average useful homemade gift idea and we can always guarantee that our receivers will use them and enjoy them for years to come.

5. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Sharpie paints are best with coffee mugs so we can write a special note for our special someone. You can input their name with yours or your favorite quotes or as simple as a thank you note. We are forever grateful for mugs, they are but the universal gift item of all.

6. DIY Flower Tote Bag

Painted or beaded or embroidered you can create whatever you want to decorate your tote canvas bag. This is the time to express your creativity and show them how well you know your recipient by actually designing it personally.

mason jar tissue holder

7. Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Homemade gifts have never been this easier and environmentally friendly. Mason jars are also in trend because of their versatility whether in household or office usage. This is a total cutie and useful too. Aside from a tissue holder you can also expand the contents of mason jars for your convenience and needs to whom you give the gift to.

8. Homemade Stress Balloons

We may run from stress but no we cannot hide from them. Stress can be from everywhere and if we cannot divert our attention to it it can make or break our day. Try these  stress relieving diy balloons and save that special someone from sinking due to stress. We will save the day! Thank me later.

9. Hand-Embroidered Onesie

We are a hoarder when it comes to baby stuff. It’s hard to admit but yeah, unleash the creativity in you and make embroidery a past time to make baby onesie designs. Simplicity is beauty so no need to worry about massive design critics.

10. DIY iPad/Tablet Holder

Gadgets are always in-use nowadays. Better yet, give your special someone that is flexible to use anytime. Aesthetically pleasing not to mention it’s durable to use too.

Ahhh! That feeling of happiness gift giving can bring. It’s powerful and magical. It is contagious. We can always give stuff for our loved ones but when you are the giver it’s a different hit. So constantly give, share in your own little way. It doesn’t matter how or what just share, give. You can be a blessing to someone who needs a miracle.

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