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On: July 22, 2020

Best and Useful Work from Home Gift Ideas

Working from home is not as easy as it is. People who work at home tend to face problems like difficulty in having the division between home and work time, lack of productivity because of too much comfortability of being at home, difficulty in prioritizing certain tasks, having a hard time in knowing when to relax, and finding the right time to eat healthy and workout. Hence, giving them something that can ease that burden is an act of kindness. Are you planning to help your friend? Here’s a list of best work from home gift ideas for your friends’ problem.

1. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Concentration is one of the keys to be productive in your work but concentrating might be hard especially when you work at home. Giving him/her this noise cancelling headphones which help in listening to his/her favorite podcasts or live meetings without any distractions is of big help.

wireless head phones
under desk elliptical machine

2. Under Desk Elliptical

One thing that you neglect while working at home is the difficulty of finding time to workout because of the burden of unfinished work that you wanted to finish that instant, this machine will help your friend assist him/her to be active again while working at his/her desk.

3. Home Office chair

Sitting the whole day might numb the lower part of the body especially the glutes, giving him/her this comfortable office chair is a good thing to do. Having a good posture while sitting for a long period of time can help in easing those back pains.

office chair
healthy snacks

4. Healthy Snack Bundles

Working at home means you cannot cook healthy foods and it’s convenient to just grab some unhealthy snacks like chocolate bars or any junk foods. As a concerned friend, you can give him/her a bundle of healthy snacks like a basket of fruits or an oatmeal cookie which is best to aid hunger or boredom.

5. Planner

Planning the things you need to do or finish within the day is the first to do in the morning and also this increases productivity for you will be guided on the things that should be prioritized. A productivity planner is an excellent gift you can give to help them stay organized and be able to plan for the next tasks he/she wanted to prioritize.

daily planner
desk lamp

6. Task lamp

Working in the dim light is a hassle. Good lighting is an important part of working at home, which means his/her table has something that provides a good and bright lighting. Giving him/her this task lamp will help his/her work easier even at night.

7. Cup holder

Some people tend to concentrate and be more productive by the help of a coffee but admit it foods and keyboards and not in good terms. Liquids like coffee sitting beside a keyboard is a disaster and we don’t want that to happen, right? A cup holder is the answer for that which is best in holding any cups of hot or cold coffee.

plastic cup holder

8. Desk Organizer

Organizing your things in your desk is one of the stress-relievers anyone can do thus giving your friend this desk organizer is really a good thing. Organizing your things means you are also organizing your thoughts.

9. Essential oils

Admit it, working is really stressful and we tend to find ways to alleviate that stress. One way to do that is inhaling any essential oils in a diffuser which freshens the air inside your room and also helps promote positive energy to kick-out stress.

essential oils
lap desk

10. Lap Desk

Sometimes working in our bed and changing our workplace gives us comfort that makes us do more and be productive.  This lap desk is best if you wanted to work while lying in your bed.

11. Wireless Speakers

Music is therapeutic that helps us to boost our mood. Enjoying better sound quality while not being irritated by the wires on your desk is the benefit of this wireless speaker.

wireless speaker
cactus and succulents

12. Indoor plant/cactus

Putting something living in your desk creates a happy mood while working. Indoor plants are best in purifying air and in favor of being inside. Also, cactus is your best bud if you want to water a plant once a week. These plants can survive with a minimal light.

Giving gifts to someone doesn’t require any occasions. Giving him/her these gifts can save them the working time, make them more organized in their tasks and also in their workplace, help them to be physically and mentally healthy and help them feel relaxed amidst the stressors. Moreover, giving them something that can ease the burden of working at home is one of the kindest thing a friend can ever do.

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