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On: July 24, 2020

Wall Decor for you Girlfriend’s House

Why do designs are important in beautifying a house? Designs are the things that are colorful, made by creative hands, and also a very important aspect of making your house appealing. Wall designs are the designs that we place on our wall to make it pleasing in our eyes. Aside from having an indoor plant, wall designs are best when you want to have the edgy and fresh look of your wall. Wall design may include macrame, stickers or paintings that can give beauty and life to a wall. Looking for a perfect design for your girlfriend’s wall? Admit it, it’s really a hustle because of the different things you see on the internet.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have listed the best wall design gift idea for your girlfriend.

1. Choose a Large-scale Art

This includes an oversize photograph of you two or a painting of her favorite artist. Try adding that happiness-filled B&W photo of you and your girlfriend or a colorful photo together with her might be a best idea to get the colorful vibrant on her wall.

large painting
framed photos on the wall

2. Try creating a gallery wall

This comprises the collection of beautiful photographs or arts of your girlfriend framed in an elegant frame which gives the wall a classy effect.

3. Create an Accent wall

Try using any bold paint color, give pattern by using patterned-wallpaper that is best in giving the accent or specified wall of your corner stand out. Also you can use stenciling or decorative paint techniques to add more pattern.

hanging mirrors

4. Hang Mirrors

We all know that mirrors are best in reflecting anything. thus, helps in reflecting any lights coming from the outside. Try this technique to give a brighter and also a bigger effect of her wall /room.

5. Try tapestry

These are the wall hangings that can add color, pattern and softness to a hard wall. Try framing preserved vintage scarves to add a classic effect. 

ancient tapestry
colorful mural painting

6. Mural Painting

Want to impress your girlfriend by your artistic talent of painting? Try painting her wall with murals of her design and surely, she will be glad. Efforts are compensated, always.

7. Install Bookshelves

Yes, you heard it right. You can glue your shelves on the wall, which does not only save space but also add art to your wall.

book shelves
vintage plate

8. Try Hanging Vintage Plates

Who said that plates are for dining only? Plates are originally designed for eating but they can creatively be made as a wall design. Just mix and match any of the vintage plates your girlfriend or the mall has and viola you can hang it creatively to have a DIY wall design.

9. Hang your Plants

Don’t just let her plants be on the window-side. Try hanging planters that can be mounted on the wall to compensate for her boring wall. Bringing nature in her wall is an easy thing to do. Try finding indoor plants that can be hung.

hanging pothos plant
hanging macrame

10. Hang those Macrame

This artsy wall hanging gives that ‘70s vibe of a style. Its weaving add texture to your wall which makes it livelier.

11. Add Removable Art/ Sticker

Try adding those removable and colorful stickers on her wall. Choose a nature filled design like leaves or trees stickers.

animal wall sticker
colorful calendars

12. Hang a Colorful Oversize Calendar

Not only that this helps in knowing on what day it is, calendars are best in designing her wall but carefully choose its design to achieve that look that you want.

13. Add a Giant White Board and Cork board

Girls love to write anything that they want to remember. Placing a giant white board or cork board in the wall gives her convenience.

cork board
baskets on the wall

14. Create your own version of Basket wall

Baskets are used not only as a storage but also best in designing a nature-filled yet classy wall. Additionally, this gives calmness and an earthy-effect of the wall.

15. Putting a “Pop of Sun”

This simply talks about painting the wall by the color of the sun which is yellow. Yellow colors give a vibrant and happy tone to any things painted with it.

woman painting the wall yellow
types of wood

16. Add wood

This style can take you from a basic to a farmhouse vibe of her wall that keeps the atmosphere peaceful and at ease.

Wall designs give out an ambiance that we want in our house. If you want your ambiance to be happy, try using happy colors like yellow. If you want your wall to be elegant, try using black. Any design will do, what matters most is the effort in doing and planning it. Giving this gift ideas to your girlfriend is unique and also very useful in her house. This gives her house the feeling of being at home, any time.

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