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On: July 18, 2020

Useful and Affordable Homemade Gift Ideas

Handcrafted gifts are one of a kind gift idea. It requires a whole lot of effort and planning which makes the receiver happy. Birthdays, holidays or any special occasions are great moments for us to give gifts for a friend, special someone or family members. Taking a great effort in making or looking for a specific gift creates a very personal and touching effect to the person who will be receiving the gift. Make your family, friends, or loved ones feel extra special by making these hand made gift ideas.
colorful candles

Candles provide warmth and light to every space.  This is best to give to everyone who loves candles. When you make them, you can personalize the color, scent and also its shape but the effort itself will make the gift more unique. Anyone would love to receive this kind of gift.

colorful leather card holder

2. Embroidered Leather Gift Card Holder

If someone you know always receives a card holder on any occasions, make your gift more personalized by embroidering the leather gift card itself. You can add his/her initials, favorite cartoon character or flower and plant.

checkered print place mat

3. Placemat Clutch

If that person loves a stylish and trendy accessory, then this is for them. Get any placemat, put an effort by sewing and creating this clutch that will make the placemat really amazing. Also, you can add some style that your receiver likes.

colorful knitted blanket

4. Arm Knitted Cozy Blanket

We greatly know that you have already seen those pretty knitted blankets around social media. Make some for your friend or loved ones and they surely appreciate such effort.

colorful stripes onesie

5. Hand-embroidered onesie

Are you planning to attend a baby shower or a christening soon? Whether you wanted to bring a gift or not, consider this hand embroidered onesie for your goddaughter/godson. Transform a plain onesie with the embroidery pattern you love into a gorgeous onesie for your friend’s baby. Mommy would be glad to receive that onesie.

cactus ring holder

6. Clay cactus Ring Holder

For girls, finding a place for the jewelry to rest is a hustle. This ring holder not only provides comfort for the jewelry but also design for your table. Perfect for a person who loves cactus or just loves extraordinary things.

colorful string of art

The sweetest housewarming present you can ever receive. This craft requires a lot of effort and time to be finished. You can use different shapes like heart, flower or even a picture of two people.

leather journal

8. Leather Hardbound Notebook

Creative writers, doodling sun lovers, journalists or fiction writers will surely love this gift. Bound a thick notebook in a leather for a simple yet creative gift.


9. Anti-Frizz Hair Spray

Every woman knows that frizz hair will really ruin the outfit. Gift your friend this DIY anti-frizz hairspray that you can add with any scent you want (lavender, lemon, or butter). Best to use during summer and when going to the beach.

leather sunglasses case

10. Sunglasses Case

Every summer outing aside from the best outfit sunglasses are really a must. Gift you friend this own made sunglasses case that is made by any cloth.

tassel bookmark

11. Colorful BookMarks

Best for anyone who loves to read books. You can use a piece of cardboard, apply your creativity and make it colorful. You can also add personal touches like putting the initials or favorite emoji of the receiver.

oil-based perfume and lavender

12. DIY Oil Perfume

Create the scent you want by making your own oil perfume. You will be needing vanilla oils, grapefruit and ylang-ylang, mix all of this in proper portions and you will achieve the scent you want.  Your friend will definitely love this DIY perfume.

flower gift wrapper and string

13. DIY Flower Gift Wrap

If you want a gift of a lovely bouquet, why not make it personalize and create your own flower gift wrap? You just need any art paper, colorful stamps for the art papers and a tape. Less plastic, yet super nice.

hanging plants in a hanging holder

This is best for anyone who loves plants and has a little space in his/her apartments. This will help add a bit of greenery and a bohemian style to any space. You just need a macramé chord and your creative hands.

colorful clay pots

15. Hand-painted clay pots

Best for anyone whole finds happiness in planting their own plants. This can be used for both indoor or outdoor plants, depending on its size. Buy a plain clay pot on any store and apply your creativity by painting it with the design or color your friend would love.

mix of nuts in a jar

16. Bites Mix in Jar

Any occasions will be suited in this kind of gift. Stuff an empty jar with any snacks like peanuts, cookies, or even puddings with chia seeds. Best snack in one jar.

jar lid coaster

17. Photo Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Now the best photos can be placed in this personalize jar lid coasters. You can choose the photo that will make the receiver remember the best moment of his/her life.

box of recipes

18. Recipe Ring

Handing down family recipes from generation to generation is one of the best kitchen traditions. Surprise anyone who loves cooking by this recipe ring that contains his/her grandma’s recipe.

flower chandelier

19. DIY Flower Chandelier

This flower chandelier uses gorgeous plastic flowers that will make this gift last. Make this for the wedding of your friend and he/she will be glad to use this.

coffee mug

20. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Personalizing something doesn’t need to be pricey. Buy a plain white mug, write an inspirational quote and bake it in the oven to make the writings last. Anyone will be glad to have his/her coffee time because of this.

hand-made tassel wall hangings

21. Tassel Wall Hanging

Modern and trendy wall hanging could be a great idea for a gift. You can create it in any shapes, colors that will favor that taste of the receiver.

crochet oven mitt

22. Crochet Oven mitt

If you have the skills to crochet then this is the best option for you. I love the idea of giving this crochet oven mitt for anyone who loves to bake. Choose the best color for the receiver’s personality or likes.

mini pallet coasters

23. Mini Pallet Coasters

Using the Popsicle sticks you have and any thin boards, you can make this gift. Decorate this by using patterned tapes for a present that is best for a coffee and tea lover friend.

When gifts are made by the one who has given it, it carries a different feeling and deep meaning. It simply shows that you took the time and effort in planning and making it. Effort in giving someone a gift really matters. Finding the best gift might be really hard but seeing the smile on their faces upon receiving the gift pays all the sweats and hardships in making it.

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