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On: June 26, 2020

Wedding Trends That Are Still Hot In This Pandemic Year

2020 started like most years. It was greeted with glee and anticipation, especially by those who would have been making major changes in their lives such as couples about to be married. However, the year 2020 has unfortunately taken a surprise turn. The year has put a lot of lives on halt, and could potentially change the way people live forever.

Lots of weddings have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may even find it unthinkable to push through with the ceremony, especially with the current limitations they will be faced with. Of course, there’s also the virus that continues to be a threat to people’s lives.

For those brave souls who don’t mind making adjustments and would still push through with their matrimony, and for those who simply are curious to know, we’ve got you covered and we’ll try to make it short and sweet. Below are some trends that were expected this year, before the quarantine and social distancing.

1. Small Weddings

This one’s a no-brainer. Mass gatherings are discouraged and even prohibited in most countries or states. So you would have an invite-only wedding and just opt to have everyone else witness your union with the aid of the internet. Expect having your original long guest list and even your entourage shortened. Without the pandemic, micro weddings are still expected, of about 40 guests or less. This would not have meant that you wouldn’t be spoiling your guests to more elaborate meals and lots of bespoke styling, however.

2. Wedding Venues

It could be at the mayor’s office or at an almost empty church. You would want to go for smaller venues to lessen the resounding emptiness of what would have been fully occupied seats. Why not get wed in a chapel? Then you would rush to the safety of your homes. Without the pandemic, however, you would be gravitating towards hotels as the ideal venues, due to the packages offered that would help take the stress out of the planning and preparation. The luxury and good service a reputable hotel provides is also what couples would be going for.

3. Virtual Wedding Invites

Invites in personalized paper were said to be in, particularly those in recycled paper and even soy based inks – a nod to eco-friendliness. However, with COVID-19 still alive and kicking, you would have to go for the online version, which is still eco-friendly, budget-friendly and would give you a lot of freedom in designing your invites. Go for a modern design and incorporate bold colors, texture and pattern. You can even have it animated.

4. Food & Drinks

It would be unadvisable during the time of the pandemic and you may even be told to just do away with receptions, dining included. Absent the pandemic, couples would have gone for fresh ingredients that are found locally, especially for those who are returning to their hometowns. The couples would want something that would remind them of home, especially the specialties or delicacies of the town. As for the cake, clean lines along with asymmetrical decorative elements would have been in, which would be in line with the modern aesthetic the couples would go for when it comes to invitations. Hues for the cake were expected to be eye-catching and not an all-white one. You could have also seen tall, dramatic creations.

5. A Different Take On Giveaways

More and more couples are becoming sympathetic of the plights of less fortunate people so instead of spending money on party favors, they can encourage guests to make a donation to the couple’s chosen charity. This has been going on even before the pandemic, but it is especially well-timed in the situation we are all in today. With or without a party, the couples can still ask their guests to help out the needy.

6. The Makeup

The bride would opt to have a natural look, simply focusing on highlighting the natural beauty of the bride and bringing out the glow from within. Makeup artists can go for a barely-there base, sheer tints for lips, bronzed and shimmering eyelids, and fluffy, almost messy brows. This humble yet flattering style would be perfect.

7. Bold, Classic Menswear

For the gentlemen, black or white would always be a classic. However, blue was expected to be the trend prior to the pandemic, be it navy, cobalt or teal, or if the groom prefers, pinks, greens and even eye-catching prints like geometric ones above a crisp, white button-down shirt, would also do great.

8. For The Ladies

Gone are the days of rainbow colors and mixing and matching fabrics as bridesmaids would be dressing back to the same colors, preferably neural hues, of clean-lined silhouettes and v-necklines. This calm yet elegant style fits well with the entire natural vibe the couples are going for.

9. The Bride's Dress & Accessories

The star of the show is often the bride’s dress and this time, and you would have seen blouse-sleeved gown and pretty oversize bows at the back of the waist. Further enhancing the entire look would have been barrettes and combs adorned with pearls or rhinestones instead of the usual tiaras. Veils would still be in. However, the pandemic may cause the bride to choose a less flashy style and wear a feminine version of a suit.

These are just some of the many trends that would have made it down the aisle with the couple before COVID-19 changed the entire expected scenario. Still, the most important thing is the love you both have as the couple and the support of your families and friends. It’s important to hold on to each other no matter how hard life can be this 2020. Having each other and feeling your love for each other is your best chance to make it through this ordeal.

No matter what your decisions would be pertaining to your nuptials, stay safe, and stay loving!

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