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On: August 30, 2022

A Purposeful List Work-from-Home Gift Ideas

Working-from-home has potentially changed the quality of our lives from short commutes, getting extra Zzz’s, unlimited snacking, few traffic dramas and a whole lot more. Another perks for working at home are increased productivity and it can lead to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. With this being said, a lot of company owners are now open to their employees to work from home. Employee appreciation is one way to help your employees productivity even at home. Work from home gifts are one of the ways to show your appreciation and support to your employees. Choose from a variety of products and services available from thousands of businesses and organizations.

1. Work from Home Equipment

Extremely one of the useful gifts for a worker from home. Sending your employees a complete ergonomic home set-up will improve their productivity. List that work from home gears and send away!

wireless head phones
cactus and succulents

2. Indoor Plants

There are overflowing health benefits from giving an indoor plant to a worker from home. There is nothing more essential gift in the world than that of taking care of the health and wellbeing of our employees. These adorbs are aesthetically beneficial physically and mentally. Regardless, cacti, succulents or just a simple snake plant or ZZ plants are good to go.

3. Anti-Fatigue Office Mat

Another work from home gift ideas. Working can cause fatigue and can cause trouble to the progress of the employee. Taking care of the business includes taking care of our employees regardless as to where they are working. Wrap that gift up!

Young woman resting in a mat
White mug placed above the table

4. Motivational Coffee Mug

Yep, we need that caffeine in our system, which will definitely give us a boost. It also can improve cognitive function, lighten the mood while working and more benefits.
Coffee mugs are a go-gift for all occasions, so you can never go wrong with this item,

5. Timed Water Bottle-Article

It is important to hydrate ourselves even if we are working at home. We can always sit beside our water bottles and not leave that space. Water bottles have different kinds, you can always opt for the designs that your employees would love or as simple as your company logo will do, after all they have become trendy nowadays.

woman drinking water from a bottle
Doing massage using Thera gun

6. TheraGun Mini

Rub those shoulders with a handy massager. A best-seller massager in the market is a big help to our employees. This massager is an on-the-go care device and can give relief to that tired shoulders and lower back. Classy work from home gift yet essential to the day-to-day progress of our employees.

7. Home Cozy Slippers

The fun side of working from home is you can play with your outfit. But regardless of what you wear, cozy slippers are consistent in making us comfortable while working.  Check out those trendy and stylish cozy slippers online.

Comfortable home slipper
white air diffuser

8. Air Diffuser

Aside from indoor plants which provide us with compelling benefits and guaranteed air quality, air diffusers can also help and activate our mood especially when we are working. With the right essential oil which targets the energy we need, it can give us comfort and the relaxation we need to work comfortably and effectively. Indeed a useful gift to our recipient. Oh, air diffusers are best with the precise essential oils. Complete that rack and work cozy.

9. Snack Box

Customizable snack boxes are an extremely splendid gift idea. This is the greatest option aside from coffee, of course, to increase energy levels and improve productivity. Our goal for this treat is to boost the morale of our employees and to make them feel they are always part of the company despite the fact that they are working from home. Make those boxes now, please don’t forget the Cheetos!

snack box of sweets
cute desk organizer

10. Desk Organizers

OC’s raise your hand! This gift idea may be popular and inexpensive but way too useful. Studies have shown that the more organized your work space the more you can focus and organize your thoughts. 

11.Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

Custom + Cocktails = Happy Times. Yeehaw! This may be a favorite treat for our recipients especially to those who want a little kick while working and making progress. A high-end, fun work-from-home gift is not your average gift idea, this is indeed a stupendous of all. Check some customized cocktail kit recipes to bring some excitement. Let’s make it clear, everyone, we need a kick, just a kick, not a keg of beer.

woman working from home with laptop

12. SwagUp Pack

A company swag up kit will do, which includes a hoodie, journal, water bottle, tee and a journal all comes with a company  trademark. Sending these goodies to remote employees will make them feel they are part of the company even though they work at home.  

Work from Home is the new “business as usual. It  has changed the employment onsite drastically. And for the employees who embraced the thrust of this change is adapting precariously and a little amount of recognition will come a long way emotionally and mentally.

The exceptional employee appreciation for remote workers are those thoughtful, helpful and fun stuff that will support them in their daily tasks. Something that they  will look forward to in their day-to-day tasks.

Employee appreciation is a big deal to employees working remotely, the team is not there physically but a simple treat sent by the bosses will certainly improve their morale and increase productivity level. 

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